Jo0o (NA)
: Flaming is about context and intent. If you're pissed off at somebody on your team and say "I will murder your whole family" to them, claiming that you were simply quoting Kled is a ridiculously childish excuse.
as if the IFS acknowledges context and intent. you can't have it both ways, cheerleader
Jo0o (NA)
: Yeah, if you're just giving up the game without the permission of your team, that's certainly against the rules. It sounds like you just give up if your mid laner gets first-blooded. Not only is that against the spirit of the game, but it actively ruins the game for nine other people, and Riot will remove you from the community if you act that way.
it's a strategy, whether you like it or not. and not like there is any system for detection for a player going to another lane to farm. stop giving erroneous info to players. and stop taking whatever drugs you're taking
: leme guess, you're some bronzie who flames all the time but your only argument against it is "they flamed me first" who also says the only reason he cant climb is because of bad teams? Or even worse, some unranked whose afraid of ranked because he knows he'll place bronze and then end up in previously said category? The community is riddled with yall like that, unfortunate indeed.
yes you are one of the 10 to 15. even your "lemme guess" is 100% wrong. yes, society in general is riddled with hate filled non productives like that, unfortunate indeed
: > [{quoted}](name=C4 Fury,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=K6B2iE5c,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-24T17:27:59.231+0000) > > im sick and tired of gettin my account banned because the trolls who move in numbers all report at the end of game ... One would assume that by now you would have considered that maybe, just maybe, you're being the issue.
one would assume rito hired a number of SJW kids into key positions and this is the result
: Actually, this lead me to a scholarly article about player behavior in games, featuring Riot. Thanks, community member!
one of the worst articles ever written. and where is jeffery lin now? he was so much of a failure even a rubbish company like rito had to let him go. sad
: > [{quoted}](name=TheGentleQuack,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XFrAGWAm,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-25T06:11:08.845+0000) > > Nobody cares if you put in money lmao. You obv are butthurt and got punished or you wouldve stopped before 7 years passed. Ive played this game for almost 3 years and havent had 1 problem with with security issues lol, but i guess you gotta try to add whatever dumb stuff you can in a rant after getting punished prob. > > {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} see this right here is the sort of stuff i'm referring too. you're probably like 22 years old and get off on antagonizing others
he is obviously a SJW who can only find affirmation on this site - via critiquing other people and deriving enjoyment from others being "punished". very sad person - unfortunately there are about 10 to 15 others like him on here
: I don't think you know what an echo chamber is...
yes i do. just type = after echo chamber and then your address
: please stop feeding the troll and giving him the attention he craves, with these posts
he is a genius and should be awarded the nobel peace prize. and he has far more cream than you
: If 0.3% of the community is toxic, then the 99.7% who isn't clearly disagrees with it. That's simple math.
you need to read "what happened?" and then "shattered". what happened? for what delusional people talk about in their echo chamber when they can't face reality and shattered for what really happened
: My small bubble is pretty big if 99.7% of the community agrees with me so...
keep feeding yourself false statistics if it makes you feel better. it won't change reality though. CNN predicts there is a 98% probability HRC will win the presidency - woops
: So this year they gave more time than they have the previous two seasons for you to not get banned.... and you still managed not to abide.
your point being that riot lyte was the worst game administrator in the history of gaming and that the crew now is only marginally better? grats, good point
: TL;DW Gonna guess this is something about how censoring stops ideas/free speech. The problem is, toxicity is never giving ideas, it's just attacking people. Hate speech isn't tolerated. Harassing others and threatening them is not tolerated. After your 14-day ban, you're on thin ice. Anything that can result in a chat ban will give you a perma ban. And if you think a perma ban means "change your ways" you'd be wrong. A perma ban is Riot telling you to stop playing League and don't come back. And on the topic of free speech in League:*NABaGuJPrtsJaM9s.
