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: Patch 9.7 notes
cut down seems bad still. at most more damage to 1-2 targets and it isnt really a big enough buff to have an assassin, the only one who would take it, go against a big tank (make it do 30% upto 200% hp difference) so when cho or mundo get 6k hp an assassin can actually do dmg to them, and tanks that build ar or mr still get have a reasonable (closer to the current 15%) chance to be killed by an assassin
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Cåracal (NA)
: 20 Kindred Skin Concepts
{{champion:203}} plz give... i want a new kindred skin so bad!! i feel like all the previous ones were let downs. no offence to the art team they were well made quality but i think as an overall concept they were lacking abit. and i think most of these deliver what the others might have been missing. faves are blood moon, Dark star, and the victorious ones but here are other good ones there aswell {{champion:203}}
: Where are the Item Sets???
{{item:3070}} no item sets?? :'(
: Into the Mists: Creating Shadow and Fortune
love what riot is doing to the champs i just hope they do something cool with my fav {{champion:412}} :P
: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
mostly excited for {{champion:412}} i think the next too see reworked should be either the rest of shadow isle or all the things from the void {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}}
: Gender Bend Skins
I'd love to see some of my fav champs genderbent {{champion:412}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:41}}

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