: > [{quoted}](name=PopcornBunni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E4cN77aQ,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-02-21T02:18:04.655+0000) > > {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3006}} > > :D Maybe replace {{item:3072}} with {{item:3812}}?
{{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3006}} {{item:1052}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3116}}
: Leveling Skills
I guess its a trade-off of do I want a few mediocre abilities more often or one heavy hitter as often as possible. Now I wonder if this was Riot's intended design or something that caught on. I also wonder if certain champs this isn't an optimal play-style. Are there any champs you wouldn't max a single ability first?
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: When did being friendly and positive become a bad thing?
Honest answer... It's not that you're positive but tldr. You gotta get to the point no one wants to read a novel. You do seem genuinely nice though.
: I feel pretty good. Need some peanut butter to go with that jelly?
Need some purpose to go with that void in your life? Food for thought...
adidas (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hidden Gem,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pBRrft4L,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-01T22:36:41.756+0000) > > Well, not everything in life you're going to enjoy to succeed in getting your dream job. School is a prime example of this because everybody hates school, but everyone wants to be doctors or engineers. School is the first step towards achieving that, so of course you're going to want to do other hobbies over doing the steps to achieve your dream job. > > However, in the long run if you work towards your passion it's much more satisfying and extremely worth it, but you can still keep your hobbies without throwing them away if you keep them under control. > > If this is about controlling your hobbies and not letting stuff get in the way of your overall goal. I totally agree with you, but you don't have to throw away all fun for them. Unless you're working towards becoming the best. yeah you're definitly right. It just sucks behind 2-3 years behind in college compared to your best friend who started when you did just because ''games'' you know?
Harsh truth, if you listen to these people you're gonna fuck yourself worse than you already have... No offense.
: I've been addicted to League for years. Own a house, have a job and have more girls than most people will in their entire lives.
: I agree. I finally have started working on playing only a little bit a day, it's difficult but worth it. HONOR CHOIRS HERE I COME
Cold turkey. You won't regret it after a week. I promise
: tbh I'm sorry for your fate Chrio... Games are not meant for everyone and the pure fact you're feeling all of this about it just means the games are not maybe your passion. One you'd want to make a life of. But who are you to tell others to live tho? Thank you for looking out for those whom wish for other things in life other then games. Games can be horrible distractions when the subject at hand wishes to make something else of their lifes. For me, I play all day everyday. I may not be the best, I may not have made a "right" decision in your eyes or anyone elses. All I know for sure is, do not bother freaking yourself out like that. You know what you want, and so you must do it. Looking at it like that may help some, but for you I'm really just not sure if the influences around you tainted your views on gaming.... or if this is genuinely you, and if it is you must go by what your heart and mind tell you. No addiction is powerful enough to sway the mind forever unless such mind is feeble and losted without hope enough to believe they cannot do it. I believe in you, and anyone else out there that wishes to break away from the addiction of gaming. Do not however see it as a waste of time, if you're continuely learning the game, taking advice and scaling. You must find the team that works with you, be it pro or not. Then seek the means of turning dreams and goals to reality but none the less if thats not what you want then like you said Finish schooling and get that degree or whatever at 25+. Don't compare yourself to anothers accomplishments. Accept your assumed flaws and work past them. Either way thank you if you read this and if you see me wrong disregard this, I'm only here because it makes me unimaginably sad to see someone think this way.
This kid is 100% wrong. I just went through the same shit bro. League to WoW with some Diablo mixed it. Graduated college with Mech Eng degree in 7 years after changing majors 4x and smoking way too much pot. Since breaking away I've had 2 huge career moves, hit the gym daily, rekindled a ton of long lost friendships, and realized that addiction will always be there. Otherwise I wouldn't be on the forums commenting right now. It's gonna be a constant battle but homie you gotta be strong, mentally, physically, and spiritually to overcome the hype. Keep busy and always remind yourself it has and will never benefit you or your loved ones in any way. Namaste.