maybe you should watch it before coming back with your groupthink babble. it might do you some good and indicate to you what people outside of your small bubble think about you
: Or people can stop being toxic found a perfect description of you - with the exception that the person captured on the audio actually gets paid for being a SJ bot
: @Riot, If this troll doesnt get banned i dont know about your banning system. <removed>
: So you're basically punishing them further for actually correcting their behavior. That's essentially what's happening. No "hey, you're doing better, but we need you at X level not Y level". After that happens what reason would they have to correct their behavior further? If anything it would only cause it to go the opposite direction. "Well shit if I corrected myself and I'm still getting banned why bother?" Perhaps you need to take a deeper look into your system before it starts automatically handing out bans. If Player A used to be a "6" on the behavior scale and is now a "3", he's making progress. Actually **take the time** to tell him he's improving but you'd like to see him in a better area. No wonder there are people who feel you have a broken punishment system, if that's truly how it works. You have people who are legitimately improving their behavior but you guys then slap them in the face. Of course they are going to revert back when that happens.
: Going in reverse of your points Riots team is made of low elo diamonds who don't understand the player base gg Where exactly do you think the player base is d2+? over 1/2 the league is below silver 2 riot sends surveys out often to collect data Riot listens to players alot more than you think the report system for isntance is people directly stating to riot this guy is xyz and is a problem. Riot isn't auto punishing people unless they're reported correctly. Common root is losing games..... Seriously this isn't wrong but and its a big but this would implicate over 1/2 the player base as being toxic "can't climb from bronze because of feeders" You are not getting feeders 100% of your games, you are not some hidden challenger player simply because you think you should be if you were you'd be able to solo carry games. If you want to climb play the meta, pick 3 heros and nothing else you will climb with enough time
WRONG. and sad. riot listens to SJWs in it's own echo chamber e.g. people like you
: About time someone did something. Sick of the noobs in this game. The tribunal was better than this. And look at these fan boys riding the skirt of Riot.
yes, there are a handful of those ideologues on here. funny thing is they do it for free. how high can your self-esteem be if you cheerleader for a squad that doesn't even know you exist and your service is gratis lmao
: Official Message to Riot.
good stuff my friend. we can hire a team in china dedicated to this purpose
: How to make players reform, how to end the toxicity ? Someone from Riot. HAAA, I HAVE A GREAT IDEA. LET'S PERMANENTLY BAN THEIR ACCOUTNS HAHAHA. Riot games: Hmm, that's actually a really good idea. But it will be unfair because other players will be able to do that via tribunal HAHA, BUT WHAT IF WE GET RID OF THAT THING AND IMPLEMENT A STATIC SYSTEM THAT PERMABANS IF A SENTENCE HAS "KYS" OR "FUCK YOU" HAHAHA ? Riot games: holy fuck, this guy knows what's up. Lets do it boiz Riot games: But wait, what if a system makes a mistake ? There will be like 10000 tickets about it. HAHA, BUT WE WILL JUST SEND THEM AN AUTOMATIC MESSAGE HOW THEIR BAN WAS TOTALLY CORRECT AND THAT SYSTEM WORKS AS INTENDED HAHAHA. Riot games: k.
the cool part about this is there are actually keyboard white knights on here doing it for free lmao
: Unlikely to spend anymore cash with riot, due to their fascist like Chat Restrictions.
welcome to the league of trolls who spend 0 on the game! another conversion - wow, this could become a religion
: Banned for calling out troll? Fair or Unfair? (POLL)
sorry but you're somewhat behind the curve. you should ask experts like creampeye who has been doing this for 2 years. he has a thread on here outlining how to get started. if you wish to learn about advanced game submarining and teammate scalping formulas, feel free to discuss with me on discord
: also. the entire ban system seems dumb if you are banned. you lose your account, your champions, your money but you can "create a new account" ok? so you create a new account. you play. you get back your rank but you still lost all your champions. and your money. wait what? almost feels like a ponzy scheme riot isnt really banning. they are just making you create a new account. thats your "punishment" you can pat 15 dollars for a new lvl30 unranked account. and just be toxic again if you want so like. what is a "ban" ? its just destroying your account. but you can make a new one. nothing is stopping you people like me who are truly not toxic, just LOSE an account of 4years with all champions from a "ban". but i can make a new account. sure so then wtf is even the point of the "ban" ? all it did was it made me lose my treasured account with insane value but it didnt stop me from playing the game at all. i have many lvl30 accounts...
you're hitting your head against an adamantite wall. why bother arguing with ideologues who are defending a warped system? now you should understand that the system favors those who troll, incite and report while remaining silent. what are they subliminally telling you to do?
