: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
does this apply to future certainlyT champions since almost all of his are some of the worst offenders?
: > [{quoted}](name=shabingi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KsfzIaMx,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-15T23:26:45.172+0000) > > kassadin is an anti ap champion almost entirely because of his bolted on passive which is totally non interactive and effectively base stats. add that passive to any champion in the game and now they are an anti ap champ. And then there's also his magic damage shield.
"almost entirely" aka 90% of the reason is the passive, 10% is the shield which actually requires skill to use and has a CD, unlike his passive.
: I can provide you with 5000 Master Yi pentakills that would be faster than this. The problem with nerfing kassadin is that he is useless before level 6 and weak before stacked ROA and Archangels. It's like the opposite of champions like Xin and Talon who destroy early game then fall so hard. If you have rough laning phase you can destroy late game.
you cannot provide me with any yi pentakills of him going from literally in the baron pit to their fountain in like 15 seconds while killing their entire team. the point is that maybe rift walking 15 times in a row is not reasonable
: You're arguing "this won't work against AP champs" for an anti-ap champion. Is this for real? Also, fuck a nerf. He needs a rework already. He sould've been reworked when Kai'Sa was released.
kassadin is an anti ap champion almost entirely because of his bolted on passive which is totally non interactive and effectively base stats. add that passive to any champion in the game and now they are an anti ap champ.
: He is supposed to counter ap champs. AD champs will completely destroy him after that nerf.
a champion should counter others based on their kit and gameplay, not base stats.
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
these changes are complete garbage. basically just a heavily nerfed version of the old itemization. crit adc's will still be trash. you are looking at -10% crit, -20% AS, -25% crit dmg at 3 items.
: > [{quoted}](name=shabingi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nBrXPEWh,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-12-13T23:48:55.631+0000) > > 12 per 30 seconds, 24 per minute, 240 per ten minutes. > > 240 hp in 10 minutes, thats like damage from 1.5 abilities over 10 minutes. that does absolutely fuck all. buy another potion and your good. maybe having a blink on a 1.8 second cooldown while being able to output 2k burst is an issue. Like I said, late game this does fuck all. But early laning its significant The "one potion difference" is huge early game which is the best time for ranged mages to poke kassadin down with abilities and auto attacks either denying him cs/exp or outright killing him. I'm not saying this change is going to completely balance kassadin, but it's not as insiginificant as you think.
ok so from minute 2 to minute 6, about 96 hp? 1 ability over 4 minutes? still not seeing that as significant. maybe it will lower his winrate from 55% to 54.5%? basically nothing. at this rate it will take about 3 months to get kass to a reasonable point. they buffed this champion to try to force him into worlds meta, but decided not to revert after worlds.
Moody P (NA)
: i guess we'll just pretend that bruisers and assassins didn't go through multiple periods of being complete ass as a group
Gilgayu (NA)
: adcs weren't technically nerfed. Their power spike was just moved later into the game. The enchanters were unhealthy, and everyone who played that time knows it.
adcs were technically nerfed, they lost early game base stats while also coming online even later in a meta that was already become more early focused. crit adcs win rates dropped across the board and were replaced by ap champions in lcs. not sure what kind of crack you are smoking.
Gilgayu (NA)
: Completely agree with you. Small changes that bring down the winrate by 1/2% are much better than gutters that make tier 1's into tier 4's. Kassadin isn't even that bad to begin with. He doesn't have a passive if the enemy mid laner is ad (talon, zed, aatrax...). Champions like fizz, akali, and LeBlanc can also kite him with ease. He barely has any damage pre-6, and his power spike is really around 3 items when his damage can actually be classified as an assassin... If he gets fed, though, things get out of hand pretty quickly.
yeah lets play it safe with kass, meanwhile lets nerf all adc items and base stats in a single patch in the middle of the season. then nerf all enchanter items in another patch!
: -0.4 base hp regen makes it easier to poke kassadin down at early levels. Let's say 30 seconds are occurring between every trade. Now, kassadin recovers 2.4 less HP per 30 seconds of trading. This adds up at early levels, especially pre level 6. Makes it easier to force him base, deny CS and shut him down before he reaches his late game spike. It's a good starting nerf. If kassadin continues to be OP/oppressive even after these changes I'm sure riot will swoop in with more tiny nerfs untill they hit the point on kassadin. I HIGHLY PREFER small calculated changes over big changes that cascade a champion into unviability/perma ban status. EDIT: It's not a math error. the numbers on PBE refer to Hp regen/s not hp regen /5.
12 per 30 seconds, 24 per minute, 240 per ten minutes. 240 hp in 10 minutes, thats like damage from 1.5 abilities over 10 minutes. that does absolutely fuck all. buy another potion and your good. maybe having a blink on a 1.8 second cooldown while being able to output 2k burst is an issue.
