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: Gonna be honest - vayne doesn’t really bug me that much.
this post is actually surprising to me--i had no idea vayne was even being considered overpowered by the community. as a support main in ranked i have played with MAAAANYYY vaynes, and, frankly, 9/10 of them have been god awful
: ***
please be my friend DFSGHSDLJKGH
pveman (NA)
: i dont want to be rude to you. but your bronze 4. i am not even high elo and I can get to gold playing champions i dont know how to play.
if you're talking to me--i'm bronze II xoxoxo
iDarkWind (EUW)
: Then you're definitely fcking wrong. It isn't even an opinion, it's a fact. Do you even understand what lethality does? Consider take a read about the matter before speaking.
i mean i built it the last time i played against zed and he still ate my ass
: anyone can roam
my issue with his roaming is how ridiculously fast he's able to clear a lane
Vulkus I (NA)
: Shadow ninja bad
shadow ninja needs to have mana instead of whatever the fuck he already has
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: Rito, Please stop with the prestige point skins......
skins are purely aesthetic—the existence of overpriced ones isn’t taking away from your gameplay experience lol theyre literally just fun collectors items
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: Well I had a look at some of those games where you did well on Evelynn, and I noticed that, while your warding is okay on your support champs, it really falls off on Evelynn. And that's probably what is holding you back. When you are averaging 15 wards in 40 minute games, then you will quickly fall from an S to an A as a jungler. Moreover, keep in mind that the data relating to Evelynn goes back a few months (i.e., when she was a really good pick), so you are in essence fighting to get an S versus all those past performances where she stomped her opponents.
It's so much to keep track of! I don't know how anyone does it.
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