: For once an ADC item gets used by another class and people whine about it.
remember when gage first got released and it was useless on bruisers but busted as all hell on adcs. or the leathility meta which was designed around assassins and champs like mf and jhin abused the living hell out of leathility till it was nerfed. god forbid the one time an item for "adcs" doesn't get used right
Kuzja1 (NA)
: The worst part about All Random in general, not just ARURF, is that it's not really random. It just gives you the same champion three times in a row. Maybe even more. That's why I couldn't play it anymore.
> [{quoted}](name=Kuzja1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LWmoVA7l,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-05-28T01:31:10.176+0000) > > The worst part about All Random in general, not just ARURF, is that it's not really random. It just gives you the same champion three times in a row. Maybe even more. That's why I couldn't play it anymore. forreal ive had a swain every in every game ive played, and i havent seen a good 50% of champs. this isnt even close to "random"
: Meanwhile, I saved 8k BE and simply waiting for him to go live...
> [{quoted}](name=Sugarlicious,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aM1EG6Ec,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-27T17:10:07.698+0000) > > Meanwhile, I saved 8k BE and simply waiting for him to go live... bruh i have over 3 million BE i wish i could share
: Jungle is Worse than Ever
after playing on pbe for a bit, all i can say is right now jungle is awful. god forbid you pick a tank or a scaling champion. they got a lee or xin? well your fucked now cause you gonna be sitting there 3 levels behind 3k behind in gold and useless as a sack of rocks
: The Void is a horrific, inhospitable dimension, where presumably monsters like Cho'gath, Kha'zix and Rek'sai are commonplace. A plane of existence so alien that _looking into it_ drives mortals insane. This is new lore, not just old. The fact that she survived that world (FOR YEARS) and somehow emerged with the disposition of a bored starbucks cashier is the most cartoonish thing I can think of.
ive always thought of the void as W40k's warp. a place so twisted and horrible that it drives most people insane, or it just straight up kills you.
: nope. assasins will become unviable if this happens {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
pretty much if it gets gutted talon/other assassins would probably drop to 45% win rate. duskblade is the only thing keeping assassins sorta viable right now
: That would be pretty cool, I wouldn't care if it was tied to blood moon or not, just a big tank only fights would be intense and probably fun
> [{quoted}](name=ßoats and Hoes,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AK26IQZF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-09T16:38:48.464+0000) > > That would be pretty cool, I wouldn't care if it was tied to blood moon or not, just a big tank only fights would be intense and probably fun could call it battle of the titans. id love to see epic tank battles where it takes like 2 minutes to kill 1 guy
: turrents need 25% hp true damage, 3rd hit onward thats all, we don't need to complicate this shit any more than that...
to be fair 25% hp true damage would be brutal and make sieging really hard. but towers do need a damage buff either armor pen or to deal mixed damage.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Now if only toplaners were viable in the toplane.
ill have you know aatrox is pretty viable top... jk hes not. he isnt bad in jungle however but foreal the loss of certain runes for juggernauts made toplane an absolute shitfest
: Like?
veigar comet is no where near as good as deathfire/stormraiders for him, viktor loss of death fire made his early game even weaker, morde got hit hard with the loss of stormraiders, ect. a lot of champion were balanced around old keystones and with the loss some champions got hit hard. also rene and darius have no keystone all of them just feel so awkward to use on them.
Skelenth (EUW)
: "I'm Gold by the way."
Raw (NA)
: Today is my birthday and this just came in the mail.
do you link that signature everytime or do you just have a macro?
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: That's what you get by allowing 13- year olds play an online competitive game. I can imagine the kid's parents called him to eat and then it would probably be game time over, so he tried to maybe bust another game.
bruh, kids/teens are the main demographic of video games. just because basement dwellers can play games all day doesn't mean everyone else is a basement dweller.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FireDrizzle,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=fEe5X4kE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-24T12:57:50.056+0000) > > I doubt earting or not eating during your match was life and death. Most people are fat enough to survive weeks of no eating. You obviously dont have scary mom. Not going to eat when she calls can turn into life and death situation.
forreal, if your mom says come here you go there... or else you might just die
: I think RIOT is unhappy with her kit and they plan on giving her a smaller (maybe even bigger) rework in some future so they don't want to make any major skin for her that may have to be redone in the following 12 months. At least thats my opinion, since Kindred's design is absolutely gorgeous and I love their their visual and voiceover, but the gameplay is so bland, boring and stat-checky that she doesn't have the potential to be balanced atm imo.
yeah ever since her mini "rework" on her passive shes in a worse place then pre rework. her base damage and scalling is abysmal, and her ult almost feels out of place for a champion her style( also everytime ive played her, her ult screws me more then the enemy).
