Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
> likely to be redoing the VO for a champ whose voice over is pretty lacking relative OK{{champion:33}} Good. I like seeing changes like this , as well as committing to full vgus. This is what patch notes should be like. Try aiming for 1 "awesome new change" per patch (instead of generic tweaks only). Would be cool for you to say Patch 8.5: Rammus VO and other balance tweaks etc. Give each patch a title so each patch is meaningful for the player. I think this is cool, so you're kinda like a project director? I think that sort of business planning and execution is pretty awesome. You guys still hiring interns for the summer? I'm currently in school for Computer Science, but I love the analysis / designing / algorithm aspect of designing solutions, as opposed to actual implementation. I obviously have a strong coding experience as well (Waterloo ). Idk, I really like interacting with people and solving their problems. I like thinking outside of the box and finding the best answer(s). I feel like an environment where i'm learning, analyzing, and implementing multiple projects simultaneously is the most fun and most productive for me. Used to work at startup; Loved putting on different hats, learning new skills, and producing different deliverables for multiple teams. building a product from scratch, travelling and demonstrating it on sales demos, and discussing customization/ pricing with clients was an awesome experience! Are internships like this at Riot? Or do they work on one specific project for the summer? Just wanna get a feel for the environment. I love games and I would love to come to learn and contribute and make this game better. I have a few android games I made solo, but my problem is i'm not really an artist... so they're mostly buttons and text. Your job sounds interesting and FUN as hell Meddler.... you looking for an intern for your team? Have a nice day.
: Plat 5 AD Main looking for Flex or anything to play
Eedat (NA)
: Something to consider when designing champs
"We dont want the game to be decided at champ select" Then stop creating champions and playstyles that are unfun / downright overpowered. For example, picking {{champion:136}} and getting hard countered by {{champion:157}} could lead to the most frustrating and annoying 20 minutes of a person's life. Imagine having no tools to deal with the worst matchups in League. Is this a fun experience for a game? Hell no. I think this is what runes should have been. Giving us more tools for more unique situations. The current runes just make you stronger. Only the inspiration tree has actual interesting runes and strategic decision making options. Everything else is basically stats. Correct me if i'm wrong.
: yeah duo is more important IMO its not when the is top adc... but if its Jng/supp/mid & [insert any roles] it change all. Individual rank isnt revelant unless it give numbers games, mains roles... Unless its a normal games or flex, u'll get matched with same players levels (mean ranking). btw, i think its a bad idea to show ennemy border. Mainly at low elo, as we can see here many here start to cry when they're matched against someone with a plat/diams border (take in account many here are bronze/silver). Even seeing a goldish border in other team can tilt some.
yeah but if the system is owkring properly, then bronze players will only play vs other bronze players. They will never cry because matchmaking will never put bronze players vs silvers etc.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Please, that's not going to happen. _"But... but... butt muh rank shaming!"_ ~ Riot's excuse for hiding enemy borders years ago.
: i don't give a sh*t about other ranking... But i want to know if i play against or with a premade and want to know who !!!! Don't speak about Club thing.
Is duo really that much more important than indivudal rank? Good thing i play heroes of the storm, they include both in the loading screen!
: IMO showing ranked borders would be nice but it wouldn't elucidate whether matchmaking is balanced because...matchmaking is not determined by rank. Matchmaking is determined by MMR, which is invisible. If you want to see whether matchmaking is balanced, show MMR in the load-in screen and in player profiles. In general I think it would simply look better to show all borders. Seems like babbie's first vidya to not show enemy ranks.
This is a flaw with the MMR system rather than my idea. In a ideal system, a gold 1 player is equal in skill to another gold 1 player. Right now Gold 1 players can be bronze in skill, or platinum. Rank has no relation with actual skill. In the ideal system, the skill level of all gold 1 players are (more or less)the same. Therefore matching 10 gold 1 players during a gold 1 promo series makes a lot more sense than trying to include bronze, silvers, golds, plats and diamonds in the same fucking game.
: I agree with your post. While the loading screen and one point displayed ranked border and ping rate of everyone in game, this caused players with lower rank / higher ping to be focused in game. I think this was the reason why the removed some of the information in loading screen. Personally I dont think its a problem to have more information about your opponents, even more so if everyone has the same information.
