: It primarily acts as a definitive moment before which you can opt out and vote for early surrender or wait and play safe in the hopes of an ally connecting. If you think that your team can survive missing a jungler for a period or the support not connecting and push on with the game for another minute in the hopes of a late connection, then you can actually do that. The other major option for when you'd be cut off from early surrender would be after some period of time within the game; say past 1:30. This puts a pretty hard deadline for everyone involved, including the person who has not connected, since it _forces_ a decision. With first blood being the deciding factor, if I don't connect into a game because of firewall errors or a power surge reseting my router I still have the chance to get back in before it's too late. My team can also support that by playing safe early in the hope that I'll come back quickly and then early surrender after they no longer feel safe playing a man down or that I may not connect at all.
imagine the other team noticing your mid is afk, so they all in as much as possible trying to get a kill or 5 man gank a tower so you couldnt get loss prevented
: I know it sounds like a crazy concept to Solo QQers but the game is meant to be played in a coordinated group of as many people as you can get together Stop fucking complaining that you can't compete, no shit you can't compete because you refuse to take the steps necessary to do so
: but your plat 2....
if he was lower plat, and kept on winning without losing, he would be put against diamonds
: In low elo I can understand that it's a nice system. However, the higher you get, the more it gets abused. People get boosted so hard by their friends this way. Its hard as a soloq master player.
why not just remove the reason why dynamic queue is strong in the first place, and add a voice chat in league. people might think everyone would be toxic, but i dont think so.
: How do I lane freeze well? I tend to miss lots of cs when I do. I try to last hit, and minions get it. I hit too early, still miss. Please explain in detail; I'd love to master that.
i would suggest just going into a game by yourself and just csing to the best of your ability. just doing this once will help you ALOT.
: Do you really think this would even increase kha's winrate by even 0.01%? - Use ghostblade before ult (it lasts longer than ult) - Use potions before ult ??? Ask any kha'zix main and they'll tell you using ghostblade before you ult isn't a problem. If anything this change is adding more code and more potential for kha to be glitchy (some of the recent bug fixes/tweaks they have done have only caused more bugs, **bug pun**) edit: The only potion kha'zix would need to be using while stealth would be corrupting potion, which means you're playing kha'zix top. You don't use corrupting potion before you go into a fight, you use it after you take some damage and then re-engage with your ult; which means you would have used the potion before you ulted if ANYTHING should be done about health pots' interaction with stealth it should be Twitch delaying his own invisibility if he uses a potion, which is a problem that would occur far more often than kha'zix using a potion while stealth /rant
Sachabot (NA)
: This is what players are failing to see: Games are shorter at the beginning of every season because of whatever huge preseason adjustments happened. People aren't quite in sync with what needs to happen, mistakes are made and exploited, and it's always easier to hold a lead than overturn one. True, Riot's not taking any steps to deliberately lengthen games, but they're cautious after doing it in the past and having it backfire. Riot doesn't fucking make choices for the whole game based on LCS. They can just make new LCS rules to cause stuff to happen there if they want. Stop with this shit.
Rioter Comments
: I have tried her a few times. My impression is that her combos just take muscle memory to execute properly, and not much skill, but I guess it depends on your definition of skill. For me, skill is strategic decisions like knowing when to go in and knowing what situations to avoid. I think she lacks meaningful interactions with her opponents, her pattern is bland. I'd rather get assassinated by a Zed who gives me a 0.75 window to prepare and is completely countered by certain items, because when Zed kills me there is always something I could have done better. Interestingly enough, I got the same impression when I tried Vayne :P
akali's pattern is always bland too, you need to understand that you can beat leblanc, but obviously she is going to have a easy time beating you depending on what champion, you need to understand that theres other game elements to beat champions like this. going against leblanc you need more positional and knowledge of game mechanics just like going against most older champions.
