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: So on the Frozen Heart and Thornmail changes, two points. We're watching these closely, and will adjust as needed. Two, these items made it very hard to build other items that had armor on them without completely removing AD threats from the game. Frozen Heart was especially crazy in terms of the stats per gold spent. That meant that if we ever wanted to add an item that could compete, we had to either doom them to tier two if we made them reasonable, or add another item that gave out waaay too much for the gold spent. If we make items that compete with the top tiers of efficiency, we simply create the new must buy build, rather than inject any sort of decision making. We want items to provide power more contextually, rather than just give out a lot of stats. This allows the same item to be stronger and weaker from game to game, based on comps, who is strong, and how you want to play. That being said, we did hit a lot of tank core items in this patch, and we will be watching if the other compensation buffs (MR buffs and some armor base stat buffs) keep these guys afloat. Totally get that these changes are a lot to cope with in a block like this.
"We want items to provide power more contextually, rather than just give out a lot of stats." Meanwhile trinity force.
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: PSA: It is NEVER okay to joke about autism, special needs, etc. in game
I thought this was League forums, not Tumblr. You choose to be so offended by someone over the internet You know those words online have basically gained new meanings. Get over it. You probably are an offender of this shit but you're too busy trying get upvotes by posting this shit that you know won't improve anything.
djjomon (NA)
: She's much better than people think. She doesn't _need_ a rework, but her kit is dull. Effective at what it does, but dull. Also, it's too late to discuss whether or not she needs a rework. It's already on PBE. And judging by how you seem to play her, you'll like the rework.
Didn't even know about the rework till it came out on PBE so I couldn't even make the discussion ahead of time. She isn't _too_ dull imo since the ult is awesome and kiting with her is fun.
: She needs a rework. She is boring to play and in imo is very outclassed by most other adcs Her passive is crap in team fights
She's only outclassed to to her having no dashes but she still does well and can outclass other ADC's easily if she gets just a little bit ahead. Her passive doesn't do much in team fights but the rest of her kit make up for it if she isn't super far behind.
: Have you *seen* her rework? It's freaking beautiful. I don't care if **you** don't think she needs a rework, you're being handed a better-designed Ashe.
Maybe, maybe not. In her current state with this meta she seems good already.
: A lot of the people that called Ashe bad were doing so in the Assassin meta- She wasn't horrible in that meta, but she does much better in this one. No ADC main is really saying she's bad anymore. Boringness was always an issue though. She doesn't have much to play with. I think her passive+Q changes look really interesting, way more than the current iteration, and I can't wait to get my hands on her.
Assassin meta she was bad i give you that and that's what I thought as well. Now she's pretty good but I just don't like Riot's reworks at times because they can suck out the fun or amazing damage of the champions they do them on (karma being the first one that comes to mind).
Phife (NA)
: useless passive and boring Q. She has 2 abilities and one of them atm has a 2min cd.
> [{quoted}](name=Phife,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yrzv4ZNx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-07T18:53:57.848+0000) > > useless passive and boring Q. > > She has 2 abilities and one of them atm has a 2min cd. A passive with shiv that can do close to 400 damage early with one auto attack is bad? her q is amazing for that perma slow and her ult is godlike if hit.
Garurumon (EUW)
: Because she is only good at slowing and being a bitch. She's litterally useless.
An ult that is amazing for engage, perma slow and a passive that can kick out any ADC out of lane with shiv. Unless we go back to assassin meta, she's amazing.
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: " i have to afk family emergency"
you realize he could be distracted from the game due to that emergency for longer than just that instance when he said he had to afk due to the emergency.
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