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: Me: "Riot finally fixed death recap? That's great! But why now?"
Honestly I think putting eternals on the death recap was a good intention from a clever rioter trying to convince his ape manager to assign people to actually fix the fucking thing.
: Yasou is getting buffed so you mean a broken champion is getting buffed Shen does need a buff tho but not a damage buff, he needs to not wait for 1 hour to use his ultimate and when he has used his ultimate on a teamate and they die he needs to not have to get a cool down.
> [{quoted}](name=Magnesium14,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KRK595ba,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-20T02:12:16.829+0000) > > Yasou is getting buffed so you mean a broken champion is getting buffed > Shen does need a buff tho but not a damage buff, he needs to not wait for 1 hour to use his ultimate and when he has used his ultimate on a teamate and they die he needs to not have to get a cool down. IMO he didn't really need a buff and he especially didn't need a damage buff, he was a balanced champ just not top tier. His biggest weaknesses are that Riot nerfed his based stats hard in the rework and he lost his sustain so he gets punished very hard in bad matchups. This could have been fixed by giving him some defense back if they wanted to buff him, but no give a champ with already high damage even more damage, and go figure even a small damage buff made him top tier.
: Picking your champ before your opponent in toplane is just a death sentence for your laning phase
Turret plating and first blood tower 100% need to be removed. Increased damage and more expensive potions already means you get poked harder under tower than ever before. Riot decided being down in CS isn't enough of a punishment for picking the wrong champion so they added 4 kills worth of gold onto the tower that your counter gets to collect on just by existing. If you won't play TFT and gamble on little legends then Riot will turn summoners rift into TFT.
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: Dmg/mobility creep has become ridiculous.
I don't understand why people think point and click is a bad thing. It makes the game about knowing cooldowns, positioning, powerspikes, and macro play. Current LoL feels more like 2D dodgeball. Champs like {{champion:63}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:555}} don't need to do anything but hit their skillshots to get a kill, their items and levels are almost irrelevant. That doesn't make the game skill based it makes it the opposite, hitting skillshots isn't difficult in a 2D game now. I mostly play Mordhau these days. Fighting {{champion:157}} is just a shittier version of fighting someone using rapier-buckler-dodge in Mordhau.
: Opinion : Be it popular or unpopular about Qiyana
People are complaining about Qiyanna? I decimate her in lane every time and I still have no idea what she does.
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yeulx (NA)
: *Eternals related* Riots getting more greedy
I think they've lost all their best people and know they're fucked. Their cow has a disease and it's festering so they're milking as hard as they can while they still can.
: Pyke has officially taken Yasuos place as my most hated champion.
No excuse for that ult or passive. Just "rework" him like you did with Aatrox. In case you didn't get that I'm saying remove him from the game
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Why??????????
I mean it's not that a cursor is a huge deal... or even a small deal, but I'm used to the legacy cursor and a multi billion game company that manages a single game is telling me they don't have the resources to keep a fucking cursor? This is getting pathetic. Man I wished Dota 2 didn't feel so stiff and had surrender vote or else I'd switch before a trans could yell at someone using their real pronoun.
: The Reason Tanks Aren't Played Often
Before Yasuo Vayne was my most hated champ in the game. I never understood why she would considered a high skill champ, if you use her abilities the way you're supposed to you can kill a 10/0 shen as a 0/4 Vayne. It's the most toxic shit I've ever seen. If they're gonna power budget massive %health true damage (which they SHOULD NOT in the first place), then you can't also give her endless kite and also give her endless chase and also give her permastealth and also give her free skillshot dodges. It's another {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} where "oh they used their 2 second cd dodge ability to dodge my 12 cd gapcloser/cs guess I instantly die now". At least if I land it I have a 50% chance of winning (until late game)
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: Pyke needs to lose either his anti-poke or anti-catch abilities.
One thing I despise about him is that his dash is actually a {{summoner:4}}, he use it to pass right through AOE zones like {{champion:45}} cage even though he's already slippery. Pretty much all these newer champs are designs to be such a breeze to play that there's almost nothing you can do against them. Playing against a good pyke is the ultimate stat check.
: [GAMEPLAY]Rengar Tiamat Animation Doesnt Work at all. Riot please look at here. Can someone fix this
Nice thanks for that, I'm a returning player from Season 4. Used to be a Rengar main and I could immediately tell something felt very off about him coming back. I had no problem at all picking back up my other champs but I immediately noticed how stiff Rengar felt to play.
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: Poll: Which player behavior feels the worst to play with?
People who shit talk their own team I will never understand. They usually tend to be performing the worst too. I don't understand, if you're gonna feed that's fine every has bad games, if you're gonna give up cool sometimes you just wanna go next even if the game is """winnable""". If you wanna shit talk that's fantastic! I love shit talking! But why on earth would you talk shit to the people you're relying on to help you win the game, completely boggles my mind. You have to be so socially out of touch and watch streamers who are also very socially out of touch (Dekar, ScrubNoob etc.) to be that way.