Rioter Comments
Nahui (NA)
: Darius will be meh. No cooldown Q still has a charge time, and you'd be surprised what mobile champs can do in that time. Fiora will be disgusting, Ekko disgusting. If Illaoi ever ults, 0 hope of fighting her in the ult. I feel like Jhin won't really do much besides constantly be snaring, and constantly firing his ult for fun. Kindred will always have their ult up and not stop hopping around, especially in Wolf's zone. Morde is meh. He will be the same as last time, just spamming his metal shield until he's bursted. Poppy. Oh boy.
poppy will keep stunning you into a wall for eternity.
: the fact that i got 2 kills on akali as aatrox then got 100-0ed in one combo from her says volumes about how i think she is fine
it more sounds like you didnt counter build
: I thought this wasn't supposed to be viable?
its not, its really hard to pull off, something plat or higher elo's do when smurfing or in normals.
: Help me learn assassins better pls!
you need to understand how the enemy does damage for a assassin all in. lets say you are almost any assassin vs a mage, how does mage do damage, spells. so dodge, bait, or wait till they use spells on minions and all in. I would recommend not caring about dying and just all in, and go for the 1 for 1. because you also need to know how to do your damage, and how much you do. you can just balls to the wall all in, but just dont balls to the wall the entire time, because then you will get ganked
Psyrion (NA)
: What about a system allowing players to join the existing game as that champ, same role, with their own masteries and runes? Possibly even with items refunded so they can rebuild quickly to adapt to their playstyle? Kind of like a rescue queue, where games with a player out for a specific period of time (or with a definitive player-induced disconnection) are able to continue with a 5th man. Even allow for a team to vote to request a rescue, the same way surrenders are voted for. Maybe not a great system for team queues, but in normals, solo ranked, and ARAM, it would help significantly.
that exist in csgo for esea, they are called .ringer's
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: What people hate is "loss of playstyles". For example. Original Fiora was a glass cannon melee AD with a single defensive spell (her ultimate) which had 1 minute cooldown. Oh and no escapes. The new Fiora is a fighter/bruiser with escapes, %max hp true damage, and enough mobility to chase targets to hell and back. Its not change. The "new" Fiora could've been a new hero called Tetra from example. And people that like the original fiora still has her playstyle when they want to play that. Or if they want they can play the other new hero. Like they released Braum, which is like Yasou+Leona combined. They didn't rework Leona. Or they released Lucian, which was like Graves v2.0. They didn't rework Graves. Or they released Azir, which was like Oriana+Cassiopea. They didn't rework any of those. Its not "change" what people 'fear' or 'dislike'. Its "death". Just like if your friend/relative dies. You lost any chance to spend time with them anymore. And this happens with everything that gets reworked. Sure, you can get a new friend, or speak with another member of your family, but it won't be the same as it was with the one that died.
: that means two pentas in once game. . but i have actually gotten a penta while my team was dead and executed myself just for the bm while winions were taking nexus. it was fun
: That's one of those things that sounds smart but falls apart on analysis. It's not a great analogy, since Information is not an game element in chess whereas it is in League of Legends. There is no fog of war in chess and fog of war or lack of information is an important part of League of Legends. It's impossible to play a good poker game when you can see all the cards and providing full vision in poker would eliminate everything that makes that game interesting, remove the psychological/probability dimensions, and turn it into a game won or lost on cards dealt alone. In Season 3 we had the Ward Bot Support meta and teams overpowered other teams with full vision. In Season 4/5, the winning team would strangle the other team with vision and make the game entirely one-sided. Vision needs to be a conscious strategy and decisions need to be made based on available information. Making information too complete removes strategic options and harmed League of Legends.
you also give a bad analogy, you are implying that league cannot be interesting when there is less fog of war. you think more options = better gameplay, and we both know thats not always true you state that in season 4/5 winning team would strangle the other team with vision, but thats been like that since season 2 and probably before then. its a mechanic that would help the winning team, just like everything else if you are winning. (you also strangle the other team with, gold,xp,towers,presence) you say there was to much ability to strangle an opponent. but isn't that true for both sides? you want less vision but even though season 6 has 2 types of wards that can stay in the game for ever, its still less vision then there was in season 2/3 honestly, I would recommend more vision, simply because there's a chance of people using maphacks in league, more vision would even out that playing field.