Drugoth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CreampEye,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gcRzO1Th,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-26T15:18:25.925+0000) > > Length of chat. Some people will come here and point out how specific statements are negative and some way and say you deserved it. Once you hit 2000 character chat length in a single game it is almost a guaranteed punishment (I have tested this) regardless of the content. Not that you hit that point though. > > In my investigations into the system length of chat ends up being a huge factor when curse words and other highly toxic phrases are not present. > > **Here is an example. Played a game and this guy was in all chat saying the same thing all game. He said &quot;chips and smokes lets go&quot; about 50 times in all chat. I reported him and got the feedback popup. I added him after and asked him for a screenshot of his chat log. He was punished for that game alone, and there was no other team chat in the log. Just about 50 lines of &quot;chips and smokes lets go&quot;. Apparently it was some TV show reference.** This is a terrible example for your theory because the guy was just spamming the same thing over and over, spamming isn't the same as a normal lengthy chatlog.
considering that you know nothing about the system, suggest you leave it to an expert like creampeye to explain it to you
: Muting accounts in game.
you mute them because there is a chance they will report you. i might seem friendly to you in game but if i see you posting jokes which are intended to be non-offensive but are defined as offensive under riot's system, i will report you anyway to get you in trouble. nothing personal, just playing the system as it's supposed to be played
: You're right. System is broken. All these people on their high horses scrutinizing me after getting flamed. Tried being non-toxic but somehow they make up what I did. Say that I was harassing when I clearly wasn't. I'll wreak havoc next season, if you can't beat the flamers, join them because I sure as hell ain't going to convince these people that I didn't do anything wrong.
glad you see the light my brother. see you in the new season. you can add me on discord, i'll introduce you to my 50 other accounts :)
: > [{quoted}](name=sanshaoye,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ueR2zQPm,comment-id=00010000000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-26T12:09:02.444+0000) > > thanks for taking time to write a lengthy reply which i won&#x27;t even bother to read. mission accomplished. sanctimonious poster trolled. thank you! Thank you :) its always great when a toxic person uses that as a lame come back because they have no other response mission accomplished I get the victory screen :)
right. the victory screen you keep seeing after taking 50gm of oxycontin. congratulations!
: > [{quoted}](name=sanshaoye,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ueR2zQPm,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-10-26T11:44:42.988+0000) > > the sanctimonious poster replying to you is BSing you. sure there are other options particularly in the new season. make 50 accounts, troll games, incite reactions and report players. that&#x27;s the new paradigm for success in league of legends. learn it The toxic negative player don't listen to a forum troll and proven toxic player. They are so full of salt that they could be a major distributor of the product to sever major continents. They do no under stand this is just a video game and think its completely normal t and justified to get stressed out and verbally abusive especially when someone is doing something legitimately wrong. > 50 accounts, troll games, incite reactions and report players. Just this sentence alone proves you are a uncivilized toxic Negative player If you need to make 50 accounts that should tell you everything right there Yes there is a problem with afk and feeders but if you react t o it and add to its negativity and stress out about the outcome of a "video game" e or the loss of "points" even if it was do to an intentionally disruptive player ( afk feeder etc) You really need to learn to separate video game form real life because you obviously have other maturity , emotional and behavioral issues which is fine no one is perfect but you need to learn self control and not to act out and take it out on others. when you are a GUEST in a privatly owned setting like this. If you are going to play solo even in ranked just reflex don't worry about what other are doing if you don't like it and just pay your own game .You are also to blame because instead of avoid solo que and just playing pre-mades you continuous keep joining it . FYI _**For the record i rather be sanctimonious**_ than a completely reactive. uncivilized toxic negative player who needs to make "50" accounts I lost track of how many years i played this game ...but i can tell you this ** I have only ever need one play account ** and my forum account so players like you cant recognize me in game . Its pretty bad when a community is so toxic you need a seperate account just to talk on the forums.
thanks for taking time to write a lengthy reply which i won't even bother to read. mission accomplished. sanctimonious poster trolled. thank you!
deathgod5 (EUW)
: History of reporting in League of Legends: part 1 the tribunal.
lyte is one of the worst game regulation system designers ever in the history of gaming. the current bunch at riot can't be much better based on the system in place atm.