Exactly. I'm just asking for a nice looking loading screen providing ranked borders. Not specific masteries or past history. Just simple rank. I dont understand why this is rocket science for the behaviour team at Riot.
: The funny thing is: This **used** to be a feature already in league for years. It was removed.
I really dont understand how a "progressive" company like Riot manages to take 3 steps backwards with common sense features. Each attempt at stepping forward somehow puts them 3 steps back. Still no Solo Q (like they promised last year) like cmon guys get it together. Riot isnt a startup anymore I dont understand why they still act like one
: This will never happen because it would show to every player that the matchmaking is broken.
Thats exactly the source of the issue. Current "Silver 1 Promo" games will match bronze, silver, gold and even plat players together in a clusterfuck. If Riot started showing true ranks, everyone would QUICKLY realize how fucked up matchmaking actually is
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 8
Yo Meddler, Whose in charge of the Irelia rework? I would please love their thoughts BEFORE they started some major shit. I'm hella nervous with your bruiser updates, I personally find that you guys absolutely trashed GP and Shen with their updates. For Shen it was more thematic / gameplay (the spirit collar/ leash was very humilating) and for GP it was the gameplay ( the mingiame aspect of e). Please , please , PLEASE dont fuck up Irelia. You guys (in my opinion only) really butchered 2 of Leagues most iconic champions, the pirate GP and the ninja god Shen. Do not mess up Irelia. Please communicate with the playerbase throughout all stages of development. Make her kit simple and intuitive, and avoid tacking on bullshit effects etc to skills. Anyways... no pressure. But yeah you guys are reworking Leagues most iconic champ (arguably that was Shen before... ) please talk with us. Hope its CertainlyT or someone, they're producing some really good content, in comparison with some other updates. Or is this more of a question for reaver?
: Who's Your Favorite Champion?
Probably Alarak or Artanis
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: _Dear boards gods please let me answer this one honestly without incurring too many downvotes_ Yo, the team was def expecting this question. Even though it's technically the same price as before (we just scaled up the cost when we multiplied all your other BE by 6.5 for the new season), it feels like it costs more because now BE is useful for unlocking champs more directly. The short answer is that we don’t currently have plans to change the price because the team wants to be careful about removing too many things that BE is used for unlocking. I can share a little more on the thinking around it: The reason Mastery 6 & 7 have always cost BE to upgrade is mostly because we needed to give players a use for BE back in the old system. Now that we’ve connected the loot system with the normal rewards system, we’re having to think longterm about what should and shouldn’t cost BE. Mostly BE is useful for unlocking champs, but we want it to be useful for everybody—including people who don't want to use it on champs. The new leveling system gives vets gemstones and unique emotes alongside the other stuff, and the Blue Essence Emporium is working out pretty well too. There’s more we’ll have to do on that front, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out over time.
NO. I disagree completely. Get GC or Zilean on the fucking boards to disagree with me. I fell in love with League because of the game design philosophy. I loved the fact that a lvl 0 player, could play equally (no pay to win) with a lvl 10000 player and potentially win, not because of luck, or stats but because of skill. I want you guys to keep this promise of fair gameplay throughout the lifespan of Riot. Fair, equal gameplay. FUCK PAY TO WIN.... I hate the fact that a more skilled player can be defeated with money. That being said... I dont thinkg BE sinks for mastery is a good idea. You guys should instead do missions or something... Mastery 5: -2 triple kills -1 quadra kill -100 takedowns Mastery 6: -5 triple kills -3 quadra kills -1 Penta Kill in ranked -1k takedowns etc... Use good design ideas like that instead of oh just pay some blue essence to win a mastery level.
: Leveling and Rewards - Improvements to Milestone Emotes, Capsules, & FWotD
As a Heroes of the Storm player I only have 1 question. CAN I buy skins with Blue Essence?? Remember that Heroes of the Storm gave me so many free Legendary skins and others (over 100 free skins outta lootboxes). So far... Riot has handed out 0 free skins (except Riot skin codes). I can also buy any new skins I want with my shards (f2p currency = BE) . Can I do the same In League?