: Less information does make better games. Before there was too much ability to massively control vision and then slowly strangle an opponent. Now the issue is more about death timers than vision. Also the low interaction tower-trades which are the worst.
I think its harder to play a good chess game blind.
: I started playing only to play with friends and in my first game one of them got a double penta with Kat
you killed both teams and yourself? next level
: > [{quoted}](name=Lemon Graber,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wTZzTZLM,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2016-02-20T15:46:36.514+0000) > > I don't see the advantage of shielding a minion over a champion in any case. Just like {{champion:16}} heal works on minions. Keeping the wave intact to take turrets faster, and messing up last hits (especially for {{champion:90}} E). But the power budget could be better used elsewhere. Karma R+E can also target a minion if it is in a better position to get the speed boost to your whole team if that is what you need from it.
why would you heal a minion to stop enemy cs with soraka? when you can just tp on them instead. #4secondsUndyingMinion
M0b1us (NA)
: I don't mind it when assassins are strong. What I dislike is when they are strong and have very little that can stop them. Example, I never thought Akali was absolutely unfun to fight against. Sure, her damage WAS absurd, but when team fights started, she became a lot easier to deal with. That is because she can dash to an enemy, but then has no way to get out. She also doesn't serve much of a purpose outside of killing squishies. So if you were able to contain her in lane, her impact would be noticeably worse. An example of a champ I absolutely hate facing is Zed. Even when he isn't strong, I find him extremely unfun to play against. He can kill squishy targets easily, no harm in that. That is his job after all. What I completely dislike is the combination of all of the following on top of his assassination power. Decent wave clear, INCREDIBLE split pushing power, and incredibly easy to escape from bad situations. If a Zed ever gets behind, the good ones will simply split push. Even when behind, Zed has a very strong 1v1 match up, so he basically forces your team to make a decision. Either try to take an objective or win a team fight now, or send someone to deal with him. If you decide on the latter, then you have to make that call the moment you see Zed split pushing. If you hesitate, Zed's additional AD bonus can easily allow him to take a tower. On the other hand, if Zed gets ahead, then it becomes difficult to punish his assassination attempts. Unlike Akali, Zed can use his W before ulting on his target, press Q+W then one auto, W out and then the ult finishes the kill. So your counterplay options are to either lock him down when he ults, or have a QSS or zhonyas. The only risk in that scenario Zed has to deal with is the potential of being lock downed when he goes in. That window of counter play opportunity is maybe a second. If you have a Zhonyas or QSS, Zed still gets away and gets some damage on you, but doesn't kill you. Still Zed basically traded his ult for your item active. That will hurt his assassination potential next fight, but it also stops you from having that crucial zhonyas/QSS. Basically, Zed is a champion that feels bad to play against because when you beat him in lane, he can still split push amazingly. When he gets ahead, he is a super safe assassin. Either way, it feels like there is very little you can do other than hope that the player on Zed is just bad at making calls and tries to team fight when he is 1/10. Yas is between Akali and Zed to me. He has clear weaknesses that can be exploited and clear strengths. One thing I dislike is how people think that using E on a minion to close a gap, press Q after E ends to land some poke, then using E to get back out is hard. Just a preference thing. The other thing I dislike is his windwall. It is so stupidly easy and forgiving to block a projectile with and there are plenty of projectiles that it shouldn't stop. When I can use windwall in the OPPOSITE direction and still block a projectile, that is just wrong. It gives Yas so much time to use it. As long as the projectile doesn't hit Yas, windwall can stop it. Windwall should work where the wall itself is formed at the tip of the blade and not on Yas's model. That way he actually has to direct the windwall and can't just use a panic reaction. Other than that, if he gets behind, he is easy to deal with. If he gets ahead, he does his job well. When I outplay a Yasuo, it feels good because I know that I just made it harder for him to have an impact on the game. When I get outplayed by a Yasuo, I don't feel cheated because that is what he does and I know that he will have to put himself in a position where I have a clear window to outplay him later on. To sum everything up, when counter play is present and clear, I don't mind at all when assassins are strong. When counter play is limited to 1 small opportunity, then I hate when that assassin is strong.
