: > [{quoted}](name=shelovessosa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pNRjmI1f,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-26T04:15:44.584+0000) > > I was fed up with it and wanted to speak my mind. then take responsibility of the consequences from doing so grow up a bit
Grow up a bit? The whole ban system isn't fair it doesn't take into account of the whole sittuation. Being told to mute and continue on is a sorry excuse for a decade long company.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >Mute, report, move on? Like a robot? Fuck off. No, actually, I said that in this specific case because it seems that you have a real problem with controlling your temper. Sorry to be so blunt but you should have realized after your _three_ punishments that continued negativity wasn't the answer. Look through my post history if you feel the need to confirm that, I usually tell people to stay positive and refrain from using negativity (in other words, reform) instead of "Mute, report, move on." >And wheres the proof for the number of reports going against a player? Link me. Okay, [here's the link. ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player) I'll do you one better by quoting the specific part I'm talking about: >##"Do not ask other players in the match to report the offending player. It only takes one report for our systems to review a game. >Additional reports will not do anything for the offending player; however as mentioned above, it could open yourself up to a report of your own; especially if you are derailing the match by constantly demanding reports of other players." ___________________ >Funny how you say the 14 day gameplay ban it's been well past 3 months grace period since I'm given that 14 day ban. That means you never actually reformed, you just tiptoed the line of what was deemed punishable. Through consistent, positive action, it's reasonable to state that your punishment level goes down every 2-5 months as long as you aren't flaming or being passive aggressive. From this chat log and the way that you just told me to "fuck off", it's evident that you weren't making your best efforts to reform. Sorry man.
Lol. I've been clean as a whistle before this one chatlog after the 14 day ban. I've kept my own comments in my head. As I said it builds up. This whole game doesn't fucking care about giving fair matches. It's if you snap once you're out. And that reform bullshit you say is so annoying. This company tries to put on this nice image. Deep down this whole community is fucking toxic. This whole game is built off toxicity. People enjoy this game by trolling, inting, and getting people banned. Over what 8-9 years this game has been out the creators don't give a fuck.. It's been the same it'll stay the same. Sooner or later this game will be washed up.
: Let me teach you how to play league. When autofillled, play a champ you play. If you pick a bullshit champ, expect to get camped. If you are feeding, don't expect ganks - your useless and your jungler has better things to do. If you spend time typing instead of playing you will do worse than if you were playing. You deserved the ban. I recommend you learn how to play the game if you decide to make a new account.
Camped? By whom enemy jungler? I was never extended in lane she was infront of my tower for 15 min making trades. I was feeding cause she was making trades extended out.. Spend time typing? I spent time farming looking for split pushes. I deserve the ban? Lol should've been in my shoes. Did you write the last part to try and piss me off? Mate I'm well off and know how to play the game. I was put into a bad game at a disadvantage.
: Riot never lets us have any fun, flaming our teammates man. Why can't we just call trash... trash smh bro. Like c'mon...just because I went 0/8 in lane, literally not the reason we lost. Gosh. These teammates are SOOOO bad. Wish I could get some better ones to carry me :(.
That is not my point. I never flamed them for gameplay. The enemy team had a kaisai inting and she didn't get reported cause she kept her mouth shut. I tell my Zac straight up whats going to happen if the game isn't closed poppy ends up carrying. Why? Never was she ganked. Literally diving under tower making trades like it's nothing
: > [{quoted}](name=shelovessosa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pNRjmI1f,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-26T03:59:21.855+0000) > >shelovessosa: im gonna fucking flame u cause i have a right to No, you don't. You do not Ever have a right to mistreat others verbally. I'm sorry you had a hard lane, but it sounds like you picked wrong, built bad, or just didn't know how lane against your opponent with the character you were using. That isn't the junglers fault. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
No. Put Into a auto fill lane. Twice. First pick. And don't tell me it wasn't like the jungles fault as if you were watching the game.. I was sitting under tower. BEING TRADED WITHOUT PRESSURE. From jungler or even mid. And not even a single person said anything to me. That is bullshit for you to tell me it's my fault complete and utter.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >hey everyone lets 9x ban this tryn for ruining the game oh yeah and he was toxic... MY FAULT? FOR LOSING A RANKED GAME IN WHICH IM SITTING UNDER TOWER WITH NO HELP. And what It's been proven that multiple reports don't increase the likelihood of a punishment being doled out. All it takes is one report for the game to be triggered for automatic review. >Im rewarded with one game chat logs and what? That implies you had multiple punishments before (10/25 game chat restriction and a 14-day gameplay ban) and you ignored them entirely. Toxicity isn't acceptable regardless of who started it. Mute, report, move on.
Mute, report, move on? Like a robot? Fuck off. And wheres the proof for the number of reports going against a player? Link me. Funny how you say the 14 day gameplay ban it's been well past 3 months grace period since I'm given that 14 day ban.