: I just don't get all this 'veterans are feeling left out' talk. I mean really, as a vet I've been enjoying the game for years and have been part of so many cool one-time events and gotten all kinds of cool things new players will never have the chance to get or experience. Additionally, I got free champs and skins _just for liking social media pages_. Funny how some people cry when they can't get the thing that is for 'new' players, but always insist new players shouldn't get the stuff that isn't available anymore. Basically this is just selfishness. I also want my friends to play this game with and anything that makes it easier to get on board is great. Finally, if you're a vet complaining about not getting Ashe, Brand and Garen... I can't even. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
This is why.
: [Opinion] SOLO Q next year should not have DUOs. DUO players are a party, and should play in flex Q.
: The reason I think OP's post is really valuable is because it tackles the "feel" of the new system directly - rather than trying to talk about the math. We published the math in the post I linked - and it's a **fact** that for the vast majority of players the new system gives you more blue essence than ip you would have got before - **BUT** - that doesn't mean what players are feeling is invalid, not at all. If you're playing league and think "gosh, the new system feels worse," that's not really a problem we can solve by showing you the math. So I want to understand that more. We always use preseason as the time for us to make big changes and then iterate - which is what we're doing here as well. We're already changing First Win of the Day to grant Blue Essence as well as experience, to answer the first point you brought up of having to wait a long time between levels for a tiny amount of blue essence. We've also raised the minimum amount of blue essence you get in leveling capsules from 720 to 810, and are going to decrease the amount of time it takes to level up at higher levels. So I hope you feel that your feedback matters - because it does. We'll continue checking in and responding as we go.
Why dont you guys simply implement buying skins with large amounts of IP? I thought thats what the whole update was about .... League 2.0? You guys need some serious goodwill, and temporarily allowing skin purchases with BE to celebrate the new season would give you guys some much needed karma.
: > in the rare instance that a veteran player hasnt unlocked one of these 3 champions... would it not be better to just simply gift them this reward? not necessarily. wouldn't that then be unfair to vets who just happened to spend their money on those champs instead of others? Why should they have to use their IP on those champs when others get them for free just because they chose to buy other champs? pretty quickly we'd fall down a rabbit hole haha
Edit: OH I get what you're saying now. Makes more sense that the rewards are different for newer players. I think thats probably fair. I can see you point of view, as a company. I hope you will also consider my points of view, as a veteran player when I say I honestly feel like i'm getting the short end of the stick. HOWEVER.... Let no one say that Riot doesnt communicate. This man is (hopefully getting paid overtime) spending his Friday night talking to the community! No developer has ever done that before! Thanks for listening and talking, means a lot. Grab a beer, spark a spliff and get comfortable. You're gonna have a great Friday tonight!
: Nah, it's fair. The new players get those 450BE champs instead of shards worth roughly the same amount. It's not really an advantage at all. We're just putting the noob accounts on rails by giving them easier-to-learn champions.
I understand what you're saying and I agree 100% with this. You guys should take further steps to improve the new player experience such as introducing guilds or expanding clubs. However what I'm saying is, in the rare instance that a veteran player hasnt unlocked one of these 3 champions... would it not be better to just simply gift them this reward? Right now the veterans are feeling a little left out, and offering these 3 measly champs might help change opinions about the new system.
: Hmm. TBH that's not the plan right now. The logic on that is the same reason we aren't giving everyone who's level 30 already the BE that new players will get when they climb those levels. It's basically that you actually already got rewarded in the form of IP for climbing those early levels. And these players are just getting champs instead of BE. So they're not really getting anything you didn't—they're just getting a different thing instead of what you got. We talked about this in [the preseason FAQ]( I know everybody likes free stuff but I think it's fair to say that giving new players specific champs for leveling isn't hurting people who got IP for climbing those same levels.
In fact, giving every lvl 30 player all these rewards retroactively would be a huge sign of good faith, esp since 20k IP is literaly 10 chromas or 4 wards or 5 champions Is giving out 5 champions gonna hurt your pockets that much you're denying your lvl 30 veteran players these rewards that they deserve for playing the game for so many years?