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Xanit (NA)
: Why are people downvoting this already? He's right -- the heal on his ult is useless, and increasing it will just make for more feast-or-famine moments. The rich need to stop getting richer, and Riot needs to rely on more healthy game mechanics that actually accentuate player skill. I personally think he's in a pretty good spot right now, but some people seem to think he needs a buff... I don't have a suggestion for WHAT to buff, because I'm enjoying his kit as it is, but I'd like to see ideas.
He is absolute garbage vs good players. All riot did was increase the counterplay in his kit while keeping his overall numbers about the same. He was already a weak champion before, rarely played in high elo. He has a 41% win rate in diamond, good for 4th worst in the game. This is also much lower than before the garbage rework.
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: HOW to play as Vlad sucessfully ?
Vlad is complete garbage, wait for buffs or find a new champion.
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: It pops up for me when I need to pick or ban. I'd also argue that if you can't do your multitasking in 10-15 second intervals, checking on the champ select in between that, then you shouldn't be doing that task while you're champ select.
So I'm supposed to sit there for 15 minutes doing nothing to play a game for 25 minutes?
Knoyle (NA)
: I might be mistaken but aren't ARAM's death timers also shorter?
You gain gold and XP faster, which is what riot should have done to speed up SR if they wanted faster games. Instead now you have faster games, but there is not really a late game.
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: i feel like i hate myself a little bit more everytime i queue up for a game since the fiora/gp reworks
That is when the balance of this game started to get really bad, been playing since season 1. Riot missed the mark with the GP rework so badly in terms of balance it is a joke they have staff that are paid to balance this game. Fiora/Gp, juggernaut bs, preseason item updates, preseason death timer changes, even recent xin changes make 0 sense. Nerf to karthus and swain...wtf?? It's like riot feels like forcing certain champions to be played or not played by buffing or nerfing them out of the meta, rather than trying to actually balance them at a reasonable position.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fyshie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAQNjk2Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-13T04:42:32.076+0000) > > the toxicity is already at extremely high levels I've been playing for years and I can safely/confidently state that the game currently has the lowest levels of toxicity ever. Every year it seems they crack down harder on toxicity and it has had great effect... back in the day (S1/early S2) I could get away with massive toxicity without so much as a chat restriction (They didn't exist back then)... at worst I'd get suspended for a day every few months. Right now they're cracking down pretty damn hard on anyone that is seriously being toxic. The problem we have now is; Super ultra hyper sensitive children are playing the game and want even MORE of a crack down. It's the "Safe space" argument all over again which of course, is utter garbage. The game is fine. Toxicity is the lowest its ever been.
But but but i got criticized for making a horrible play!
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: Honestly teamo is not a bad champion, no one plays him right, all they think about is trolling so no one one takes him seriously, but if u take a moment to look at his q and his ultimate, you would realize he actually has a legitmately strong toolkit. In a teamfight throw a q/dagger at whoever is focusing your adc, so now your adc is safe for a good few seconds, just keap on useing your blind to protect your adc and you will win almost every teamfight while ur ultimate is a mass aoe slow poison. Pretty devestating stuff
every champion has strenghts. teemos weaknesses are way too big to overcome though. if you are going to play teemo as a support roll you might as well just play lulu top.
Genis94 (NA)
: Are you serious? Teemo has very specific strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps if you understood them properly you would know he CAN become a powerful champion. For instance, anyone that relies on auto attacks for damage gets countered by his blind, like Garen or Tryndamere. Also, his mushrooms give him map control and escape options if he places them strategically. Every champion fits a specific role, the only time a champ should be buffed is if they can no longer do what they were supposed to do properly.
teemo has a bottom 5 winrate in the game and is considered a troll pick. the amount of teemos i have hard carried is too high. if teemo gets behind he is completely useless. even if he gets ahead, he does not scale as well as many popular top laners today.
Meriipu (EUNE)
: what about making w into a three phase dash like riven has
cant tell if trolling
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: You have it all wrong friend. A SOLO Q has no business existing in a 5v5 TEAM game. You cant win if they dont play, so what about this is "Solo"?
Some people don't have 5 friends that are of similar skill level. I'm 28 and not really that interested in spending time finding internet "friends" or joining some gaming clan to play this game. If riot wants to alienate people like me (who also actually have money), then that is their choice.
: Don't care about the new champion select. Queue'ing as a premade for the solo queue ranked ladder shouldn't exist. It's a horrific change. That's all anyone is complaining about.
This. I don't think most people are complaining about the champ select, they are complaining about premade vs non premade in the same queue/ladder.
: Yes you can, CS:GO does it without any big issues as well... the only difference is, that CS;GO has a system that calculates personal performance, unlike LoL. This is probably something that LoL is in dire need of, if they want the dynamic queue to be successful in the long run.
This could work in theory, but it would be more difficult to come up with an accurate model for league performance than CS:GO. For example, good shot calling has a massive influence on win rate, but how would you measure something like this?