: Tank meta it is then... (Slightly longer texts makes you tired :( poor you)
Obviously defenses need to be looked at, but the idea is their a very linear scale for how much defense you buy and how much tankier you are. A lot of tanks use % health damage meaning tanks would no longer be 1 comboing adcs.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tryndamere needs to be reworked really badly (one of the most toxic designs).
Tryndamere is childs play now that we have {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:517}}
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: Anyone noticed the 'nErF yAsUo' threads have been non existent lately
That's because Riot has really been outdoing themselves lately {{champion:555}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:142}}. Yas is still a puke stain on good game design but their new champs are somehow even worse {{champion:142}}{{champion:142}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:555}}
: Since Season 6 this game is just not about individual skill anymore. Your skill doesnt matter at all
Look I absolutely hate the state of the game atm and hope that the members of the Riot balance team are put on an employment blacklist once this game goes under because of them, but this just isn't true lmao. There are many players with multiple accounts in challenger. Go and watch xPetu get an 80% winrate as a Shen 1 trick. That said you can say being good at the game is stupid and I'd agree. There's very little thought or strategy now, you just need to master cheesing on 1 or 2 characters, and once you get a small lead just mindlessly take objectives until the game is over. You've never been able to have 100% winrate no matter how good you are, it's been like that since I started playing in season 3. You're only 20% of your team, you can't just headshot all 5 players by yourself it's not csgo.
: Unhappy with the game/balance team ruining the game
I think most people agree season 4 was the best season. A huge difference is that junglers were actually rewarded for farming. Now with camps having 2.5 minute respawn timers, you lose pretty much nothing for failing a gank. The jungle pool was also much larger because the jungle items gave way more sustain. It's not like changing this even accomplished anything positive. Most meta junglers stay at full healthy anyways, it's just now "non-meta" junglers are just trolling because they physically can't clear. My biggest gripes now though are with ADCs and new champions, especially the new adc champions. ADCs used to be required because you needed them to push towers. Now AP champs and demolish champs can push towers too, so they just overbuffed the crap out of right clickers. Now if you're ever behind as a melee champ you're removed from the game, you'll disappear in 8 autos at 20 minutes if you ever get within range of the adc whether you're trying to tank up or not. The new champs are also all powercreeped trash. Yesterday I saw my 4 kill {{champion:145}} with 160 cs 1v1 a 5 kill {{champion:91}} with 200 cs, ADC assassin great idea riot, those skins are selling like weeb fire. . . {{champion:142}} W shouldn't be in the game in any shape or form {{champion:82}} R shouldn't be in the game in any shape or form {{champion:517}} R shouldn't be in the game in any shape or form {{champion:555}} R and Passive shouldn't be in the game in any shape or form {{champion:498}} {{champion:67}} An adc shouldn't have untargetability when the whole "counterplay" to this class is to one shot them. Vayne has been cancer for as long as I remember. The fact that a "scaling hard carry" can completely shit on most melee characters starting for level 1 should hint to riot that the champ needs a rework or dumpstering. Not more fucking buffs just because another bullshit champ {{champion:145}} can beat her. . . {{champion:266}} I used to love playing this champ he got removed for being a "stat check" and got replaced with an impossible to balance Riven clone. {{champion:82}} literally forces you into a statcheck 1v1 and he just got added. The reason {{champion:266}} got removed was the community complained he wasn't good in season 4. They fixed him up in Season 7 and people were happy but they already spent 3 years to make a Riven clone so we were getting it whether we liked it or not.
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Youngcuck (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=reusablemeat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=seu7L2P1,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-22T18:04:38.422+0000) > > I mean I don't have any hard evidence since Riot doesn't release them. I just know that my once 100 man friendlist is mostly a ghost town now, and most of my favorite streamers quit. That and the fact that in the good days of League of Legends you could queue up for a game and always find one below 30 sec. Now the timers can go up to 3 mins for a normal game. That was impossible before.
: I can't evne follow the reasoning behind things riot is doing these days.
Just remove Sylas and Zoe and Yas to START. Then we can look at ruins. Nerfing isn't enough, idc if Sylas is at 20% winrate I still don't want to play against him EVER, but I NEED to ban Morde or else auto lose.
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Velasan (NA)
: I would be curious to see some real numbers as to whether the game is declining. I mean, I feel that way sometimes, particularly with the game quality this season, however, I've yet to see any actual evidence that's true. For me personally, the game was about at it's best in Season 7. That's not even nostalgia speaking, some of my champs weren't even all that great during s7, and I started in s4 during the Rengar and Khazix era. At the time though the game could still get messed up for a week or so during a bad patch, but then it felt like that would get fixed by the time the next patch rolled around. Now it's like the whole game is just always on that one bad patch that never seems to end. The game is playable, but frustrating and not as fun. I would rehash why that is, but I think everyone has done it to death by now including myself in a number of posts. Riot seems to have their own idea of where they want the game to go and are glued to it.
I mean I don't have any hard evidence since Riot doesn't release them. I just know that my once 100 man friendlist is mostly a ghost town now, and most of my favorite streamers quit.
