: Also having a really hard time climbing in the new ranked system. I'm losing more than I am gaining when it comes to LP. People say I have lower mmr than what I am supposed to be at, but if I can't get to the spot where I need to be in the first place, then its useless even playing ranked and trying. Especially when ranked is a full team game and the outcome is not only based on your level of playing in lane but everyone else's level of play. I don't really know what I can do, thoughts about this?
It feels like it's been harder to climb cause I'm experiencing alot of smurfs in my game which often alters the Tier Average. I got demoted to Plat 3 immediately and in that game was matched up against a Silver 4 smurf. The Tier Average for that was Gold 1. Maybe it's just too early in the season right now to be playing with the amount of people on their smurf accounts.


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