: It would of been cool to see the percentage for who is the first blood
something along the lines of: 1. Yasuo
: Patch 7.3 notes
> **Skin Names in Scoreboard** Excuse me, 0/13 Yasuo! What skin are you wearing this game? even Rito knows about Yasuo syndrome LMAO
: Announcing the 2016 Challengers
:/ Our boosted bonobo friend got a jacket... gj NB3 {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: October Early Sales: 10.21 - 10.24
: The Client Update Alpha Ending Soon
So I'm assuming we can buy RP in the new client now? Or are a lot of features still going to be missing/ bugged?
: Thank You
Thank you Rito... now everyone has a counter to Yasuo :D {{champion:81}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:64}} what every non-Yasuo main needed! In case you didn't get it, take the first syllable from each champion.
: Group Draw Show Results
i hate people who... 1)ca'nt spel 69)cant count 7) ask for likes Like if you agree
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Dear Rito, Thank you very much for bringing back URF! Most people enjoy URF, me included. It's always funny when I forget that I have mana costs and cooldowns when I play norms afterwards. However, I feel like that a big part of the excitement is trying out the champs you want in URF. Sure, we can use customs, but it's a lot harder to get people (in my experience). So, I propose that you increase the number of bans instead. It's an easy way to prevent the same champions played again and again. Thank you for reading, and I hope that anyone who agrees would comment. :D
Graeble (NA)
: Even with the piles of cash Riot rakes in on the game they still won't raise the prizes at all. Cheap Riot, just cheap.
maybe rito can give players loot for adding to the prize pool? like hextech stuff, maybe exclusive skins. idk
: Ranked updates now live
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Dear Rito, We all love your rotating game modes, but PLEASE give us an update or reason why Urf isn't out yet. Sincerly, almost everyone
Fuzzbro (NA)
: I just bought warlord shen yesterday... Now it's on sale.
you can always email rito
: LCS Summer Finals Bundles
When will the monthly bundles release?
: seems like no one is very APPy about this here
*whisper* you forgot the h in front of appy :)
: There was a League app?
Actually, yeah. It was announced on the news as well (when it released). Maybe you didn't check...
: The League Friends App, Now With Clubs!
What if you don't have friends?.... {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
Thank you Rito, we all appreciate the gesture. However, the biggest problem now is the price of new rune pages. Perhaps make the first few rune pages cheaper. So here's my logic: If you make the new runes cheaper, newer players won't give up after a few games, as getting the IP can take a looooong time. So if they have more motivation, they play more games, and see more skins/ champs. Therefore, they are more likely to buy those cool looking skins, which means even more profit (not that you guys need any more). Also, this is irrelevant, but the amount of active players has probably started decreasing. Maybe make a better tutorial? After all, most of us only started when a friend taught us or forced us. Thank you for reading this, and as always, keep doing Rito stuff. -some random guy
: Patch 6.10 notes
{{champion:33}} wait ¿qué se puede max primera {{champion:64}} speak english please {{champion:33}} Ok
: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
To be honest, I think that Riot did a pretty good job. They're basically offering free stats for playing the game for a bit, tier 2 runes are for new/casual players. However, older and professional players will want a bit of compensation for playing the game for a long time. This probably will be forever downvoted, but GG Riot, you have earned a cookie.{{item:2054}}
: It’s My Party Now
This is {{champion:81}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:64}} why e{{champion:254}} one loves {{champion:119}} DRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!{{champion:119}}
: It’s time for March bundles!
Where's the "Death is the best CC" bundle? Rito isn't getting my money this time
: I swear it was {{champion:80}} when I wrote it down. _sigh_ Guess that is what I get for going on 4 hours of sleep.
i can't function on 7 hours of sleep....
: Champion and skin sale: 03.22 - 03.25
That feeling when you realize you're here before lightdragoon....{{champion:32}}
: March Early Sales: 03.18 - 03.21
To rito, where are the bundles?
: Death blooms
where are the bundles?{{item:3070}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
: To Thresh or not to Thresh? Pls I really don't know whether to get him or not.
{{champion:412}} it depends if you think youŕe good with him or not. if you main support and you really want {{champion:412}} , then by all means, go for him. if you´re unsure, you can save your rp for something else
: April sales schedule
where are the sales
: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
My gift from Rito was.... {{champion:268}} an {{champion:34}} skin wrong bird Rito
: Hey guys! We're currently in the process of turning everything on. Hang tight :)
{{champion:81}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:64}} what i needed :) I´ve been waiting to use that for a long time
: Does anyone know why it's not discounted to 975 RP?
Rito wants more MONIES
: Patch 6.5 notes
so for the leveling system, if i'm lvl 20, then do i stay lvl 20 or does it calculate the amount of exp i earned so far?
: March sales schedule
When are March bundles coming out?
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Hey Rito, can you give us a complete list of all the champions being reworked? I personally think that Xerath should be reworked. {{champion:101}}
: University League of Legends
Our middle school started a League club last year, we get to play a game every Thursday.{{summoner:31}}
: Champion Update: Shen
so his q is basically mord q? except not scaling dmg, of course

sarcasm guy

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