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CLG ear (NA)
: PSA: "Introvert" doesn't mean "Shy" or "Socially Awkward"
Imo introvert is a word people use to justify not being socially active and/or being a shut in to play video games for all their spare time. Source: someone who played way too much LoL my first year of college and had to take a mandatory "psychology" course (Season 4 baby). If Riot didn't start ruining the game I might've still been hopelessly addicted to this day.
: He needs 10 autos for one empowered spell, 20 for 2. With a 1.0 attack speed that would take 20 seconds, though renekton usually does not get AS that high nor does he build AS. His empowered spells do not generate fury. If you use unempowered spells to generate fury you would need to hit an incredible amount of targets, many of which should be champions, and even then you’d be sitting there with all your spells on cooldown and 80 fury, meaning at the minimum he has to wait 8 seconds before he can use an empowered spell, or more realistically 14 seconds so he can pull off his combo. His R gives him 75 fury over 15 seconds. All in all, when he goes into a teamfight he really isn’t using his empowered spells that often. And he is forced to save his fury AKA *not* cast spells because all of his spells will consume his fury if he wants to use the shieldbreak on a specific target/at a specific time. If you catch him with 0 fury he will have to use all of his spells including his ult to reallistically get off 1 empowered spell. He is *very* reliant on either fighting a large number of targets and having time to get some fury stacked prior to a fight (which does decay, by the way). This, by far, is the largest reason Renekton does not scale.
His Q generates a lot of fury...
: Like it’s crazy, back in the day Renekton used to actually be a good early game champ. Nowadays you can pick from easily half the top lane roster and they all beat him in lane hard while _actually_ having a late game. Darius, Riven, Jax, Camille, Vayne, and Aatrox being notable examples. Truth be told, despite maining him in the past, I just don’t bother picking him because there’s simply several other champions that do better than him early game while also outscaling him fast. There’s many more that can survive him in lane and outscale as well. There is little reason to ever pick renekton over several of these other champs.
That's because Riot removed lategame. Even Nasus can beat Renekton now. Thing is with all the increased damage Renekton doesn't even fall off that hard anymore. It used to be as the game went on he would get tankier and tankier but his damage would become very lackluster. Now with conqueror and items like Steraks and Titanic (used to just be cleaver then full tank), his damage scales throughout the game and he can still 1 combo an ADC in the lategame. Riot's made it so no one is really tanky but no one's damage really falls off anymore either.
Razelth (NA)
: Yup. But then they'll just argue that he's unfun to lane against so that he needs to be nerfed. Can't logic with these people. Early game champion sucking in an early game oriented meta is a sign that they're overpowered. Lovely logic board members.
Actually I'd argue that if a champ has a 48% - 50% winrate they don't need to be BUFFED. Especially if that champ is toxic. Explain to me why a toxic champion who already needs a decent winrate needs a buff? That's not the point of the post though. Though point is that if shields are an issue then they should do something about shields that ALL champions can play around with, not just slap "nope" mechanic on a champion who didn't need anything extra. I can think of 20 champs off the top of my head that get screwed over by shields more than Renekton anyway. Please don't complain about logic when you're not using logic, you're just trying to RATIONALIZE one of your favorite champs being even more obnoxious and braindead. Now he doesn't even to decide if wants to wait for shens shield to dissapear before stunning him, he just facerolls the same combo he's been doing since season 2. Like cmon man who are you fooling, I'm a Teemo player but at least I'll admit Teemo doesn't deserve to be even close to as strong as he is right now. Back in Season 4 I had to be careful about being gapclosed on but in Season 9 I WANT to be gapclosed on.
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: Dafuq you mean, the new Morde is fine, he is not ubeatable or has the most broken kit ever. He is like a new champion with temporary stats, let him stay for a while and he'll be ok.
He had 56% winrate when he first released and that's when people didn't know how to play him. It's taken 2 giant nerfs to make him fair.
: I've noticed recently looking through these posts that any comment that doesn't directly agree with the main post just gets downvoted. Kinda ironic how a community that loves to run its mouth about what they think is best for the game can't take criticism.
I mean a downvote just means you disagree. Idk what's so upsetting about getting downvoted unless you think you know what's best and can't take criticism.
Segius (NA)
: He was at a 48% win-rate, id say that warrants a buff on a champion with poor late game scaling.
Why does his scaling have anything to do with anything? A 48% winrate is a 48% winrate no matter how long the game goes on.
Razelth (NA)
: 12.2% pickrate and 50.17% winrate so far. He's an early game champion in an early game oriented meta and yet his winrate still isn't that high. I don't see how he's overpowered with stats like that lmfao. He was at 9% pickrate and 49.33% winrate last patch. Everyone on the boards crying about the W breaking shields is just over exaggerating the effect it really has.
????? 50% winrate is perfectly balanced. Ideally every champion would have a 50% winrate. Why would they buff a balanced champion? There are 49 champions with worse winrates than renekton, they must need major buffs then.
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: I would honestly rather,
It is literally the worst attempt of auto chess by far I don't understand why people are playing this garbage. Dota Underlords is better in every single way. Even the mobile Auto Chess is leaps and bounds ahead of the garbage. Riot games survives on their game that was good 5 years ago, since then they've produced nothing but crap.


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