: Hmm. TBH that's not the plan right now. The logic on that is the same reason we aren't giving everyone who's level 30 already the BE that new players will get when they climb those levels. It's basically that you actually already got rewarded in the form of IP for climbing those early levels. And these players are just getting champs instead of BE. So they're not really getting anything you didn't—they're just getting a different thing instead of what you got. We talked about this in [the preseason FAQ]( I know everybody likes free stuff but I think it's fair to say that giving new players specific champs for leveling isn't hurting people who got IP for climbing those same levels.
>TBH that's not the plan right now. Would giving lvl 30 players 3 basic champions be that difficult for you guys? Its like you guys are actively punishing veterans by denying them retroactive awards.
: Hey there. I don't really want to use this as an opportunity to defend my record. (Spoiler: I think it's fine). However, I'd love a chance to talk about how we view League's long-term strategy, which may be a topic that not every player often thinks about. The traditional way to make a game was to package it in a box for 60 USD or whatever and put it on the shelf in a Gamestop, or going way back, an EB or something. You wanted players to love your game, but you also wanted them to finish your game, because you only made money on the box, and you needed them to not only value that box, but to want the next box, and the one after that. We sometimes talk about this consumer product strategy as "planned obsolescence." The first game I worked on that didn't follow that strategy was an MMO, where much of the revenue came from a subscription. The strategy was to keep players so engaged that they never got bored and risked unsubscribing. Turns out this is pretty hard to do. Players do eventually move on to other games, so to keep your revenue constant, you need to keep bringing in new players. This model tends to be even more extreme in microtransaction games, especially mobile ones (and especially low quality mobile ones) where players may quickly get tired of your nonsense and paywalls and running out of resources. The business model here is to constantly get new players (or rope current players into bringing in their friends) because if you ever run out of new players, you quickly run out of money. The reason we think League can be evergreen and last for many years is that it works really differently. The game is free to play and there is no subscription. Much of League's revenue comes from optional cosmetic content. This creates a situation where players don't often feel the need to formally quit - there is no unsub moment or anything. The icon is still sitting there on your computer when you want to go back to it. So compared to many games, our churn rate is really low. Players may take breaks, but many come back. This also means we are less dependent on new players. Our strategy is to keep current players engaged and happy. Historically we've made very little effort to attract new players. In terms of evergreen games, I often use examples like Magic, D&D or possibly Pokemon. Those are games that you can drift in and out of for years. They evolve.They release new products. But they are still recognizable over time and have been around for decades. Will they last forever? I don't know. But they last a lot longer than most games. That's what we aspire to do with League (and no, we're not there yet). Riot as a company invests heavily in esports, but on the League team it is not always forefront in our minds. Our balance philosophy for example focuses on players in the high Plat / low Diamond skill level. Balancing only for esports is a little short-sighted because you are tuning the game literally for a few dozen people, while probably making the game worse for tens of millions. When we do make changes specifically for esports, it tends to be right around Worlds and is also focused more on esports viewers than pro players. In other words, we don't make a ton of changes just for esports, and those we do make are often targeted on making a game that is fun to watch. The vast majority of our features (things like missions, champion mastery, matchmaking, Star Guardian Invasion) have almost no impact on esports at all. They are for the rest of us. As a company, esports does have benefits and that's why it's an important part of our company strategy. We don't spend much on traditional marketing, and in a way esports is part of our marketing. Pro games also provide a way for players to stay connected to League if they're taking a break from the game as I mentioned above. Esports can also be aspirational because it's inspiring to see players playing the exact same game as you but doing things you didn't know were possible. It's an opportunity for the community to come together. It's a celebration of League. Does Riot want additional games? Absolutely. We want to be a game company that stands the test of time, and we know we need a whole library of games to do that. But we aren't willing to shift so many resources away from League and towards new games that we hurt the one successful game that we do have. Remember, we don't need that planned obsolescence model that I mentioned above. More games will come in time, and we have time. I know that was long, but I hope it helps provide a little more perspective about how we think about product strategy.