NichtHurz (EUW)
: What use would this double proc be? If your target is squishy you want to destroy it as fast as possible and if your target is tanky you need to outplay the enemy. The cooldown goes off when she throws anyways so her second Q doesn't come faster, it's just closer to your first Q because it was delayed.
double q proc is very important early game and throughout laning phase and also 1v1s. but in team fights you dont do it.
: i wish they would do something with akali's kit. She feels so clunky right now and has been at 46 percent win rate for mid lane for the last year and is basically gone from LCS play. Her kit is complete feast or famine and more often it seems like she is famine
she was always a solo queue champion rather then LCS. she almost always at a place were uncoordinated teams in solo queue got her fed, and never thrived against good teams/comps. and thats where i think she should be
: > [{quoted}](name=Kiss Kiss Kiss,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PlEAFNPl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-30T07:38:25.875+0000) > > Having a bad game is not the same as intentionally feeding An employee who work at Riot is more than aware of how to play the game properly and at a level above average. There is ZERO excuse for an 0/13/0 showing by any rioter in the game. Not even a single assist. This is clearly a player who refused to participate with the team and is a prime example of how awful Riot priorities are. There is no way in which a game like this can be considered anything but trolling when the player in question clearly knows better. This employee has given us a clear example that riot does not, and never will, do anything about those who troll in game and create a toxic environment. It is ACCEPTABLE according to Riot to do this, as we can see from the picture. In essence, we have, here, verifiable proof that Riot in fact helps to create and sustain a toxic playing environment for the sake of increasing company revenue. It really is a shame. Sorry about this op, that really sucks.
most rioters are silver and bronze, only 1 is in diamond
Vaelfar (NA)
: Lux decimates too frequently in soloQ
zed counters her hard, a good zed will get a kill on a good lux, even when she is doing her best to not die.
maikokk (NA)
: akali was never dependant on stealth unless she was behind and needed to safely farm under turret. her old w was a stat boost, now its a speed boost. pink wards dont counter any aspect of a good akali's play pattern. if she needs to use stealth, she got in the wrong position. if anything, her w is a good way to bait out bad pink placement.
her shroud use to be useful when it gave her armor and mr, that was the only reason you put it down in fights, because you know they will pink.
Townsa (NA)
: I honestly don't know what's more pathetic at the moment, the fact that you are getting mad about my comment or the fact that you looked me up....js....
who said i was mad? where in what i wrote shows i was mad lol? I looked you up to see what would make you have that opinion that comebacks happen often and that you can 4v5's it makes sense that you would be able to do that, in silver elo where the other team isnt punishing enough or you are simply better mechanically. Im going to disregard the fact that you took my analysis in your reasoning the wrong way? you need to understand that silvers dont fully abuse the meta, the more you abuse it the better your elo would be. but when everyone knows how to abuse it in higher elo, the game turns into a snowball very hard very fast for one team. team work very rarely would make comebacks in this meta, it just prolongs the lose.
: Akali rapes Yasuo once she hits 6. Its actually a matchup that makes me want to get up and do something else (I play TB so I can't really avoid it), its just so frustrating seeing her 100-0 me with no way of fighting back after i zoned her and starved her of CS.
akali USED to hard counter yasuo, before she had her nerfs, after nerfs, a good yasuo will always beat akali. its not that akali rapes yasuo, its that you are just not a great yasuo.
