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: As a Platinum IV dumbass with about 180k mastery points on GP, this a more of a shift of power than a straight up nerf. Yes, it will take him longer (and more itemization) to reach 60%+ crit, but he gets more immediate CDR early on, allowing him to use barrels more effectively in lane and during the mid-game. His upfront burst will suffer, but he'll be able to apply more overall lane pressure and take tower more easily. I think this might even encourage people to build more crit-intensive options on GP rather than ER since hitting the CDR cap earlier might make it a less gold-efficient/attractive purchase.
As another plat player with Lv 5 GP masteries on two accounts, I don't see how the attack speed on triforce can be considered as a shift of power. Attack speed on GP is completely useless. He's not the all-in champ like irelia or jax. Taking towers easily? You take towers when you WIN a lane. Taking off 20% crit for almost nothing (10% extra CDR which is unnecessary, and attack speed which means nothing to GP), I don't see how GP is going to be winning lanes at all.
: If you only look to OTP top tier champs, don't be surprised when they get nerfed. A real OTP would continue playing their main when it's trash tier.
Why do you have to make a champ trash tier? Isn't preventing that the whole reason we have a balance team? And I didn't start playing GP when he was OP/permabanned. I played him after the 3-barrel nerf. That's when the toplane meta was dominated by tanks like ekko,maokai, and poppy.
: GP'll be fine. He'd probably be fine building Iceborns then going into his usual build.
Iceborn doesn't proc on GP's barrel. Iceborn makes you go over 40% CDR. It doesn't have any crit as well. No offence, but please don't write about champs you haven't even played.
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: Yes. Until there is a solo queue that I was promised, I'm out. OverWatch is fun, replacement found.
: who else quit league or at least barely plays it anymore
riot really needs to change their way of making or breaking a champ each patch. There is no consistency at all. one day a champ is OP as hell, and then it gets killed right after. I can't figure out why they can't make incremental small buffs and nerfs after 6 years of this game. A lot of friends who quit the game is mostly due to the champion balances. If you overnerf a champ, you will lose players. There are certain players who play 10 different champs for 10 games, and there are players like me who play a single champ for 100 games, because that's how we enjoy league. If riot's gonna balance this way, they can't stop one trick ponies like me flocking away from the game.
: Rest in peace Gangplank
As a GP onetrickpony, I'm quitting league if this nerf actually gets implemented. I really just can't stand Riot's overnerf s. They basically kill a champion. I a one-trick-pony style player who used to main Fiora, playing only Fiora for 100 games. Then, riot killed her. So I changed over to GP (after he got nerfed like 5 times, so I hoped there wasn't any major nerfs left for him). I played him for 100 games. Then this. Honestly, the overnerf patches make players like me have to entirely re-learn the game. I can do it for couple of times, but it becomes too much. I have a friend who used to main Ryze before it got reworked. Riot decreased the Ryze lv 1 Q damage to 60 from 90. He said ryze became unplayable and then quit the game. I never saw myself following his footsteps, but srsly, you really have to nerf triforce this way? When I'm playing a game where I know that my main champion can be killed any day, it's a terrible feeling.
: The community suddenly lost all credibility for me (Riot Socrates on Tyler1)
Don't you understand? That's what the majority of the people want. They are fed up with boring, washed-up ex-pros. Tyler has a great character as an entertainer. He actually tries very hard in his losing games where most of gold players would have given up. The league community lost its grace? Like as if there was any? Play a few games in silver-gold elo and I hope you come back to reality. THIS IS THE INTERNET, AND PEOPLE ARE NOT ANGELS.
: wow Tyler 1 riot post has -2.5k downvotes
that's called the silent majority bro.
: Downvote me Community, but Tyler1 deserved that ban.
I hope Riot bans Meteos, and C9 "DDOS" Jensen
: This community...
the big-mouth self-righteous people will never understand the concept 'silent majority'
: The League Community's Reaction to Tyler 1's Ban Shows How Much it Needs to Grow.
apparently you've never watch his recent streams. he plays the game until the end even if all of his other teammates are trolling (happens frequently in gold) even in losing games he is auto hitting the last super minion to defend his base. i hope you know how self-righteous you sound and hopefully you see the irony of your own moral-superiority sneering in.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Tyler1 doest go beyond the lines, is pretty damn good at the game, and his stream is hilarious. You think he got popular by just being toxic? NO. It's because he has the ability to make some amazing plays AND entertain people at the same time. Not a single streamer I've watched so far could deliver this. I've been watching his stream lately and his team trolls him, other streamers troll him, LCS pros troll him, etc.. yet he plays most of those game until the end. Yeah he says some curse words every once but he never crosses the line (no parent cursing, racism, death wishing, etc.) Riot you are making a huge mistake and you better lift the ban on this kid. I mean he's a HUGE fan of league given that he is still playing after 18 bans. If I was the founder of this game, I'd be appreciative.


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