> The traditional way to make a game was to package it in a box for 60 USD When has Riot ever been traditional or thinks inside a box? >The reason we think League can be evergreen and last for many years is that it works really differently. No. It works the same. You guys are thinking inside the box. You guys need to extend the genre like Heroes of the Storm does. Heroes is a breath of fresh air for a MOBA fanatic like me. Not only is playing as Iconic WC3 Heroes is nostalgic, the whole idea of different maps and objectives changed my point of view about MOBAs completely. Having different objectives like King of the Hill, or cross map objectives really bring out a different stratergy element in terms of drafting and playing. This also allows them to push the boundaries further in terms of hero design - I'm talking innovative ideas like Abathur and ChoGall. Greater stratergy required than simply push your lanes and you win. You guys are still living in 2004 or whenever the game first came out. I know you guys can do a lot better in terms of pushing the boundaries of the MOBA genre , like Blizzard is doing currently >Does Riot want additional games? I want too {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: >you now, I think in overwatch they banned a guy for ranting against blizzard staff, you guys have so much patience Kaplan is more patient than I am. > So, I don't know what all GC really does with League. He goes to meetings.
> [{quoted}](name=Ghostcrawler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OwBA1Kct,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-11-11T00:43:44.534+0000) > > He goes to meetings. He and other upper management should post on the boards much more often.
: Leveling and Rewards - Early Impressions and Adjustments
I just think this new reward system is almost trivial, and not rewarding veterans is a huge mistake. In Heroes of the Storm, I payed not a single dollar since alpha. During this time, Blizzard has rewarded me with 7 guaranteed legendaries and over 100s of other skins (ranging from normal to legendary pricing) for many heroes simply by playing. After not paying a single dime on Heroes, they still rewarded me very handsomely for simply playing their game. This was just for launching their Heroes 2.0 lootboxes and all for free. Just because I was a veteran player they thanked me for their time by offering cool loot....and a lot of it. You guys are the exact opposite. I've spent over $500 in League and in my ENTIRE 6 years of playing, I've probably gotten a single project skin, and some useless shards that I dont want. Judging by your action and words, Its obvious that compared to blizzard, riot doesnt really give a fuck about us veterans. The problem is Heroes rewards their players, and it feels great to play a game of Heroes and know that you're almost guaranteed a Loot Chest with 4 guaranteed items (not shards, not a percentage of a loot... but an 4 actual pieces of complete loot). And the best part? You get rewarded almost every single game. Not only that but I can buy almost any skin I want with their version of essence, something that you guys are not willing to offer (Since the essence store is limited and we cant even buy skins with IP. ) In League it feels like the fucking opposite. You guys are pulling an EA Games and not giving a fuck about the player. I'm not asking for free loot.... but think about it.... if you're gonna copy Blizzard's system... at least make sure its on par. How did you guys copy their entire system, but somehow managed to make it worse at every turn? After having so much fun with Blizzard's 2.0 and free loot after almost every game, its almost a slap in the face for you guys to copy their whole system but not include anything for veterans (really .... 20k IP for 6 years and $500?? ) and offer just a worse overall reward system in every sense. It takes exponentially longer to earn loot in league and the contents of a chest SUCK. Like really offering us 1/5th of a skin? You honestly consider that a reward? So maybe blizzard spoiled me... but thats the way games should feel. Rewarding. A chance to actually get that awesome legendary skin. Not being forced to grind 20 games for a chance at a legendary shard that is worth 1/5th a skin. Do you understand how and why I feel betrayed? Like legit I spent nothing on Blizzard's game but they still gave me over $200 in free stuff. And I get free stuff after every game. On the other hand I spent so much time and money on Riot and they give us about 1/5th of what Blizzard gives. Its very dissapointed because the rune system is actually fun. Riot is turning more into EA each and every day. If you honor your players and do them good, then money will flow. Its a huge mistake for you guys to be so obsessed with money, that you guys are making the game actively unfun. Make a great product and the customers will automatically come. Anyways thats the end of my rant. I hope you realize that in the future if you copy something, try to make it better, not worse. Like dont you guys hire business analysts for this sort of thing?? I'll be going back to Heroes because it feels like they actually care about me since they reward me with free stuff so often and after every game. Let me know if things change here.... it feels like a waste of time to play League compared to Heroes especially when comparing incentives.
: FLEX Silver 1-> Gold TONIGHT
THanks for all the help. got to gold! was easier than i expected.
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: It constantly feels like I'm the only one who misses the old days of gaming
You're not wrong... so thats why when modern games are complete and NOT cash hungry... like Witcher 3... they are such a breath of fresh air. Riot is trying to copy the EA model of making money, instead of doing the right thing.