: there is a difference between "my wave is not set up for me to farm in the most efficient way" (because let's face it wave management only matters if you can properly last hit in the first place) and "I didn't start with the correct runes/masteries/camp and now I am going to be 3-4 levels down for the remainder of the game", and I think you know this. It's much harder to lose lane as a function of wave management than it is to fail at jungle, ESPECIALLY if you don't have any experience with the game.
But the tutorial doesn't need to be that complicated! It's not like the current tutorial explains orb walking or animation canceling either but besides thornmail ashe pretty much gets the point across. Jung tutorial could just explain smite buffs and the importance of vision control imo.
: Orianna knows how to turn Blitzcrank on
Nah she's just really good at polishing metallic balls.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Some new VO popped up on the PBE talking to the Jungle Monsters
What if he jungles... without killing them? Like friendly meter or something weird af like that...
: Trynd benefits more from second IE than PD...
So very wrong.... This was painful to read
: What Shaco taught me about Sight & Stealth
Frost queen claim was a step in the right direction as well with the ghosts that slow. Visibility utility is a powerful under implemented design that Rito needs to include more.
: > [{quoted}](name=Best1v1NA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ccq8EyrG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-27T01:30:25.890+0000) > > Learn the range? /thread Yeah, this is the problem/issue. Taliyah is a no-skill champ, the only drawback being having to learn how to put the cursor and drag it within the range. Any change to this, i.e., allowing max range when beyond max range means Taliyah is %110 picked banned.
Not to mention it's nothing like J4 flag... Flag was changed so baddies could panic escape. If you did this to Taliyah you'd just miss and complain the range isn't big enough... If anything it should just fault of you're beyond range or just leave it be.
Hibeki (NA)
: There is such a thing of having TOO MUCH to play around
Being bad isn't an excuse. Plus your comment is racist... Most people don't have a problem, L2P. Filthy casual
Zendrô (NA)
: Please for the love of Teemo let Taliyah cast W at max Range INSTEAD of moving her move towards it
: Hey, would you mind breaking down the Team's thoughts on Nasus for me? I realize you kinda answered with your comment on riskier buffs, but it feels like Nasus no longer has a "Niche" anymore for a team to pick him, whether it is competitive or just pubs, there is not a time I look at Nasus and don't think, "Yeah I could play him, but Darius is easier to win with than him". Which is sad for me, because Nasus is my favorite champ of all time and it just feels like with the creation of the Juggernauts, Nasus's role of a slow, lumbering tanky dude that dishes out huge damage is now a class quality, and his claim to fame of infinite Q stacking gets cast to only being used on towers because he can no longer teamfight anymore. It feels like he needs a minor kit rework to modernize him, similar to what Annie got at the Mage Update. I appreciate any thoughts, even if its a simple: "We don't feel like Nasus needs any buffs/nerfs"
Consider this, during ult Wither turns into a leap that slows on impact but using it reduces ult duration by some %max. If there's not enough time left it adds to post CD instead and ends ult on impact.
: Instead of hearing we were right, I'd prefer to hear we won't be disregarded next time
Cool story. You seem like a smart guy, why don't you apply to Riot if you're so passionate about it. That's the only way you'll be able to make meaningful change.
: {{champion:223}} Tongue Ash Effect: Puts Tryndamere on tilt.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Going Void Staff over Rabadon's is costing you 82 AP but you know you made the wrong choice when you literally skip Void Staff based only on how much AP you can get out of it. The more MR the target has, the more AP you get is actually losing you more damage. Which means Athene's is a situational item. You'd buy it first on champs that have a great synergy with it's unique effect and then on champions that use a lot of mana. Buying this + 1 Doran's eliminates your mana problems and saves you 1050g, as opposed to buying a Morello's and 2 Doran's.
Totally agree. What this "wood tier pleb" doesn't understand is that just damage stacking isn't ideal. You need enough damage to be effective yes but overkill is useless. As lux you gain health and mana sustain and a team heal with damage. Then you can go into rabadon or void.