: > The ranking will be meaningless and totally inaccurate. The fact that a random person you never met has the capacity to carry the game without your help makes the "solo Q" ranking system meaningless and totally inaccurate. Im not even going to go into the "elo" system they still use in the background that is meant for 1v1 chess players and is hardly adaptable to 5v5 system....
Over 300-400 games, luck is not a major factor. There will be a +/-200 LP variance or so, but luck is not going to put a silver player in platinum.
: This is how we fix dynamic que You will always lose the same amount of mmr/lp But if you play as 5 you only gain 1/5th as 4 you only gain 1/4th as 3 only 1/3th It's an mmr/lp gain nerf for dynamic groups to compensate for better communication and teamplay in premade groups
The only way to fix it is to make separate queues for team and individual, which means 4 players can't be supported and maybe not 3 player either. I think duo is fine because it's more fun to be able to at least play with one friend, but it doesn't impact the ranking algorithm too much.
: SoloQ always has been meaningless and inaccuarate as there always has been a mix of people that just fit together naturally and some that don´t...
A silver player wasn't going to magically become a challenger player under the old system. While it was not perfectly accurate, it was at least somewhat accurate (usually with about +/- LP). Luck was a factor over a small subset of games, but over 300-400 games you usually ended up in the neighborhood of where you belonged. This new queue ranks teams on the same ladder and individuals, which logically breaks the algorithm because teams will have their mmr averaged over every player and have an advantage over individuals.
: I think the main complains are how much damage he can do, with the type of safety he has. Im assuming it can be extremely abused in high elo play, but idk whats its like for everyone else xp
Practically every assassin in the game does a lot of damage and has a lot of safety. People think lee is a bruiser but he is closer to an assassin early-mid game. He's really not that different from leblanc in terms of damage, utility, and mobility.
: > [{quoted}](name=xApexPredator,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x8tAs5uE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-07T04:39:49.434+0000) > > People hate getting out played.. I'll stress that in every circle-jerk because it almost always is accurate to the threads lol. well when you have such an overloaded kit. its hard to not outplay champions that have 0 of your mobility of outplay potential so it is kinda unfair to them.
Actually OP champions: Top 10 bronze: {{champion:21}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:75}} Top 10 silver: {{champion:63}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:37}} Most of these champions have braindead easy to play kits. If a champion has one ability that does 10000 true damage on a 1 second cd, they will be OP and unfair. Mobility does not determine OPness. Win rates of new vs experienced players determine OPness.
: And then you check out his 5x5 ranked teams realize that his winrate is almost completely 50% across all ELOs. Because ranked 5x5 is not based about so much bad players in low ELO and unranked who play the most popular champ in the game
That out of control 50% win rate.
Nekusen (NA)
: You do know that in a 5v5 game winrates mean nothing right? You better take a look at **pickrates** and **banrates**, those tell you way more about the state of a champion. If he was that bad, you wouldn't have that many people using him and people woudnt waste a ban on him.
Or....the champion could actually be fun and enjoyable to play. Win rates literally tell you how often a champion wins. Is 30% play rate perma-popular thresh also OP? Or is he a fun champion to play that you can actually carry a game with as support?
: People hate getting out played.. I'll stress that in every circle-jerk because it almost always is accurate to the threads lol.
Basically this, all of those champions are annoying because you fight them on their terms and can get outplayed by them. It's not a very fun mechanic for the person getting outplayed. But it doesn't make those champions OP.
: As a fizz main (currently gold 4 and climbing) I resent saying he's bad in low elo, if anything in low elo it makes it easier to exploit people and snowball due to them not knowing how to play around fizz, I've carried almost all of my games due to this fact.
Zed and fizz are decent in gold, it was more of a general statement since most of them are bad in most of those mmrs.
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: I mean I hated snowballing before. I liked it when both teams could equally turn the game at any point where skill was the biggest factor. Because it made games interesting instead of just "Oh, we have some Bronze 5 noob who keeps tower diving a {{champion:78}} and fed her to the point where she just kills me and I can't fight back". Before at least I could fight back, maybe not that great, but you stood a chance as a team. Now a single person fed can end the game at almost 20 minutes.
Having the first 35 minutes of the game become a waste of time because one person got caught sounds like fun. Why not just start the game at level 18 and 13k gold and not even play early/mid game?
: But his main strength is being very mobile, like Hecarim. Except Hecarim doesn't have 200% AD scaling on his ult...
You joking? Hecarim massively outscales lee sin mid-late game.
: Remember when they murdered his w? Yeah don't make a post about blitz op, when hes been fucked up by nerfs a lot, bet that's why rito made the boom boom blitzcrank skin too, because blitz got fucked up.
"fucked up by nerfs" ... still has the highest win rate of all supports for several months...
: Why is Blitzcrank immune to the nerf-bat?
Blitz has had the highest win rate of all supports, even higher than soraka, for several months now. He also has a top 3 play rate for support for the past several months. He is also strong in every elo. Seems balanced to me.
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