Repress (NA)
: Silver 1 Support Looking to Duo to gold today.
: Silver 1 -> GOld TONIGHT
Looking for 1 more smart, awesome player!
: Silver 1 -> GOld TONIGHT
3 more spots open who wants in
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Die Alone (EUW)
: Why is "homophobia" a reportable offence?
As a Canadian I honestly dont even understand how this is still an issue.... It feels like Americans are living 50 years in the past... socially I mean. Edit: Hes EU...
Yeah funny thing is they promised to make a tutorial when they first published League of Legends: Clash of Fates..... they had a tutorial... where you would build thornmail on ashe.... Yeh, idk if anyone at Riot even thinks the tutoiral is a priority. We are the best game in the world and everyone plays League.... there are hardly new players so maybe they think they dont need to invest time and money into a proper tutorial.
: Xayah or Lee sin
Lee sin. One of the best champions Riot has ever created. One of the only champions that will probably never need a rework ever.
: Question for sona players
Nah I try to get these items and 1 shot the enemy ADC: {{item:3100}} /{{item:3025}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3504}} Best way to support is to kill the enemy threat Source: J4 Support Main
: Warning: frank discussion incoming. One of the things we haven't talked about a lot with you guys, but which should come as no surprise, is that Riot does make revenue on runes, which we ultimately invest back into League to make the game better. This is indirect revenue, because it comes from players purchasing champions with RP since they don't have available IP to get those champions, since some of that IP goes towards runes. Freeing up rune IP (in the absence of any other changes) would let players buy a bunch of champions and spend less RP overall. Now we *are* making some other changes to the system, but overall, Riot is losing money on this deal. Potentially a lot of money. This was something we had to talk about a lot internally, but everyone was ultimately behind the decision, all the way to Tryndamere and Ryze. I don't want to make too big of a deal out of this, but if we seem cautious with some of our decisions here, this is part of the reason why. (Another big one obviously is that we are taking a gamble by overhauling such a core part of the game for something that we believe will be better.) We are making the new runes free because we believe 1) That it's the right thing to do for League and for League players, and 2) Our business model has always been to make a fun game that players want to keep coming back to year after year. Runes Reforged is a long-term bet on League of Legends (and Riot for that matter). If we thought that Rune Pages made no sense with the new design and risked feeling like a cash grab, we would absolutely just kill them as a feature. But we have found they are useful with Runes Reforged, just less mandatory than they were before. Definitely open to discussion on this topic however.
Greetings GC, A weird place to post, but not sure where else to reach you. With the champUp reworks blog posted, I wanted to talk to you about something regarding champion skillsets. I believe that now days, new champions have random skills and passives that do not coherently solidify into a intuitive and niche playstyle. If every champion can do everything, then there is no real strategic niches are there?? I think Heroes of the Storm KICKS Leagues ass in terms of how unique each hero plays and what unique advantages they bring to the team. If you have a moment, I would love to hear your thoughts on making random complicated spells and interactions (Ryze), vs a solid skillset that serves a strategic niche (I think the best examples would be Lee, vayne, oriana). Thats why these champs are so addictive..... their entire skillset (QWER and P) brings forth a unified playstyle. I would love to understand what design direction you guys are going with, and why. I also posted the below to Reaver.... but he never gave me a good answer. If you wanna tackle it, be my guest: --quote-- A trend I noticed lately is that champions are becoming very complicated with many abilities and interactions. When I started out in Season 2, my favourite champions were GP and Shen. They were very simple to play, and had some ranged harass to survive tough lanes. For me this is my favourite "class" in any RPG - a melee fighter with some limited range options. With your changes, a long time ago, both these champions (in my opinion) became overly complicated with their mechanics. For example - GP's barrell minigame is VERY unfun for me, so now I dont enjoy playing gangplank as much as I used to. Another bad example is Ryze.... I need to spend 5 minutes reading his skills and passive to understand how they interact with each other. Champions should feel intuitive to play.... the simplest designs are often the best. Overloading a champion's kit feels clunky and takes away from their identity. Any thoughts on having updates simplifying and unifying champion skillsets, instead of making them so overly complicated? For Shen, just remove his spirit dog leash and make him a true warrior ninja, a master of speed and strength: P- Warrior momentum: Each basic attack reduces all of Shen's cooldowns by 0.5s Q- Crescent slash: Strike with both swords in an arc. Enemies at the center of the arc are hit by both swords and take double dmg. W- Shift into a defensive stance, blocking all incomming basic attacks with his blades in a small area. (Same effect, but lorewise he uses his blades really quick instead of magic or wte he does atm) E- Keep as is R- Keep as is but increase cooldown to account for passive His passive will encourage splitpushing to reduce his ult's cooldown. Also we can have different Shen builds now, as bruiser / attack speed Shen might be a viable option again. I hate seeing champions with only 1 type of build. I'd love to chat with you more, but I guess you're too busy eh ? Have a great day
Reav3 (NA)
: Not sure, that will be up to our promo team
Hey bud. No Shen comments this time. Would you guys consider doing a detailed behind the scenes process of a rework? Please consider how Blizzard documented and published the series about the archlich KT: Looking forward to some awesome, intuitive hero designs. I think having some more indepth designer insight will help us understand why and how you reworked the champion .... especially for someone so iconic such as Irelia. Have a great day
: Hey Bladerunner7777! With these skins on live, we're no longer accepting feedback/making changes on these skins, unless there is an issue with gameplay specifically.