Tonyob20 (EUW)
: Wait what? Refresh that story please :D
Tldr, This guy was a featured lol streamer who mained Ryze. Was controversially perma banned for gaming matchmaking with a friend in plat to insure penalty free dodges etc. They named the item after him before all this happened and never changed it because it was core on Ryze. Imo he's a douche like Tyler 1 and got what he deserved, check him on YouTube.
: @Riot, now that you are going to release an arcade skin for Ezreal with all new VFX...
All I want is for them to fix pfe auto animation. It's awkward
: downvoting me for my religious beliefs? seriously can one not simply praise his creator without seeing people look at me with distain? glory to allah for he is the one true god of heaven AND earth! no matter what you think about my name or my religious beliefs if you cannot see my words for what they are then you have a very narrow mind set. glory to allah
Lmao technically they didn't pubstomp anyone bc they qued as 3 vs bots with xp boost. Argument invalid. Also have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior? Cuz you need Jesus...
: The secret strongest CC that had destroyed tons and tons of players
The fact that our own minions creepblock is irritates me. I get the enemy team blocking but ours should move out the way
: It doesn't make sense that you should have to play the crafting minigame and cough up even more RP just for a marker that shows you bought the skin on release week. I never liked this RNG crafting system and unfortunately I think it's only going to become more invasive
Yet another fuck our player base move by Rito... Why do we need to do these min max calculations for a esthetic content? And I get why your pricing scheme is the way it is but frankly intentionally forcing bad remainders feels like a slap in my face and I won't be participating because of it.
: Not forced to, you can beat Yasuo playing pretty much any pick if you are good enough. If he doesn't want to improve, then what can they do besides pick the hardest counter?
So true! Auto good shield then burst. Start your combo with the skillshot to bait the wall then dumpster him. Stay away from your minions and if he dives you he has no way out.
: Two? {{champion:126}} {{champion:157}} isn't counted if that's who you're referring
Yeah forgot about Jayce. That makes 3, yasuo morde Jayce.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: I like to consider CertainlyT a great designer... Botlane Mordekaiser... Was ambotious... Too ambitious... Ambitious to the point where it was kinda really stupid... Kinda really, really fucking stupid... BUT. He does get a Dargen :3
Anyone else find it ironic he designed two melee adc Champs for bot Lane? It's like he's trying to forcibly change the meta or something...
Danjeng (NA)
: Do not buff Ryze yet
This! Rito plz... Tips, don't level ult till 10/11. Weqeqqeqerrqeqwwww. Don't rush tear for the love of God! It gives no sustain and only 3% mana compared to 45% ap ratios. Proto belt rush op into Arcangel and rabadon pretty strong right now. Burst: qeqwqeq Locked&Shield&Speed: qewqeq Put e on caster minion then spread and q for easiest wave clear and harass if their near.
: This may sound weird...but have Kalista and Azir already reached a point where they need reworks?
Obvious case of L2Play scrubs... Let's rework perfectly good champions because I'm not smart enough to play around their strengths or abuse their weaknesses. Azir is oppressive in Lane but can't both push lane and secure kills if you bait his q or force his e. Mid game assassinate his ass and force the ult. Kalista dodge the q and burst before she stacks e. Only nerf would be to buff cleanse to counter stacks, if anything!
: thanks for the feedback man. Yeah I tend to play extremely conservative. Sometimes I feel like that bites me in the ass though like i'll play too safe and maybe if i would have taken a few more risk I could have changed the outcome.
Add me, I'm around Monday through Thursday. We can duo and I'll show ya how to carry.
: I'm just not a good player
Macro knowledge is everything. Constantly keep enemy map position on your mind and ward when they're all accountant for. Control a quadrant and use pinks more. Epic outplays, although boss, doesn't win games so play conservatively until you know you can definitely out trade. Maximize your burst without going all in until you can guarantee the kill or force them back but don't get heal baited... :P
Cätbus (NA)
: Can we take Athenes off the recommended build for offensive mages?