Drugoth (NA)
: Personally? I would classify it as a minor offense, he's just whining a bit. But like I said in my other comment, for this to be a permanent ban right off the hop on an other wise clean account is kind of suspect. So it's in my opinion that either this isn't the full logs, or the system is bugged and showing him the wrong logs (This has happened before). You can continue attacking my character and motives, but it won't really have any effect on me, surprised you haven't noticed that yet.
of course - you're an ideologue - yes, certainly i've noticed. it's not like i go around to fundamentalist churches asking their cult followers to be atheists - why would i do non productive stuff like that?
Drugoth (NA)
: He didn't say that, he said the chat was minor and doesn't warrant an escalation on its own so he was speculating that there is more to the story. You need to slow your roll, stop jumping to conclusions at the drop of a hat.
H323: soraka flame and lee passive agressive :( H323: yes flamer H323: cuz hes flaming and we lose cuz of him so you're ok with this type of negative chat attributing blame to other players? where are your standards, keyboard white knight? maybe you should rev up your logic meter and start making logical conclusions
Jo0o (NA)
: Not really. It's a single game of mild negativity, on an otherwise clean account. This isn't something worthy of a ban given the information we have. To be fair, based on experience in this forum, I'm guessing OP is lying or misleading us in some way. But at face value, this is not a deserved ban.
this is a new one, coming from you. so you're ok with overall negativity and passive aggressive behavior in chat. ok, thanks - good to know :)
H323 (EUNE)
: Lol riot really? Perma ban for this ? OK
not one positive comment in there. deserved ban
Drugoth (NA)
: I sincerely think you're missing the point and need to look up the definition of straw man lol. The second option is clearly a joke, the only real ones are 1 and 3.
wow, you're a genius. and funny too
: There's a terms of service as well as a full support page that states we agree to be sportsmanlike and conduct ourselves in a respectful manner. Pretty sure I've mentioned this before to you. Pretty sure you didn't have a good answer. Pretty sure you're coming at me specifically over the course of a few threads like you've got a problem with me. Not sure wtf your problem is, but I am sure af that you signed that agreement to play the game too. So is your problem that its against the rules to be a dick?
pretty sure i'm being a dik and getting away with it. cya in the new season with 50 new accounts
: PSA - If you want people to not be D***s in game, don't be one yourself
maybe the majority of players are d***s? maybe you're just a sanctimonious player who is trying to impose your values on players who don't really want them
Drugoth (NA)
: Which is the most likely reason you lost?
nice strawman you've put up there. how about 5. got trolled by trolls on my own team - which is an occurrence every game or every other game
Duehoelm (EUW)
: unhealthy community
according to riot's system, it's taboo to tell co-workers they suck or how bad their work is - even if it is terrible. you will notice on the board that they shift their goalposts regularly. for example, yesterday you can't insult people. okay fine go with healthy criticism then. then today they will tell you you type too much and that criticizing a teammate's actions even with a positive tone is toxic. "they can check a guide if they want advice" is a quote from a cheerleader for your reference
Skító (EUNE)
: Are AFK , FEEDERS and BOOSTERS favored by RIOT?
the short answer is "yes" everything within the system favors them. that's why there are so many
: Gross use of Tribunal System
learn the art of subterfuge. make your teammates feed by setting them up. don't feed yourself. you thoroughly deserve this ban
: You finally learned what harassment is {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
you following me around and posting quips? ok, thanks :)
JoB0b (NA)
: Riot you are a real piece of work.....