Hi Katey, are you still on the skins team? If you have a minute, I'd love your thoughts on this thread I made. Its a year old, but i think its still relatable. Cheers have a great day
: I love this idea but I think its too far from her current playstyle for riot to implement. It would be really cool if they could make something like this happen as a new character though.
Who knows, Riot might just end up reworking her this way , now that she was announced.
: [Rework Idea] Irelia: Captain of the Ionian Guard
Hey everyone!! I called this a year ago :) What does everyone think of Irelia now days??
Okuma (EUNE)
: I wouldn't recommend playing Taric in the jungle *^*
You're right. Being in the jungle is all about camoflage. Good luck hiding a bright sparkling diamond in the forest.
: I've played a lot of HotS in my day. There aren't as many unique champions in LoL as there is HotS, but that's due to the nature of the games and HotS' talent system. For Greymane, the closest you'll find is probably {{champion:126}}. Like Greymane, Jayce can shapeshift in and out of either a ranged or melee form, and is mostly focused around bursting enemies down, doing the brunt with ranged attacks before jumping in for the kill. Jayce's Shock Blast + Acceleration Gate combo is pretty similar to Greymane's Cursed Bullet, with the difference being they have opposite utilities; Cursed Bullet kills tanks while Shock Blast bursts squishies. As for Alarak, it'll sound strange but the closest you'll probably find is {{champion:163}}. Like Alarak, Taliyah focuses on a burst combo that involves shoving the enemy into her other abilities. Her ultimate is only kinda similar to Alarak's Deadly Charge, in that you go a long distance after charging up, but it's used for roaming and cutting off enemies instead of diving directly into them, like Alarak does.
Perfect comment! You focused on the skillset / playstyle of my favoured champs instead of asthetics, just as I prefer. You also summarized their benefits quite well. I never ever would have even thought of trying out Talya Now I just need to save up some IP... You should add me on League, we shuold run a 1-2 game :)
: ***
For me its the problem that there are over 100 champs.... just looking for a few suggestions to get me started. Splitpushers eh... hows ma boy jax doing in this meta?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I dont play Hots so I only saw their spotlights. Alarak reminds me of Kassadin {{champion:38}} and Victor {{champion:112}} Greymane is similar to Jayce {{champion:126}} and maybe Warwick {{champion:19}}
Hmm yes Jayce might be fun... I used to main victor when he first was released, back when everyone thought he was shit. i would love to give him another try today
: I suppose {{champion:19}} is similar to Greymane's worgan form. As for Alarak, well, idk. I guess {{champion:38}}, maybe?
Calabok (NA)
: {{champion:44}} jungle GO!
: I know this is an old thread, but I'd love to draw the stuff on this. Kled is my favorite champion and these all sound amazing! And while I'm at it, here's a skin idea I overheard while on the Rift: Kled and Skaarl as Rocket and Groot from GOTG. Again, I know this is old but these seem like such good ideas!
I would love to see even some basic sketches :D Good luck bud :)
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