Choochle (NA)
: Another patch. Another set of skins that don't include kindred.
rek'sai, ornn, and every other champ that isn't lux kai'sa ahri jinx jhin or ezreal: first time
Kazamaru (NA)
: You, sir, are on a 5 man team. Not a 2 man team. People are counting upon having a Support in the botlane. Most ADCs are unplayable without a support. And so if you know you aren't going to have a support it allows you to pick one of the few people who can lane 1v2.({{champion:25}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:518}}) So communication is key here. Similarly, many midlaners count on SOME jungle pressure. Most mid-laners don't have the ability to 100-0 the enemy midlaner. But with a gank they can put out 65% and the jungle can put out the other 35% to make the kill happen. Also, having a jungler allows them to posture more aggressively and they can often escape ganks because they can head towards you(the jungler) and you head towards them so that they can get to safety twice as fast.(Which is often the difference between living and dying.) Also, fundamentally junglers do a lot of work because they are ABLE to countergank. If I know the enemy jungler is topside, I immediately look to gank bot because he can't respond. If you are laning top their jungler can ALWAYS gank bot. That's terrifying for bot. Now all of this can be okay, AS LONG AS YOUR TEAM IS OKAY WITH IT. If you do not communicate with your team when you are doing this unconventional(and bad) strategy, you can get banned for it.
so I can tell my team but can they say no can mine and my brothers fun ride on the decision of my team if mid wants a gank top can do this 2 while his support stays in lane if bot is being consistently ganked they should play safer as mid lane and top lane is Perma ganked and unconventional and bad have nothing to do with anything because some champs are the same thing but theirs no punishment for playing them even if they affect the whole games outcome anyway my main concern is if i tell my team what im doing can tey say no and i have to listen because its just not my choice to have fun with my brother in a videogame
: Let's start at bottom. Within bottom, let's start with why the two go to bottom. The two go to bottom instead of top because the dragon is in bottom. The support and RAD are going to offer more power than the single top laner could provide. The reason the two chosen to go bot are the RAD and support is because RADs are generally not self-sufficient. With few exceptions, they aren't very good alone mainly due to sustain and safety reasons. Even when they are able to hold their own, they get the support instead of the mage getting the support because mages need levels more than the RADs do. Let's go to mid. The mage/assassin takes mid for a couple reasons. One is if they were to go top, they would be significantly more vulnerable to ganks. Generally, mages and assassins would not be safe in top. A second reason is they are generally the best at roaming and ganking. Being in mid means they can roam top or bottom, whereas bottom would not be feasible if they went top. A third reason is they generally aren't good into tanks. The tank/TDPS takes top because they are generally much safer by themselves than anyone else mainly due to sustain, durability, and mobility. Top and bottom are inherently more vulnerable to ganks due to the shape and size of the lanes. As I said many times, this is all general. Things can be switched up, but a very important thing to understand when doing so is why things are the way they are. If you're going to switch things up, it needs to be in a way that doesn't open the team up to the weaknesses that would otherwise be introduced. And if you're going to do it outside of a premade, you should get your team's permission/compliance before doing so.
so frome what i read these things are done this way but don't have to be done this way this is the most optimal pathing for those champs but optimal doesn't mean that if we don't decide to dose we need to consult our team a lot of champions aren't optimal however we don't need to ask and if i say wanted to play sup top that would give us rift controle my big thing is that if its not the rules why do i have to follow this and why do i to play i video game (videogames are played to have fun) the way my team wants and if I don't im being reported because they don't like what lane i chose to be in why do i have to ask my team to play something sub-optimal why can't i just play the game like say garen bot and Caitlyn jungle or even jana with sup items and why don't assassins and mages go bot and markmen go mid to get solo gold and XP that they use to get to powerhouse faster
: If your teammates are okay with it, I think it's fine to play off-meta roles. If they're not then I think your team basically loses in champ select due to being toxic from the get-go. Off meta bot lanes are fun though! My favorites are Pantheon adc and Taliyah supp, or Teemo adc and Shaco supp! Both super annoying.
my question isnt is it ok for me to do it my q is why are the roles put like this and why do i have to follow them or face flame and reports for trolling
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: It depends on if A. the people on the team know any riot employees. And B. if riot likes the person that knows them. cough. Cough Night blue 3. Cough Cough only got banned after entire forums wanted it
that whole thing made me angry
: NO! this is how i see it so when i came into league 5 years ago lol i was told by many players and friends and that this was a game where i could be any champ and go any where lol of course you learn where and what is best for what champions and well as long as your team is ok with it then you should be fine period now if your team is not happy with it and dont want you to do it and have said dont do it then its best not to but dont mean you have to listen lol but i dont see why you would be banned over playing the game how you want to and its not in ranked so , like i always tell my jglers hey if you cant jgl then duo lane cause if you suck at jgl then why be there
i remember when i first came to the game me and a friend did ww and Caitlyn bot lane lol i miss the days of not knowing what roles are now i cant play ww support without getting my a$$ chewed out by the top
: > [{quoted}](name=shatterd mirror,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l16Z81x4,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-29T19:26:42.124+0000) > > i get the excuse that people lose lane because lack of jg but I also think you should be able to win lane without one and if you cant you don't deserve one Your thinking is idiotic.