Townsa (NA)
: I agree with the others, I just don't think youre adapting to the meta. Ive had countless comebacks from vastly differing scores and winning 4v5's and it was based on teamwork. The teamwork aspect of league was never "taken out" or isn't "gone," you just haven't adapted to the meta, therefore, you feel as if you're not up-to-par with where the rest of the team is, causing a discrepancy in mechanical and analytical decisions/skills.
im not trying to be mean here by mentioning your elo, but from what I see, you say you have done 4v5's and many comebacks in ranked, but the thing you are missing is thats your elo, silver, is where the better player would usually win, even if they where to be behind at first, if the winning team dosnt close out the game, or dosnt know how, then the losing team obviously have a higher chance of winning in what i see. I see that you dont play normals, so you are blind to the side of going against someone far worse or far better then you. you might have countless comebacks, but thats because the people on the other team where not playing the meta right. though im not saying that comebacks cant or wont happen, its just a fact that this meta makes comebacks minimal, and if thats not what you see, then its either because the other team is incompetent, or you are good enough to use the fact that the other team cant close off the game as extra chances to win.
Baculus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rip Akali,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9ewEHloK,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-11-15T00:46:35.530+0000) > > are you telling me to adapt to no teamwork? league is based off teamwork my friend, not a single person being able to solo carry a game by getting 1 kill then making their team snowball that ends it before 20 every game. Your name makes me cry a lil. Former Akali mains unite.
: Idk, the game requires more teamwork than ever, considering it takes 5 people to take down Tryndamere or Yasuo.
NoPaxt (NA)
: Stop putting a square peg in a round hole. The meta is changing, change with it. Analyze, adapt, overcome....
are you telling me to adapt to no teamwork? league is based off teamwork my friend, not a single person being able to solo carry a game by getting 1 kill then making their team snowball that ends it before 20 every game.
Rioter Comments
Icyy (NA)
: Gotta love that Zed bug fix!
at least your main wasn't gutted and left to dry {{champion:84}} this is just me qq :<
Eggbread (NA)
: A Sudden Realization for the Heimerdinger Mains- New Hextech Gunblade
season 6, where hiem is better with hextech gunblade then akali{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: It would be great to see some examples of what you mean by this...
lux, morg mid and ori are support champions, yes they have damage, but if your team is behind, they are behind. they have little chance to solo carry but are great in utility and team fights.
: "Tanks are in, Lee isn't able to do everything any more. Suggestions?!" "We could nonchalantly tack on a % Bonus HP on his ult." "Fucking genius, promote this man!"
what happens when the tank meta is over :<
: I've honestly never seen that happen. Sure, I don't play Morg a lot, but that seems pretty uncommon.
but its also the fact that it happens on the one out of few champion that everyone says has a broken hit box that is the most frustrating part.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ser Garland,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ENXTBtRx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-08T19:42:45.861+0000) > > Or... OR... a bunch of lux mains re logged on to play their favourite champion after the buff. > > There's always going to be a couple of people who only play FoTM champs. But that margin is pretty small in the long stretch of things. > > Urgot is unpopular because of his looks.I bet you there are a ton more fans of Anime that play league, then fans of Wilfred Brimley in The Thing. > > Then there's champion identity. > > Ahri: She's a kite mage that you take mid. Simple mage build, nothing special, a flexible kit that anyone can understand and pick up. > > Urgot: he's an Anti-carry, anti-tank, anti-anti Marksman that you take... Top? Mid? Bottom? You build him tanky but he does a ton of damage, he scales well with... Mana? Urgot is all over the place. A lot of his success comes from a bunch of invisible stats that only experience Urgot players can understand. > > And that's why Ahri's more popular. The mobility meta only somewhat effects this. Ahri can kite endlessly with near zero counter play vs meele thats why ahri remains toxic
: > [{quoted}](name=BigPooStorm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=thNEAAzZ,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2015-09-11T21:06:12.011+0000) > > So what, now all the Tryndamere players who have invested thousands of games on him get their champ changed because you find him annoying and can't deal with him? LOL! How can you even make that argument? Who found mord annoying and yet look at how he was changed. Riot doesn't care about your "investment" into a champion.
