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Champnu (NA)
: I log in stuck in spectator mode
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: What do I do vs Garen as a melee?
Just be Darius and call it a day
: A game cannot grow bigger forever
I predict that League is about to get bigger than ever before.
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: Let's talk voli
Who? Oh man I thought that was a weird, useless, cannon minion!
SHerv (NA)
: Ranking the Greatest Champions to Grind on Ranked Solo/Duo to Diamond
In a few years we will all be diamond. So just sit back and do nothing. Riot will keep making new tiers to make people feel better and diamond will be the new bronze!
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: Quality Ranked Matchmaking by RIOT
they're trying to figure out how to get 50% winrate from red side. red side is a death sentence . . . especially at lower elo
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MS exceI (EUNE)
: What happens once every champ got an updated bio?
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