Hocus (NA)
: That comment about the "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" for TL is kind of cringe-worthy... The horse logo for TL has been around since their BW/SC1 days, it's not an identifier of their team to most people.... Maybe a "paid for by steve" reference would have been more relevant?
yeah its really cringey. 12 btw
Cantrips (NA)
: I SURE HOPE C9 DOES WELL AT MSI...! {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3070}} {{item:2050}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yeah definitely!!!!!!! They won this one for sure!
: don't think they be able to translate what they are saying since they speak Korean and English, they probably more comfortably speaking Korean to each other during the games. Not trying to be disrespectful but if you want translate their words you will have to figure out another way like asking someone who is Korean or something like that they be able to translate it for you. cheers buddy.
Bruhh... the joke went right over your head.
: Although I am an NA fan, I still think Maple and Ziv deserve to be top 20. Maple looks pretty solid to me... is it just me or someone thinks they deserve to be top 20 as well?
solid isn't enough when you're trying to rank the **best** players in the game.
Emoxes (NA)
: Here is how I see the NA teams performing this split in terms of the Power Rankings: CLG: Rank 1: CLG shook heads as they made it to the finals of MSI... this is 0-10 Worlds NA we are talking about here... In best of 3 series, CLG must be taken for huge threats with no changes to the roster. Immortals: Rank 2: 17-1 last split was amazing... only to be struck down by TSM. It was noted that they didn't have enough practice on the patch they played vs TSM. This time around, they will very likely give opponents more respect and not feel so Immortal... yet you do wonder if they might not do as well in a BO3 format. Cloud 9: Rank 3: Cloud 9 is hard to predict, and part of this is based upon getting Hai back on the roster quickly and regaining form... they could even bring Rush over Meteos... all things to speculate, but the talent is certainly here on this team. The only real question will be how well this team can work as a unit. Team Solo Mid: Rank 4: This team failed horribly in the Spring Split just to get a playoff buff they always seem to. There are multiple problems this time as well... first off is Yellowstar, the all-star support and shotcaller is gone? So will Bjergsen call the shots and just do everything for this team? Biofrost is still much too untested to trust. Also, the team kept Svenskeren, which in my opinion is a washed up jungler that at this point is really holding this team back when carrying junglers are starting to make a big impact again (as opposed to tanky junglers). Team Liquid: Rank 5: This team always seems to gets 4th place, once third, and this could be a 5th place. They still got most of their starters. Dardoach's problems could cause the team issues though, and they got some decent new subs for the 10 man roster they like to have... should still be a threat that may take time to ramp up this split. Team NRG: Rank 6: Quas was a good toplaner, but might be out of practice, Santorin is a true wild card, Kiwikid has probably seen his best days pass. GMB is GMB, and OHQ is kind of unknown (KR players can play a lot worse in NA) that could be another type of GMB. Lots of risk but lots of reward for this roster... but its hard to see them toppling the giants of NA. Team EnVy: Rank 7: A team with Ninja and Seraph is sure to make many happy. Unfortunately, the rest of the roster looks a bit on the weaker side, but they could find some synergies to make this team not so bad... and honestly, Seraph could be forming into the best top laner in NA... if only he played for a better team though... Echo Fox: Rank 8: No changes... the team was getting better as last split went on... still this team might need a bit more to compete in NA this split.. possible playoff contender but that's it. Team Apex: Rank 9: Are you a washed up pro or pro that hasn't played for awhile in LCS, then Apex is the team for you! Unfortunately the competition has only gotten better, which is why other teams didn't want these guys on their roster... but at least they have a 10 man roster and experience in LCS... Cris though... his record in the LCS is quite awful... think Billyboosted and Wickd for comparisons. Team Pheonix 1: Rank 10: Take a team that was only better than Dignitas last split, add some players that don't look that good, and what do you get? A complete mess of a team that would shock predictors if they finished 8th... anything higher than that is unrealistic for this team... but hey, they outperformed expectations last split (as Impulse).
as a tsm fanboy i must correct u 1. Yellowstar has never been praised for high-level mechanical play. 2. In TSM, he was not "their shotcaller" because shot calling was split between the entire team (seen in TSM Legends). 3. Biofrost has been tested, TSM is not just gonna pick some random support, they chose him over an experienced KR support and Hybrid, who won EU last split. 4. Svenskeren's play was at most passing in the spring split, but during playoffs he carried and shined. You can say he played bad during split, but who on TSM didn't play bad? 5. You say Sven is holding back the team because carry junglers are in meta-- well.. Sven plays almost only carry-damage-dealing junglers.