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:67}} Edit: was not confirming nor denying the previous statement, just listing everyone I knew that had true damage in any form useable against champions.
anyone notice how those people are always in meta, minus elise and olaf because nerf, but they are coming back
: I have no issues with every player being a Cannon Minion.
and a new game mode was formed
: I don't have the right to play the game I play for fun, because I dislike playing games that are nearly impossible to win. That's what you said to me. I never said I wouldn't try, I said I don't want to try. I keep going if they say no, but it's a huge waste of time. I don't purposely throw games, because I don't want to play. It's not real life. It's a video game. What makes you think it's real life? I don't remember arguing with psychology about how our choices affect my game. I think if I'm a toxic ass hole in real life. I will be in game, simply because I am a person playing that game, and I make choices on how I treat my team mates. I never argued with that. Hmm... Lets take this in real life terms. You go to a park... You're forced to do something you don't want to, and other's agree with you. They don't want to do it either, but their are those 2 guys. That force everybody else to do it, even though nobody else wants to. See the problem? That doesn't happen in real life. Anybody can leave when they don't want to. In League you're forced to play a game that only 2 other people want to play. Forcing 3 other people into a situation that they don't want to be in.
its not a waste of time if you learn to get better for future games.
: > [{quoted}](name=dapcutscene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5vTyZlMz,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-20T00:50:57.171+0000) > > You have no idea what I've been through you arrogant ass hole. I work constantly you have no right to judge anybody without knowing them. I'm talking about a sense in a video game, where nobody wants to try, because everybody is so far behind, but some duo comes in and keeps saying no, because they can win, nobody else wants to play. Who cares? It's a team game. If you don't want the game to be "ruined" by other people only play with premades or just don't play. If you don't want to try when things go bad, don't play. You can keep throwing out the fallacy of equivocation and being semantic, but you will always be wrong. Dude, you can keep saying it isn't real life despite it being played by people with other people for 40 minutes on average. You can also keep arguing with proven psychology that says your choices and mentality in life reflect in games and vice versa. That's your choice bruh. IT doesn't matter if it's a game or not. You are still playing it, using the exact same mental processes you use for literally everything else. Chances are if you can't handle uncomfortable situations in a video game you can't handle them in Life.
this is 100% true. im not even lying, your personality in real life leaks onto league. you also tend to see more stubborn people in higher elo. 14-1 still not quitting!
: Win streaks -> Loss streaks -> Win streaks...
after you lose 2 games, stop. take a break. or if you always look at your match history and think it matters that much that it effects the game you are about to play, just dont look at your match history dont focus on the wins or the loses, focus on doing and getting better and league.
Velasan (NA)
: Best way to play Zac?
right now in this meta, I have lost 1 plat game to a jungle zac that's build was (AP jungler item, Zonyas, tank items) he really did carry, i think building him ap and ganking squishy lanes is strong because of his amazing jump range, no one has played against zac for so long we kept on getting cought on and ulted just to die from him 2 ap items, then all tank, carry game if good
Lemons22 (NA)
: Anyone Else Feel like There Are Less Close Games?
its because the jungle xp changes. I don't think riot really understood what they did when they did that. one team is winning, they ward enemy jungle and take jungle creeps while denying the enemy xp, and slowly getting up to 5 dragons causes a snowball that pushes one lane usually top or mid to be ahead by 3 or 4 levels. its something I have never seen in league before. its horrible because its in the tank meta so tanks are going to be doing more damage faster because of the level advantage.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: You want to raise her sustain? It's the most problematic part of her kit! That's what makes her kill or be killed with no middle ground and prevents her from getting meaningful buffs/changes. Spellvamp needs to go. Only then we can discuss whenever she should have any kind of heal in her kit and which part of it could use a change or a buff. I for once really liked somebody's suggestion for her Shroud to have ammo system like Vel'Koz Void Rift and make it work like Graves' Smoke Screen - reducing your vision, but revealing Akali if you are standing in the same Shroud she does.
it seems you don't understand that because of hex tech she does less damage, people pick it because it the most cost effective but akali goes deathcap first she would do more damage. deathcap=more damage/less spellvamp hextech=lessdamage/more spellvamp
: When are smurfs going to be dealt with?
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