GigglesO (NA)
: That isn't even that bad. https://imgur.com/6FYthfW
still not as bad as duskblade and dark harvest users. nothing like touching a bush and exploding
Durzaka (NA)
: First, thats only counting the 5 gold from the proc, and not the sacks of gold that are fairly common "drops" from the rune itself. Even then, 400 Qs in a single game is not THAT unrealistic, depending on the length of the game. Even assuming lets say 200 Qs over the course of an entire game, with a 15% chance for a sack of gold, which average 75 gold per drop. Thats 30 sacks of gold. With the average comes out to 2250. So that right there is no even including the 1000 gold he got from +5 gold per hit. So yeah, OP was actually on the lowside. Ezreal only needs to land like 75 Qs in a game to get 2000 gold from Klepto.
and those sack of gold drops rates are absurd. you're almost always gonna get 60 or more gold from them. hell ive gotten 100 gold 4 times in a row from them.
: What people think the faces of Riven mains look like
http://i.imgur.com/36IfeGS.gif nah i always thought rivens mains looked like this
: > [{quoted}](name=Aeszarck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HHEazJEJ,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2017-12-20T04:14:54.677+0000) > > They're substantially faster and much more one-sided. I'm looking back at my match history and its pretty much the same times as a regular game. Old URF sure, much faster, but in snowbally preseason meta, I'm not seeing much difference.
forreal man. in normals games a twitch/mf and their support get even 2 kills its gg at 15/20 minutes( hyper carry mid also can become unkillable if they get backup). in Arurf you can atleast fight back kinda till 20/25 minute mark, unless you get useless champs and they get syndra/kassawin then its game over at 13 minutes.
: Lesser aatrox main here but we will change the tide of the meta... I can dream
> [{quoted}](name=Boulderox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0Av14Gdd,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-19T17:32:31.425+0000) > > Lesser aatrox main here but we will change the tide of the meta... > I can dream same man. anytime i see another person play aatrox and only use healing w it makes me cry. but forreal ive been playing around with him a bit and his level 3 all in with e-q-damage w with lethal tempo/press the attack makes him scary AF
shicky97 (NA)
: Anybody else feel really squishy right now?
yeah damage is a little to high. i played talon and the enemy sion i was able to burst down faster then our adc. he had over 200 armor
Tortunga (EUW)
: They buffed lethality on items for Gods know what reason, created a small rune that gives 10 more whenever you use a dash/stealth, changed thunderlords to Electrocute with more damage and turning it in adaptive damage (So it benefits from lethality as an AD champion), didn't gave half of the champion pool more base armour, and created terrible defensive rune options. What did they think was going to happen...
wait hold on the electrocute works with lethality? no wonder i was getting nuked by zed and jhin
: Fairly certain you can all relate
ya'll complain about nasus's slow but you guys all seem to forget about Zilean and his 99% 2.5 sec slow he can reset the cd on
: Try a different keyboard to see if that one is faulty.
will try soon, need to wait till around 8 my time till i can go to the store. update: got a new keyboard and it didnt fix it, but i did find what was causing it. i had a script i use with ahk that some how was turning on while playing league. ive disabled the script and no more ctrl key stuck issue
: I have you tried rolling you face on repetitively until it starts working? its what I do when somtime my screen becomes screen locked and somehow that fixes it after like 4 seconds of rolling. "press y" yeah no shit but its something else causing it otherwise I wouldn't be pushing everybutton with my face. PS this is a legitimate suggestion to fix it. you may flash if its up.... but hey at least you can click. if it works.
actually i did this in my last game after it happened i just started mashing all the buttons and somehow i could play for another 5 minutes before it happened again
Rioter Comments
bàn (NA)
: They wanted URF not ARURF. At least with URF you can fight cancer with cancer but in this mode its a literal diceroll to who has the most obnoxious team.
for real nothing is more depressing then when you roll only crap champions or get or roll nunu/tahm constantly. you get shit while the other team got zed, fiora and syndra now that's fun to play against
Rioter Comments
: I never liked shadow because sure you can kil someone but then you have no out kost of the time and without the built in cc and sustain of rhaast then your gonna get blown up.
