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: Patch 9.14: Fallout 76 Edition
I can't even load into matches right now... come on riot please{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: Cassiopeia gets the short end of the stick EVERY TIME
You guys seem to ignore that Cass's q and w are in fact that most important abilities in her kit, not because they are DoT but because they synergize with her e so well. Not to mention that these skill shots are pretty damn easy to dodge and work around, any assassin can instantly kill her and so can most other burst mages with at least one cc will drive her out of lane. She isn't impossible to lane against, but just like any other champion in lane you have to get used to dealing with her. Honestly they could have probably done bug fixes or quality of life changes to her and she would have been fine. But what I see is that riot is trying to upgrade every champion, as fast as they can anyway, to have a kit that can contend with the loaded kits of the newer champions. And in the days of the tank meta that we are in, she is a welcome mage that can tear through them in a nice pace, though again cc will shut her down for good. I saw someone saying that Cass should maybe have a cap on her use of twin fang based on the reset, but they fail to recognize that the poison is a little bit harder to apply then it seems. She resets the cooldown three times, then has to reapply the poison again, she's just a champion that punishes mistakes. As I said earlier she's a champion you gotta adapt too and some champions just can't deal with it. Predictions have to be made, that delay on the q is meant to help so she doesn't hit it as much though i will say that it should have a bright indicator on the ground before it poofs up, as well as the area that her w is gonna show up. And yes i agree, she's been screwed over many times and i want her to be a smooth criminal that talks crap and looks good doing it. But crap, Rioteers do have lives outside this game, I think o_o, and as with any game company more pressing issues are at hand. They have more and more champions to beef up to contend with the new kids on the block ({{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:429}} so let them do what they need to do.
TheSlogs (NA)
: Miss Fortune's Captain Fortune Skin vs. Classic
My biggest things is that she shows no indication of any scars whatsoever even though it says she was shot by GP when she was young... wouldn't it be cool to show where her scars are at all? I mean even just on her back would be cool because of how much back she shows. Would fit her character, beautiful but also fierce.
: Patch 4.14 notes
One thing I have been noticing when it comes to ADC... the old classics are kind of dead. In these notes you point out corki, a champion I honestly have NEVER seen in a match, and is obviously one of those ADC's that have been forgotten. Though another is Ashe. I have seen it pointed out before that she is very much in need of some sort of tweaking. Her kiting ability, which most of her skills accent, are too easily eclipsed by champs like Vayne and her damage is not as consistent. My biggest beef with the current Ashe is just how... well... useless her passive is. In lane, she can use it maybe once or twice since she is almost always in combat farming so it doesn't charge up. And then in late game, she doesn't even have the passive since she builds crit items. Come on~ Give her a little bit of love.
: Patch 4.7 notes
I was playing a game today as Vel'Koz and was standing near the purple team bot lane outer turret... when suddenly he sank into the floor and was looking up... I couldn't move him at all. I was able to get out after recalling... but maybe that's a bug? Help Riot! I don't wanna be stuck in the floor. ;^;


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