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: Theft isn't physical, and can very well be virtual. There's no physical act in not paying either. Arguably, the only physical thing there is drunk driving. Even so, the concept is still the same - it is **never** the victims fault.
: Yeah... some people cannot afford to play more than 1 game per day or they do not want to play normal altogether. If someone afk, intentional or unintentional, in any game mode, they will be hit with the same LB. Unless you can prove rage quitting or intentional trolling, Rito is not going to punish people for things out of their control every once in a while any harder than the normal LeaveBuster. Do you honestly want to be banned when someone drove his car into the power pole in your neighborhood shutting down your electricity or your ISP pooped on you without noticed in the middle of a game???
If you have chronic issues with connection, you should be limited to play ranked.
: That I can agree on. At a social level, people in the US want nothing to do with eachother. I try to help people whenever I can, but most people would rather stay out of things. They aren't insulting others though. They just aren't being helpful. As far as the US thinking everywhere should be like here is because we're highly conceited. I believe we have our perks, but there's a lot we could learn from some other countries as well. The US is far from perfect. We have just as many flaws as we have good things.
I'd up vote if this account was lv30 lol so Ill give you this reply.
: muting provides complete protection
that leaves your emotions and deflections you wish to express bottled up and unhealthy. I dont mind people blowing off steam when they're upset.
: Exactly. "let people be negative and have the outcomes of their insulting behavior effect them." So when I mute and report them for it and they get punished, that is the result of their actions. I ignored them and continued to play accordingly. Then they get their karma for being a terrible person. They have no one to blame but themselves because they had the choice to not be a jerk and chose otherwise.
I talk about more karma or real world stuff, I don't care to report people cause they say things I don't like, it's a game. You're letting the words get to you in this case. Let somewhere down the line when this person has no close friends cause their toxic behavior and then he can have the realization. TBH reporting someone only gets the more upset, they don't learn from it that way.
: Sometimes that can't be helped and is unintentional. Why should it be punished any harder than how it already is in normal when there's no malice in it?
because its a competitive ranked game, an easy solution would be play a norm all the way through and have no problems or dc's and then open back up to ranked. Leave ranked game at a higher prestige instead of the norm.
: Not really because like I said, we put ourselves in the middle of everything. We make their problems our problem even if it had nothing to do with us. I wish we would go back to the times where the US actually had a policy to stay out of other peoples business when it didn't involve us. Of course that was long before I was even thought of so not likely to happen.
So we're going out of our way to say, hey you have a problem that we don't like, so were going to do something about it. I see it as an extreme version of what I am saying. And that is political US, I was more talking about our culture at a lower level. I've done my fair share of traveling around and can say this with complete confidence. US thinks everything they do, the rest of the world should do.
: Problem being with your analogy is the difference between flaming friends jokingly and for the fun of it and flaming someone else you don't know well just for the sole purpose of putting them down. It's okay to mess around with your friends. It is not okay to verbally abuse someone and say they should just put up with it because the world is cruel. Yes, life can be tough. That is no excuse to just go around insulting people though. Just because you can put up with the abuse, doesn't mean you should have to put up with the abuse.
That is wrong good sir or mam. Words only have power if you give it power, let people be negative and have the outcomes of their insulting behavior effect them. They aren't right, but you're wrong for letting it affect you.
: No. The rest of the world laughs at us because we're narcissistic asshats who put ourselves in the middle of everything. Our country is so full of itself that we think the world revolves around us when it doesn't. The ones that don't think our country is that great get shoved under the rug by the, "'Merica! Fuck Ya!" *Eagle screeches in distance*
and all of that stems from, "its not my problem, it's yours" lol
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: Yes. The driver who was hit by the drunk/distracted driver is the problem. Not the one violating rules. They need to just get over it, accidents happen, right? The bank that had money stolen should just get over it, right? Even if they catch the guy, it was only a few dollars. The people running the bar need to just get over people leaving without paying. It's not their responsibility to pay before they go, and the police have better things to do than arrest someone for theft. Who cares that it's against the rules, they should just get over it. The victims **never** have to change their attitude. Period. Full stop. End of story.
those are all physical acts, so they can't relate.
: You noticed that you felt "not too great" during your insult battles, and that was with friends. What makes you think that insult battles with strangers would feel better, or would be constructive to have *during* games. Once upon a time, it was socially acceptable to kick people in the balls. It happened a lot. The short term solution was wearing codpieces, actual physical armor, to protect yourself. The long term solution was to make it socially unacceptable to kick people in the balls. Armor is mildly uncomfortable to wear, mildly inconvenient to maintain, mildly costly to purchase, mildly time-consuming to put on and take off, and does not provide complete protection. It seems better to me to not need it. You didn't enjoy the process of creating your "armor" with your friends, and the phrase "nothing anyone could say could get to me" sounds very sad and lonely. Would you like to go back to being required to wear a codpiece? I suppose I'll be the first to volunteer to kick you in the balls, if that's what you want.
yeah i felt "not to great" cause at the time, i let it get to me. US as a nation sucks and gets laughed at by the rest of the world because we all have the mindset that "its not our problem it's theirs." And I would agree with your analogy but I'm not using armor, I'm taking away the only power words have, which is not letting them get to me. A physical kick cant be taken its effectiveness away without armor.
: Doesn't riot already do this to some degree with leaving games?
not anything different than norms. Having no disconnects for 10-20 mins in prio que, then having spike up to 500 all game long shouldnt be something I see in ranked.
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: "Grow thicker skin"
this aint the real world though, this is the most toxic gaming community in probably history of gaming lol
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: why even give them that opportunity? if RIOT knows what happens to the majority of perma-muted players (becoming in-game trolls) why would you continue to let them ruin games for others? the current punishment tier system of 10 game chat -> 25 game chat -> 14 day ban -> perma ban offers PLENTY of chances to change. If someone doesn't get the hint by then, it's probably deserved edit: i dont know the timeframe of when they ran that test but the results were VERY lopsided
Idk though, chat bans are so easy to come about these days and can be played out within a day or two. I feel the progression right now is way to rapid in terms of not playing the game and perma banned. Im coming at this from a mind that, sure ill say shit to my teammates and get upset a lot, but i always try and don't troll by any other means. I understand that the progression in terms of, well if people can't type that theyll troll other ways. But at the same time, allow the people to get a real chance. Changing someone's mindset about treating the game can't realistically happen in 10 game chat, 25 game chat, or 14 day acct bans. People just have other accounts that they go to during the 14 day suspension and can't really be held accountable until similar stuff happens on that account. Look at T1, he;s better now sure but he could easily get chat banned and so on if he was a lower MMR and talked to people in silver or gold how he talks to other High diamond and challenger players, those players in that high of ranks don't nearly get reported as much but can be easily just as toxic without throwing games and in-game trolling such as inting or griefing. People will say "stfu" and maybe along the course of a game really upset a teammate for reasons that don't relate to that. Then proceed to want to "get back at that person" and ban them for something they truly do not care about. They rather them not have that player in their game because they played bad, not cause of any toxicity or "ban worthy reasons" and RIOT says, oh we look and make sure that the reports have substance behind them, but they just look for trigger words and move on with their day. The company priorities are so god awful and everyone but them seems to know it. They need to let words be words and take actions upon game related negativity.
: Riot tried this, it didnt work at all due to people who received perma-mutes just turn to in-game trolling instead of chat flame
But then that would allow bans of a trolling nature to have it spotlight like people want it to. Also, when did riot try this?

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