: Aphelios Kit Primer
Ok so this is what I got from this: 1. Aphelios lvls up his skills automatically. 2. You spend points on stats. 3. The most important thing is to remember the symbol for each weapon. 4. Just like Jhin, Aphelios uses ammo. 5. Unlike Jhin, Aphelios switches weapons instead of reloading. 6. Just like Nidalee Elise n Gnar, Aphelios' Q changes when his weapon changes. The Q's of his weapons can be remembered like this: 1. Calibrum (Halo Energy Blade): Nidalee's q; marks ppl. 2. Severum (Twin Crescents): Lucian's Ult; weaker but can heal. 3. Gravitum ( Co ): Glacial Augment; that can root. 4. Infernum (Fire):Rumble's Q; spit fire. 5. Crescendum (Twin blades): Gnar's Q, but with a smaller starting range.


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