yeah. shadow is very strong in killing a lone adc but once team fights start you're useless, sure you could kill the adc but once you go in you get cc-ed and have no escape so you die
: {{champion:80}}
he spams his q for almost no mana, his point and click stun is bs, his passive lets him dive with almost no issues at level 4 his passive crit makes him a sustain monster in lane and early game broken he is way worse than fiora if he gets ahead. if you do manage to beat him he just roams and nukes you mid/bot lane then he stacks leathility and armor shred and his q and e combo does ridiculous damage i really hate pantheon
: Actually doesn't matter. His items suck and his base stats suck.
hes pretty shit once you reach gold/plat but hes really strong in low elo or where no one knows how to fight him. also the damage reduction build on him {{item:3812}} and {{item:3046}} is broken
Terozu (NA)
: Ever build ad as blitz? It's fucking scary...
critcrank is horrifing double ad on his e makes him able to actually one shot
Langhof (NA)
: This may not be a popular opinion, but I don't think saying "ggez" should be a reportable offense. I mean, yeah it pisses me off too. And it's definitely not the classiest way to go out of a victory. But it's also not a personal attack on you and does not insult your character, they're just gloating because you either got stomped or they won a close game and just want to tilt you. Either way, it's just a video game man. A little trash talk about winning a game is a lot less harmful than telling someone they are garbage or to kill themselves, in my opinion.
people just get triggered by anything really. forreal a little trash talk wont hurt but calling someone racial slurs or other things is a lot worse than "ggez"
Rioter Comments
: HAHAHAH what. These boards are so polar. People were complaining about how shit he feels so they buff him and now people don't even want him viable. Of course riot's gonna buff him, he was undertuned.
im pretty sure if the boards got their way every champion would be as strong as a melee minion.
: When you're support roster looks like this
: @Riot, give us a SENSIBLE reason why you won't let us permanently change our announcer voice.
voice packs could maybe end up happening with the new client. as i think riot even said they coundnt do really anything with the old client in terms of features
: {{item:3026}} {{item:3812}} is a really stupid combination on a lot of fighters and assassins
graves with {{item:3026}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} is ridiculously oppressive right now. he will hit like a truck and tank better than most tanks can. also darius with {{item:3026}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3812}} is horrifying if he gets slightly ahead
: Ok, can we disable people playing champions they've never played before in ranked?
probably wound not turn out well. most tanks and some other champions are piss easy to not feed on and do somewhat well on. but something like this would be nice to prevent someone from deciding to play azir for the first time in ranked
: there are definitely going to be some serious abuse cases for it I would say {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} will be the worst offenders
{{champion:122}} is horrifying with it. he'll dive your whole team maybe kill a squishy or 2 die then come back and heal him self with q and dive you again. bruisers in general are scary right now with the gage buffs and ad on guardian angel makes then hit harder then they use too.
: The subject of the boards autistic screeching has shifted to ivern I see, good to see that you all are at least consistent with how foolish you are.
this is some great r/imverysmart stuff. but you are right its like each day has its own champion the boards are gonna cry about for a day than forgot about the next.
: buying skins is stupid af imo. i always laugh and pity the people saying they spent 1k $ on skins like wtf
Not really that stupid unless you're broke. If i have some extra money and there's a skin i want ill get it. Over 4 years paying 10$-30$ every once and while really adds up (ive spent ~600$). Also i have played for about 1k hours so its worth it imo
: The worst part? I started playing Azir in 5.24.
that's some dedication, Jesus.
: Meanwhile, I put support primary and _regularly don't get it._
chose support as primary role and fill as secondary some how get mid. even better when the guy who got support wants mid
: When the supports get in a fight
then there's {{champion:223}} support. nothing like going into a 1v2 as the support and coming out with a double kill
Bui (NA)
: Account Permanently Suspended for 3rd party programs or modifications? Never used before.
alot of 3rd party application perma bans all of sudden. my level 23 account got banned the other day for third party applications (it was only for playing with my new friend) still only played 1-3 games a week on it though. the closet thing to a third party app i have is razer synapse. unless me using the button on the side of my mouse for pushing 6 and 7 counts as third party.
DropFill (NA)
: This season's balance is the worst BY FAR
i love how riot had to buff {{champion:5}} (who has fine) now if he maxes w he does stupid amounts of damage. the balance seems to have gone down hill since the juggernauts.
Rioter Comments
Kyryck (NA)
: Riot, you think these are exciting games?
35 second death timer at 16 minutes in is a bit stupid IMO, if you hit the 35-40 minute mark death timers become stupidly long
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