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: I know I'm kind of late for this, but can I ask you how you fixed it?
the only thing that solved it for me was panning using my touchscreen; i couldn't pan using the mouse or zoom but for q harvest reason, swipe gestures on the screen allowed me to view the part of the client pop-up with the uninstall button
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
i feel like im pretty positive, lets do this!
: Hahaha....oh gawd, yeah... I didn't realize the summoner name could be the same as the username. :/ Working on fixing that.. That's kind of hilarious, I'm sorry. I don't know if this is for everyone, but for me and Heed, we had an "awkward" period of time that would pass before one of us would act all cool and be like "I'm sorry, that was lame of me to rage like that." Did you guys ever resolve things or did it become like a silent rage you never talked about? :P At least looking back it's funny to laugh about...like, how did we ever get so heated about that item build? Hope you liked the video! :D
there was a point where i finally had to start telling him, "i'm not doing another 5 man premade with you and your friends, you're a JERK when you lose." either that or i would only play with him when he was drunk enough to listen to my shotcalling
: My beau is a nub... O.O GG.
hooboy that's a corny username my roommate used to get really furious with me when i fucked up in LoL, and now i've just stopped playing with him it would just be five minute rants on little things wrong w my performance bc he didn't have access to everyone else in the game that didn't cause us to win "why would u build that much damage on Shyv, seb? you were our TANK and u had a hydra AND bork." etc etc etc
: Why League of Legends should make an LGBTQ+ Character - and why it shouldn't be Taric
i think LGBTQ visibility is pretty important, and i like taric as a character who is allowed to be both feminine and heterosexual. more radical = more better.
Veraska (NA)
{{champion:157}} Yasuo is probably the most imminently hate-able champ in LoL aside from Akali, but boy, what a cool design! Everything about Yas is stylish, from his play patterns to his design. I know that, as a community, we like to laugh at the #lcsbigplays mentality, but a Yasuo multikill oozes with style. If the mobility meta has granted us anything, it's that plays look cool and feel good now. I've never had as much fun during farming and dueling and teamfighting as I've had with Yasuo, and I can only pray that the incoming nerfs will make everyone hate me a little less, bc I'm sure not gonna stop playing him any time soon.
: Have you tried just uninstalling Pando Media Booster through your control panel, that way the League client won't detect it, which will prevent that pop-up, which will give you access to the launch button?
I've fixed the issue since posting this, but ideally i just want my launcher to work like it's intended to so i dont have to deal w this sort of issue at all.
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