that's rude and uncalled for
Kazamaru (NA)
: Yeah, so you should be fine IF YOU COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU ARE DOING to your team. Doing this out of nowhere is bad.
i communicate with top lane because im going into his lane i don't have to communicate to play jinx jg why do i communicate as jinx to sup
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: Oh dear, he just might break Qiyana... {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Braum would never hurt a lady
: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept Designs (Thank you @Kindlejack)
I feel like fiddlesticks needs to look a bit more horrific (i like r) fiddlesticks in-game look like a bumbling idiot, not the harbinger of doom that he is supposed to be. his direction should be betaken out of the haha funny little scarecrow and into something that looks like it can separate the flesh from bone, something truly scary that still fits into a scarecrow. when I think scarecrow monster im thinking something that looks creepy and will just sit there until something wanders into reach of its claw then it lashes out in deadly speeds to eviscerate its target before the target can even feel the pain. it could look like a pile of rags sticks and shiny metal with crows sitting on top. just see this an Ionian farmer is looking for his brother that he sent to feed the cows (does lol have cows?) and he hears a crash from the inside of his barn. he calls out his brothers name to no response. chills run down his spine as he makes his way towards the barn equivalent of league crows flocking the branches of nearby trees. he slowly opens the big door calling his brothers name as he makes his way in. the deeper he goes the stronger the stench of death and decay start to get, he's gaging at the smell but goes in deeper. he hears a noise like a slurping eating noise as he shines his lantern towards a mass that looks like a bunch of burlap sacks draped over a mix of iron sticks and ivory bone. the mass is what's making the noise as it feasts on the farmer's brother startled the man walks backward disturbing a murder of crows behind him sending them into a cawing storm near the roof. the creature stops eating, it stands up revealing itself to be standing tall at about 7 feet with long thin stick arms and large metallic claws. the monster moves closer hunching down to come face to face with the farmer that's petrified with fear the monster bears infinite razor-sharp teeth (in rows if you're looking to cause a bed wet) still dripping with thick blood-red saliva from the leftovers of the farmer's poor brothers corps. the farmer tries to move but just can't he just couldn't even turn his head from the beast to see two more arms unfolding from under the rags brandishing a combination of mettle and bone blades there is no scream just Erie silence as it cuts to the outside of the barn where the farmers wife comes outside to look for her husband this would be a more of a melee mid laner or jungle with and ad ap scaling. this allows fiddlesticks to have more versatility. he would work well as an ap attack speed type with some sort of gap closer and maby something that allows him to pull out them bone synths arms like how kayle splits her sword. this does sacrifice poke fiddle to get more of a 1v1 jungle like kha'zix giving him excellent objective control (im talking 1v1 dragon) and some sort of sustainability like lifestyle or a pounce and feed off the still-living body of a champ making it a combo of drain and fear, a sort of snag that can be broken with dashes or blinks but leave immobile chaps like Ryze to be fed on for the entire duration healing fiddle off of missing health and im ranting but these are just ideas so we can have fiddle put the scare in scarecrow. playing against him should give off the same fear as playing against and evelynn. like maby the ability to teleport to a brush. remember just a sugestion{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Thicc like a peanut butter sandwich!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
good thing {{champion:201}} is the other half of all things he will be your jelly {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Rude Twisted Fate and Pyke after they win
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} wish i could win
: They still need to explain how she is able to give birth to the Xer'Sai when Voidborn are supposed to "spawn" into existence through Void Rifts.
it could be like a cell division thing where she asexually produces eggs like aphids (i think their asexual insects)
Neamean (NA)
: Undeath by SnuSnu
: I demand Acadamy Rek'Sai
valentines {{champion:421}} and{{champion:90}} ?
: Boy version of KDA & my life is complete!
zed might be a better idea than talon, give zed a nice skin where i can see some skin for reasons{{sticker:sg-lulu}} however, the best kda skin for guys is obviously azir and his sand soldiers as the whole team or just the sheriman brothers and azir with rek'sai on drums
doroelio (NA)
: Sinful succulent Morgana
like it{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
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: shes an independant black woman leave her be
she is an independent purple woman and the smexyiest thing ever
: Academy Adventures Series 2
how do you hit syndra with a ball
: Academy Adventures Series 2
1 omfg {{champion:421}} is tearing her way over there 2that fiidle thou {{champion:9}}
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
im sorry but {{champion:143}} is technically op like poison ivy
: Academy Adventures Series 1
never pick on a yordl{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Patch 8.12 notes
: Patch 8.12 notes
: Emote changes in 8.12
we need a leashed {{champion:19}} emote
: Emote changes in 8.12
: Summoner Submissions!
{{champion:3}} got a chicken skin but not {{champion:268}} im confused
: coolest looking hero
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