: I Want You to Give an Honest Evaluation
when people say "are they fun to play against" they actually mean is "is there a meanful way you can interact with this person that isnt so obseanly one sided in their favour" for example people find yasuo insanely unfun to play against because outplaying the yasuo almost always comes down to the yasuo fucking up and not you mechanically besting him. he has access to everything with his only downside being how good the person playing him is. see now if the game wasnt such a balance nightmare right now this wouldnt be an issue nor be brought up nearly as often. as the game was previously even a hard counter wasnt just impossible to play against, there was always SOMETHING you could do. but as the game is right now a hard counter isnt just an auto lose lane, you can do next to nothing to interact with them
: >stats: 55 Armour 50 magic resist 350hp +150% base hp regen Best tank item in the game.
apparently a typo go through rip me
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Quáx (NA)
: Udyr VFX proposal.
ps1 is far too generous udyrs base skin is more like a Sega Saturn model, with Dorito claws
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: Game Crash for MANY just now
just had 8 people dc in my last game
: The LoL Client is disgusting garbage and badly needs to be fixed
i have the client crash daily while simply being open in the backround. im doing nothing with it, its just open and it crashes. when can we have the legacy client back
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: Supp role: Taking over your pings
not excusing the malz for not using pings correctly but theres no way malz is going to be able to match lb in roaming. its just not going to happen. the correct play for malz there is to literally just shove in the wave really fucking hard and take towers.
: The skin is of a good quality, but people have too high expectations for Ivern's skin because he hasn't had any skins since his release. I don't think it's a quality issue but a taste issue, which is a big difference.
its that and there other a bunch of other champions that would fit the dunkmaster skinline so much better
: or what if flash was removed? cause buffing other spells to be a resonable choice instead of flash on most champs would require to make the absurdly powerfull, mostly because flash can be used agressively and defensivly and both situations it's giving instant results makeing it easy judge wether you should use it. it's much harder to judge wether ghost will be enough to chase down you're opponent or wether barrier really shields enough damage to survive in a given situation.
the grand majority of the game has been balanced and designed with flash in mind, removing it will not only make a ton of champions outright unviable if not so outrageously unfavorable to play but give specific sides of the map a massive safety advantage. if you were to remove flash you would have to fundamentally rebalance and redesign the grand majority of the game
mack9112 (NA)
: what champions do you feel do too much damage and in what situations
see [this](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/) page for a comprehensive guide to which champions do too much damage
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: What do you propose Riot do regarding CC then, OP? Should they remove all CC? That would require reworks to a large chunk of the champion pool we have currently. Should they add diminishing returns so CC can’t be stacked one after the other and still have their full duration? What do you do with items like {{item:3139}} {{item:3222}} then? Do you change how they function? What about {{summoner:1}} ? Do you remove it for a new summoner spell?
how about we just lower the fucking damage so the power of cc isnt exemplified by the staggeringly low time to kill
: What is Bard?
as far as im concerned hes a haunted pile of blankets and pillows. but from what i understand hes a celestial like our boi {{champion:136}} but is involved more with keeping worlds from annihilating themselves than anything else.
: When ppl say “i fu**ing hate this game it’s garbage” and complain on boards but still play it.
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Terozu (NA)
: So since Kayle becomes unmasked in game by default. Can unmasked become Armored Kayle?
inb4 unmasked kayle just becomes kayle wearing entirely casual clothing ᵗᵇʰ ᶦ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈⁿᵗ ᵉᵛᵉⁿ ᵇᵉ ᵐᵃᵈ
: You forgot a third thing. Supports gain too much income. Way too much. Champions that used to be mid laners, ({{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} ) Are all seeing play as supports, and due to this, they are getting nerfed out of mid. This didn't start happening until Riot kept increasing support item income. Now they have the safety of a secondary laner, whilst being able to just bully enemies out of lane, and get rewarded for it. The fact that comboing Spellthiefs/Ancient Coin with Klepto is netting them more income than a perfectly CS'ing lane opponent shows that these items are overtuned. Now the hotfix has further increased their income.
i get your point but morgana annie lux and zyra were being picked long before supports had even slightly decent income. annie has had her long range autos and while not "on demand" a very strong stun that basically cant miss. morg with her long as hell root+spellshield+ult made her a obvious support pick, even if her income was gutted she would still be picked. lux is just a kill lane with some utlity, would still be picked regardless of income. just not as often. zyras in lane poke is strong as hell and her teamfight potential is HUGE, even if her income was gutted she would still be picked. just build differently. brand and them though? yea get them the fuck outa here. at best they should be some dumb cheesy pick. not regularly seen.