you committed 3 cardinal sins - you talk too much, take it up the bott too little and you don't smile and give out strawberries while taking it
: We need to stop toxicity as a community
who are you that others would want to climb a mountain with you? why climb a mountain in the first place when you can swim in a toxic bath? what a self centered and toxic tirade full of criticism of others
: Permi banned for "extremely inflammatory and offensive" ok rito
parrot after the cheerleader squad - this is extreme harassment
: > [{quoted}](name=Mindspeaker,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cNEQTpXB,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-10-25T00:00:56.556+0000) > > spoken like a true toxic player . Why not actually address that question? That 4th option would be great and is what I would have voted for. I don't know if Riot is necessarily lying about coding their system, but I can say that without doubt there have been zero visible improvements in the system since it was launched. Being dissatisfied with Riots system and its proven ineffectiveness when it comes to trolling/feeding doesn't make someone a "true toxic player". That was a very weak response.
you can't expect too much from ideologues :) that's why i didn't even bother to reply him
: Fun times Plat 5, 4 games of racism leaver and 20+ deaths at 10 mins on 2 ppl.
see, the system is working exactly as predicted! excellent!
Xurreal (NA)
: I don't care to prove anything to anyone. I accept things as they are, people as they are, and only ask to receive the same thing I show to other Summoners in this game: Respect. Respect: **That I am still trying. **That I havn't left the game or AFK'ed through your flaming. **That I havn't flamed back. **That not everyone feels I'm as useless as they say, but I will be if they tell everyone "F*** Evelynn she is shit" and everyone goes along with it! It feels like you are cast from the game and nothing you do matters to anyone. Once you are like that, its pretty much 4v5 in their eyes and then losing is inevitable (unless they are really good at flaming and gaming at the same time, I'm not). Mute them. Nice. You never reply back, and they will comment on it and once they know you have muted them, you hear crap from the other team about you. There's no point in asking others to report them or make your please with the other players in the game. You're starting to tread Punishable Offenses. So next you either say something in /all to defend yourself or turn off cross-team chat. THAT IS NOT HOW WINNING OR LOSING SHOULD WORK IN THIS GAME. Okay, that aside. Having been banned before... I just want to play league of legends. I don't care if I win or lose: If I win, I did something right. If I lose, I have something to learn from the game. There is nothing to really learn when you know that this game's flow is not going to unfold normally because of toxic influence. Alright. Really. Can't be angry anymore. I'm okay now
you have the wrong notion of winning. riot designed the gameplay for winning or losing in terms of teamwork and skill. however, the game regulation system is designed for who can troll, incite and report the best. realize this difference and your world will be a whole lot brighter
Drugoth (NA)
: You're not alone on that front, friend. Generation X, right?
he's right on that front. he's a self righteous guy who comes onto this forum to talk down to people like you instead. probably gives him a feeling of superiority
: TWO trolls in one RANKED game
everything is working as intended. riot's magnificent system created these trolls, now you've got to deal with them
: Guy purposefully trolling ranked but no ban?
an excellent operative. will have to give him an award if i ever bump into him in game
: > [{quoted}](name=Jayce Top,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0u5lzEyv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-23T23:09:50.351+0000) > > Yeah, and? This is old news lol. I have 14 accounts permabanned including this one, doesnt mean im just gonna stop playing the game because some sensitive kids get mad when i say theyre useless and need to ward/gank better. > > And honestly I wasnt that toxic before. But once my first account got perma banned, I didnt give a fuck after that and just became even more toxic. My first account didnt get banned for about 7 months, then after that my accounts been getting perma banned for toxicity about every 2 weeks. Whether you like what Jayce top has to say or not he is very correct on what is happening all over and even more sore as of late Riot has just gone psychotic over banning anything and everything. You can just make a new account and why would anyone care anymore if you take away a heavly invested account of maybe skins and champs? If Riot took away their account name and rank but the nonsense part is taking skins and champs paid for away since you can just make a new account. Sure Riot can do that but you're only going to continue to find more "zero fucks" accounts. Players who are now full blown toxic now and dont care about any of their accounts. You didnt get rid of the toxic player you just made a more toxic player and one who now hates Riot Games
i have 10 accounts now. in the new season, i plan on having at least 50 accounts at any given time. the pool will be replenished should any of them get banned. see you in the new season!
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