I love the irony though. They design an item and name it after someone known for their Ryze gameplay, then after a falling out gut it and make it unusable by Ryze...
Astôlfo (NA)
: They were meant to be applied with melee autoattacks? Like Cleaver for example? They weren't designed for ranged ADCs to just shred armor early on at long range.
I like the option of having different build paths across all roles. Otherwise why give the illusion of choice and just give me items when I hit the gold requirement? You guys identified the real issue though, arm pen reduces base armor not bonus armor that's why it's so efficient. Most of these items double dip meaning they reduce resistance while also giving damage. All penetration should only reduce bonus resistances capped at current base resistance.
: Who's the most fun champion to play?
{{champion:163}} Surf the net, on the net! Plus the outplay potential is disgusting!
: hint: phantom dancer breaks him. stop trying to build static shiv
This. Windwall is just too op. If Windwall only stopped ONE ability or lasted 1/2 the current duration I'd say sure, buff him. But as it stands he's too mobile with CC and an impenetrable wall... He's broken imo.
genya03 (NA)
: It's alright for Ryze, but he doesn't auto/basic like other mages do.
You're leaving a lot of damage on the table if you don't auto with a ranged champion. His AA range is the same as his ability range. Actually I was playing with this retarded build and had HUGE success, haven't optimized the build path though. {{item:3508}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3009}} Your autos crit and heal. You get 40% CDR. Mana and HP Regen. 12% Damage Reduction. Spell damage from mana and AD from mana. A slow active. Idk its pretty crazy. Only issue is I'm having trouble identifying power spikes. I'm running AD Marks, Armor or Mana Seals, AP Glyphs, & AS Quints. 18/12/0 Fervor. Thoughts? INB4 No {{item:3100}} : It can be put in replace of {{item:3065}} but I dont like going without any defensives.
genya03 (NA)
: Has anyone thought of buying Lich Bane?
Try it on ryze, weird I know but it's pretty legit for poke pushing and cdr
CeexSett (EUW)
: It's pretty skewed, actually. 1/3/31 game with multiple wards placed and destroyed, was a 40 minute game, got A. 4/3/13 game, was a 25 minute stomp, got an S.
KS More... Tower Participation... CS has to be like 2 Standard Deviations away from the mean as well. I think as time goes on S will be harder to get because as more people play games the average statistics will skew upwards though. When it first came out I got S almost every game...
karruck (NA)
: did you notice all the stuff with the new hextec materials.......includes power cores and blueprints....wanna take a guess on how you get those project skins?
: Taliyah W question
As a Taliyah main I disagree. Just learn to smartcast it by holding down then releasing it's 1000x better. It really opens up options to let you w > q > e then protobelt to the face for the instagibb.
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Tikail (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=cinomenapplebae,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vIopMRx4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-26T22:13:03.848+0000) > > 100 cs by 10 mins is really hard Even most pro players have a hard time doing 100 cs by 10 mins. It's more like 75-90 even for most challenger tier players. That being said, you back when you feel it's the best. I usually ask myself: Am I ahead in CS? Kills? Objectives? Do I need pots? Will my buys push me further ahead at this moment in time or will the time spent out of lane even us out or put me behind? Usually if two of those are yes, I'll back and buy.
Thanks for the reply. I'm kind of looking for like how much gold I should have by a certain time to help figure out power spikes...
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: tagteam Decakill.. the( 2v2v2v2v2v2)*2 constant fight game mode
This is a cool idea but Rito are lazy ducks so here's my suggestion... Last team standing in dominion where you have lives instead of infinite respawn but no death times. 5 teams of 2 and turrets are your base, buffed towers like the one in Def not Dom.
: Pokemon Go has made me exercise more
Meh knowing Riot it'd just be another unsupported RGM
: You know you can edit posts... right? EDIT: never mind I'm not paying attention...
He got it right the first time
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