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: Anyone been finding success with new Stormrazor?
i seen a cait get some good success with it. she got it pretty far down the line. but she got some long range nukes out of it, build was something like {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3072}} could prob make it work with sivir getting shiv, instant wave clear
Naalith (NA)
: ... did pre rework gp support play like an enchanter? Am I missing something lol?
yes and no, his E gave everyone flat AD and movespeed near him when he cast it. the real magic was the way everything (at the time) interacted with each other. because the way a bunch of items interacted + passives/masterys gp would make a ton of gold if played right making him able to get items quick. basically his passive was a sacking slow and some small dot his Q which isnt much different than it is now used to refund mana on kill and apply his passive the thing is there was a mastery called "bandit" at the time which gave gold after auto attacking a champ, 3 for ranged 15 for melee. his Q is considered melee. you would also be getting an item called [avarice blade](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Avarice_Blade) and targons, resulting you getting something like 40 gold for executing a minion with q his W isnt that much diffrent than now but it had a 360hp +100% ap ratio since you would get iceborn(which gave 60 ap at the time) and spirit vistage you would heal something like 700 hp. it made you stupidly hard to kill and lock down. e dint have any scailings but it would effectively always be up at 45% cdr ult did some good damage over the duration at a pretty low cd but it gave you global influence letting you help in ganks and skirmishes. the build would generally be {{item:3309}}(may be sold depending on how the game is going) sightstone {{item:3173}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3065}}maybe {{item:3031}} (dependant on game) TLDR: kinda, E gave team useful stats but he just made a fuckton of gold while perma slowing people and being hard as hell to kill
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: > [{quoted}](name=ZackTheWaffleMan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jFmbKoLx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-22T20:12:20.854+0000) > > Don't forget Beeona and Master Bee and Beeko Bee Sin
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GSzlqcK9CM :V
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: ***
last i checked the base minimum for kindness or respect was to not be a piece of shit towards others but apparently thats too hard for you people. a competitive environment is not a free pass to act like a turd, in any other competitive setting anyone behaving like you people regularly do would be heavily fined and removed from the game.
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: Poppy used to be able to push Baron on release. That might be what caused this little situation.
blitz could hook drag and baron out of their pits too if i remember correctly
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: Riot usually picks their brains coming up with amazing champion designs
if i remember correctly zacs sounds were made by filling a condom with wet dogfood and throwing it at a wall :^)
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: why is lu lu considered bad?
ironically in a meta where she should be top tier shes garbage due to the sheer amount of damage being thrown around. even if you time her ult shield and polymorph perfectly whoever youre using it to save is still going to get insta-gibbed. (also like her numbers got hit pretty hard a while back)
mkiller5 (NA)
: While true that landing combo will get you a cleaner kill, even back in season 4 you didn't need to land the entire thing as Rengar to insta-kill someone Look at this video. RENGAR COULD ALWAYS ONE SHOT YOU being able to one shot somebody is NOT new to rengar. THIS VIDEO is from SEASON 4 and LOOK AT THAT DAMAGE! https://youtu.be/yOGDFOeuVlM People always forget that high amount of damage was always in league.... the only difference between back in season 4 and now is that more champions can do high damage and not just assassins.
the thing is in that video that rengar was either A: hella fed, not only haveing several items, drags and levels on everyone else. B: full build and stakcs lategame when he built entirely glass cannon. the difference between then and now is that rengar (or all assassins,fighters, mages for that matter) dont need to bed fed to do this anymore. you could be going entirely even with them or beating them. and they will still 1shot you even if they miss most of their abilitys. damage is so stupid high that youre often overkilling whoever you just killed by thousands of damage. and thats not an exaggeration.
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: Today I learned the Masterwork chests that are purchasable with Snowdown Tokens don't come with keys
you can buy key fragments for 15 tokens or rather a full key for 45 tokens
: NA amazon gift card not working for canada
i had this issue a while back, basically its only on the US store which is separate from the Canadian store, amazon cant really do anything about it until riot decides to have it added to the Canadian store. so we're only left with being able to buy it on the client or a physical card :/
: GP needs a buff
if they lowered the mana cost on gp q early game it wouldnt be so bad. fucker goes OOM after like 3 Q's
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