Xidphel (NA)
: Then leave post-game screen.
Same game. Different day. I was fed up with it and wanted to speak my mind. Subliminally trolling me by not saying a word all game. Funny how the other side is NEVER looked upon when the ban system says 9 reports? cool will put it through since the game came out. What over 9 years?
: so because the random stranger on the internet isn't obeying your wishes, you are entitled to flame them all you want? holy crap man i can't even begin with this...
No. Because 9 people that are all spamming me and blaming me for a loss when I received absolutely no help. (This is end game screen)
: 14 day suspension or perma ban? edit: > [{quoted}](name=shelovessosa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pNRjmI1f,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-26T03:59:21.855+0000) > > shelovessosa: im gonna fucking flame u cause i have a right to wtf kind of mindset is this? are you kidding?
He's purposely ignoring me, ignoring all of my calls. Him and 3 other players don't say nothing to me. And at the end of the game It's all blame on me?
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: "Ive invested 20-40minutes, so i deserve to promote." sorry, participation trophies dont work in real life, helll even video games dont agree with them lmao. Life doesnt reward time. It rewards effort
You missed my entire point in this post mate..
Heos00 (NA)
: DUDE, I just wanted to play ranked after 5 days, i get in ranked, win one and the game wasn't a roflstomp by any of the two teams, ok nothing bad at all, but then i lose two in a row and i lost all motivation just because two of those games were completely uncarriable by me just by having top and mid losing their matchups and having an afk... and it gets worst on promos Why do i keep playing this game if im forced to DUOQ to try to avoid the RNGesus of ranked? LMAO Completely discouraging for real SoloQ players not playing jungle...
It's honestly a coin flip playing in ranked. Not about winning and losing cause that's always 50/50. But to have decent teammates.
: The only thing we can do, is encourage and promote A PROPER USE of the report function It is easy to spot when someone is bad/had a bad game, but tried to play positively and improve their mistakes in the game but failed, thus deserving no blame, from when people regardless of being actually decent skilled players lose you games because they act like d*cks but do not get reported and even actually report you/get you reported because they are sensitive babies that can't face the reality of the situation A ton of people will just not spend 1 minute in the post-game screen to report, and that just infuriates me... as well as the people that are just blindly focus on K/D (often ignoring even assists) which many times says absolutely nothign about what decisions actually lost the game, and if a guy with a worse score than another was acctualy making the right calls but got completely ignored by some entitled a**hole leading to a bad fight and surefire loss when the game could still be won
You have a good point. Sometimes i just forget to report cause I'm too pissed off to have the client even open after a troll game.
: I report people who troll, afk, or are toxic. I haven't seen one catch a punishment in a really long time. I follow their game history and they just continue to play and troll. I watched a guy troll 25 games and he never got banned. The report system doesnt do anything. But then I got trolled 1 time and yelled at them in chat and I got a restriction the first time. The trolls for some reason take a bizarre pleasure in skirting the ban bot. The ban bot mostly reads the chat logs. So if they troll and stay under a certain number of deaths and dont type anything they wont get banned. Riot has no interest in fixing this. And since the game is free, you have a lot of kiddos who get a kick out of ruining games. The thing I dont understand is why there are unranked players in 100% of my games? Sometimes they are obvious smurfs and sometimes they are on their way to iron4. It makes the game kind of a crap shoot.
That's so true. I'll see unranked players playing ranked in silver gold games on their first placements. Or trolls that'll piss you off if they don't get their desired role.
: The title was not even needed. The feeling about ranked is mutual across all elo's, and I dont think i've seen this shit even when ranked was at its "worst". Positional matchmaking was called out for its potential abuses, and Riot simply just let it happen. Thats why theres more and more poor players in matches that they shouldn't be in. Last year it felt like hell being in D5. It feels like im in a hell inside a hell this year in d4, a division that is literally one division away from being with the cool kids. Its mindboggling. LS has said it, and I cant agree enough about it: Reset.The.Ladder.
Just wanted an eye catcher. But what I got from your comment is that as you go up in ranking it troubling climbing up divisions. And honestly I agree with you and LS on resetting the ladder. It's not like this will be taken into account and thanos snaps his fingers and it's changed. It takes time sadly.
: This is an unpopular opinion, because people really enjoy blaming their teammates, but I think in promos it puts you (and the rest of your team as a consequence) against higher MMR players. This means your teammates in promos are usually outmatched, even if it's just slightly, and they perform much worse than they normally would because of it. tl:dr; your teammates aren't worse than normal in promos, your opponents are just better than normal.
I completely agree with you, But the thing is there really isn't a point in which a player can see the skill gaps. MMR can't even be calculated by players so whom are we to question or trust.
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