: And you know, its really weird because I don't ever remember queue timers being that long. Granted, I was the psycho who would play Teambuilder just so I could play the champion I wanted where I wanted and know what my team was going to be like... I miss Teambuilder. :(
Hm im not familiar, I never had access to a rig that could run league untill this past January. Its my first season, and im in silver 2 ranked ques. I understand that theres a high population of silver players and lobbies could fill up almost instantly if every player had to fill by default, but whats the point of queing for 2 roles if its disregarded before a moment has even passed
: The question is not how much YOU can wait, it's how much the AVERAGE PLAYER can wait. If the average player can wait ~2 minutes, EVERYONE starts to get auto-filled a bit before 2 minutes, even those who would be ready to wait for longer.
Well yeah obviously, I just gotta think at this point league players are not drawing the line at a pre-2 minute que pop
: Just a thought that I haven't put any time into, but what about being able to set how long you're willing to wait for a match before being autofilled? It could have a maximum amount of time on it, but if people are willing to wait half an hour to get their role, then shouldn't that be for them to decide?
I absolutely love that idea Tater
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: Can you stop autofilling me 1:30 into my ranked que?????
just to reiterate this happened to me again in a 1:36 que, and im really surprised to see the EUW commenter with the intelligent comment (KAPPA)
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