FilDaFunk (EUW)
: This would lead to wave manipulation, especialy early. No collision with own minions would be a simpler soution.
> [{quoted}](name=FilDaFunk,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yrjUEsiM,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-06-22T21:57:35.116+0000) > > This would lead to wave manipulation, especialy early. No collision with own minions would be a simpler soution. The minions would re-align themselves while theyre walking to their destination after you move them though
BayoNX19 (NA)
: Riot has made its toxic 50/50 matchmaking into the biggest determinant of winning or losing a game.
This is so sad because this is the reality, and Riot doesn't want to face it. They'd much rather sit back, jerk off and watch boring ass esports rather than amend their Matchmaking/behavioral system. Sad because they wont care about this, much less do shit for the community. Also just a funny thing you said about the 4/10 yi's, i had one in game yesterday: (I was the Rakan and I did more dmg than Yi (No, he wasn't afk at any point haha))
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 7
Meddler, Rakan's influence with heals/shields and cc seem really down under compared to someone like even Karma where she can shield more, root, even speed up allies, damages more.. and just otherwise seems like a better pick. Are you going to buff him anytime soon?
syssun (NA)
: Here is some ideas- Passive - Same Q- Same as before BUT CANNOT BE DISRUPTED W- Every 3rd hit gives you life back(doubled below 50%hp, life the old one), you can activate this ability to also get more attack speed and percent of hp damage for the next 5 seconds. E- Same as before, but give him two charges and in return reduce the slow. R- Words of courage (based off of his lore) - All attrox's allies (or allies around him at the time of the ult) gain a "Pool" of extra hp for the next 5,10,15(at each rank) seconds, at the start of the ult all the allies pools would be at 25% full, but dealing damage fills them. (similar to attrox's passive) If an ally would take fatal damage during this time they will tap into the pool of extra hp to keep them alive. (pool reserve can be around 200hp-300hp-400hp) While tapped into this extra pool they gain extra attack damage and movement speed. (This means while they are below 0% hp remaining) At the end of the time any ally who is under 0% will die. Also regardless of lifesteal or spellvamp once you are under 0% hp you cannot go back above it. Just some ideas, I believe this ult would make him unique and also it is based off his lore (inspiring solders to turn the odds in battle) {{champion:266}} Tell me what you guys think
it'd be cool if they tied his current passive to his R so hes not absolutely stomping people pre-6 and change his current passive to something else
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
you have to be joking.. wheres our urf? {{summoner:12}} cy@
: I said we were? :P
: Hey! We're aware of this particular issue. The issue is related to FoW. We're in the process of working on a fix for the issue. ^-^
piece of shit riot, go fix your shit.


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