: Bjergsen and Lustboy lead TSM over LGD in shocking upset
: Breaking down Worlds 2015 Group D
Last year they said NA wouldn't make it either.
: Meet the 2015 World Championship teams!
Bangkok Titans are probably the strongest out of them all. GG
: Everything you need to know about the 2015 World Championship
tsm and c9 get to worlds every time but I think clg has the best chance of winning.
: I dont't know if Incarnation is the best NA... but I would agree Bjerg is no longer the best. More than Pobelter and Incarnation have shown they are better than Bjerg. But there are even more mid laners in NA who can stand toe to toe with Bjerg than ever. so, in my opinion either Bjerg is falling off, or other Mid laners are just growing better at a faster rate. Don't take this as anti TSM or anti Bjerg. but look at recent games in NA and tell me honestly... you think Bjerg is better than Pobelter and Incarnation???.... i would suggest waking up from your daydream.
It's no daydream. Bjergsen is better than Incarn and Pob, maybe not by a lot, but as individual players, he's better. In his recent games, he was forced onto Yasuo which didn't sync well with his teammates.
: 2015 All-Star Event
Zion, Rush, Bjerg, Double, and Aphro would probably be the best.
: CLG's faith rewarded with their 2015 NA LCS Summer Split Finals win over TSM
I really wanted TSM to win, but after watching the game CLG, I think CLG really deserved it. They absolutely dominated TSM in almost every aspect of the game and it's great to see them going to worlds, they'll be great representatives.
: Counter Logic Gaming: Stronger than ever
: Sizing up the 2015 EU LCS Semifinalists
Fnatic gonna win every game because yellowstar is a star that is yellow.
FeedBoy (NA)
: Tsm will win without a problem! They will probably ban or take away fenix's Azir forcing him onto something not as comfortable. Dyrus will also crush lane if he goes olaf and gets ahead of quas in cs like the other 2 games most likely becoming a huge carry threat again. And sorry TL fans i dont think Piglet is gonna get another blind baron steal to win a game. #TEESM WIN
I think they both have good chances of winning. Bjerg is likely to win lane, but I doubt Dyrus can crush Quas since he's been the #1 top laner for a while now.
: Team Dignitas EU and Renegades are your new 2016 LCS teams
I don't understand why these people would try chasing a girl out of lcs. Are you all gay or something? :^)
NA Danny (NA)
: C L G (First)
: Everything you need to know about the LCS Playoffs and Regional Qualifiers
if its tsm vs c9 again in the finals im going to buy everyone rp
: The magical AP item changes with the Unicorns of Love
: Closer Look: Fenix
TL and TSM please get to worlds. TL be a wildcard and wreck everyone, and TSM redeem yourselves and make me proud. <3
: Caster Spotlight: Rivington Bisland III
Riv and Jatt are my favorite, Riv just brings so much energy to the game and Jatt is the most intellectual always giving the best insight into things.
: Mid Varus storms the Rift!
Happy that things brought out in western regions are being used by the Asians.
: Don't start these Fantasy players this week
Why is Azingy being replaced by Helios? Azingy seems a lot better.
: Power Rankings - 6/9/2015
Why is H2K so high up? lol
: DRIVE: Bunny Fufuu
Really love this video, don't get to see videos of the semi-popular stars that often.
: Cosplayers, start your sewing machines!
I thought ziggs head was leonas butt
: Collegiate competition heats up California
I have friends that go to Troy. :D
: Power Rankings - 2/17/2015
SKT is still my favorite Korean team, but I don't think they deserve second best.
: Fnatic: Rebuilding a dynasty
Really loving Fnatic at the moment. Huni is really good, I have him, Reignover, and Steelback on my fantasy. :)
: Teemo isn't satan. Satan is Teemo's apprentice.
: Compete in a League tourney!
{{champion:154}} slug
: Maybe she baited and out-smarted him.
outplayed {{champion:267}} , {{champion:91}} cuz talon has hood
: Patch 4.9 notes
{{champion:7}} :hi im not op
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays - Lee Sin's 1v2 Outplay
puzi (NA)
: Hexakill Yordle skins pl0x. {{champion:32}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:117}}

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