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: Thank you. My name is Polskie Litwą.
Any time!! I’m not sure when I’ll be on today but if you want to shoot me a friend request I’ll accept when I get on! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I just started playing and want to quit already
I’m sorry that you ran into such toxic behavior so early in your league experience. Whenever I see someone that is in a situation like you I always reach out and see what I can do to help. I remember when I first started, I loved the concept of the game, but I really really sucked at it. At that point I had someone who was plat 3 reach out and offer to help and coach me and it changed my whole experience. Although I’m no plat 4, I haven’t even really gotten into ranked yet, I’d be more than happy to play some bot games with you and help you improve and have a better experience with the game. I figure it’s the least I can do for people, since I was once in your exact shoes.
: So all yasuo's break the summoners code??
{{champion:17}} there are a lot more champs than just Yasuo if that is the case!!
: Trying to get good with multiple champions..advice appreciated!
My advice would be to find a playstyle that you like too play and choose champions and a lane that fit your playstyle. I personally love bursty mobile champions, so I main kha and nidalee jungle and have Zed and Yasuo mid as my back up role. It takes a while to figure everything out but you will figure it out eventually!!
: dude you're playing support wrong then. I hate to be elitist but support has more playstyles than any other role in the game. wanna do some damage? take brand or zyra and just mince the enemy. wanna be the engaging frontline for your team? take taric or jarvan or tahm kench and just go nuts, nobody can stop you. wanna keep your team alive? also tahm but there's not just enchanter supports that can do that. anivia with her walls is an amazing counterpick to olaf because he can't walk through walls to get to your carry. what I'm saying is all you gotta do is take whatever mindset you'd normally play as and just stick it in the support role. the only difference is you're offloading the grunt work of farming to another champion, but I consider that a bonus, it gives more time to focus on map awareness and getting picks on objectives or harassing the enemy laners without the pressure of keeping up a cs score.
I guess that makes sense. I just love the mobile bursty playstyle and generally supports don’t offer that so it’s not as fun personally. Would Kayle work as a support? She’s not mobile but I feel like she has enough utility to have potential there. I guess that’s the other problem is that I have very few champions for the support role currently so that makes it even more complicated.
: play support {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
See that’s the thing, I don’t want to play support! If I get on to play a game and relax for a while the last thing I want is to be stuck playing a position I can’t dtand to play! (I main mid and jungle so I mean duskblade on Zed as a support may be a new meta if this continues!)
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: If you're high silver, gold players are not way over your skill level. You need to beat about 50% of the golds you face in provisionals to place in high silver. You might've beaten a high tier player / had a winstreak / or duoQ'd with a gold+. These can all manipulate your MMR. If you've got silver MMR don't be suprised to see low plats in your lane every other day.
I have yet to see a low plat, I see a mix of gold and silver so I’m probably around low silver for my norm mmr. I’m just coming back from a 6 month break as I said and I’m not nearly as good as when I left. To compound that idk if to want to main mid or jg and within those The champions I would want to main are dang hard to play. It’s just compounding and making norms kinda miserable.
OtomCold (NA)
: Playing against higher tiered players is the best way to improve your skills and mechanics (that's the general thought I play league with). Now to address a fix, you can keep playing and at one point your MMR will stabilize where it should be, let the system figure this out. (PURELY HYPOTHETICAL) One way to go through this in a less painful manner is to not focus too much on defeat but instead focus on what you gained out of that game. Example: You can learn from the enemy teams playstyles and farm better, gank better, etc. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} goodluck in your future games
I agree that playing against people that are better than you is the best way to learn, but when I am wanting to main Yasuo (he’s super hard to play but he’s so fun that it justifies it for me) and the other champs I play are Zed and Jayce (also cause they’re fun) it makes it even harder to play against people that were better than you to start! I always end up like 2-9 (last game as Jayce) and get flamed by my team.
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: "League of legends" is damaged and can't be opened, you should move it to the trash
I’ve had the same problem trying to install it onto my MacBook. If you go into the league files in tha application folder then right click and click show package contents, then contents, lol, and league client, it opened up just fine. Problem is, after that, the game got stuck at 76% the 3 times I tried to download it.
: Well zed has a high ban rate Yasuo will be clos3 to 100% if he recieves buffs That leave you with jayce
Yas was buffed in 7.24b the ban rates combined on both Zed and Yas are around %15 so I’m not sure if that justifies completely ruling them out!
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Camnopg (NA)
: Yessssss. I have debonair and forsaken. Hes my best Champ, M7. Btw for his mana- poke the enemy down really low so they are scared. Then get your W to level 2 or 3 and just farm by auto'ing in hammer form for that extra mana. If they try anything, Q, auto auto E, R, auto auto and Q ( if you have enough mana to Q them) and usually it's a kill If they dont try anything, then you get free farm AND you get to replenish your mana. Just be sure not to push too far
Thanks for the tips!! That helps a ton actually!! Jayce is crazy fun! I just have a hard time deciding between him Zed and Yasuo!
: If it was yesterday, you can send a support ticket and they might refund the RP. Never hurts to try, and riot support is quite nice.
When they released the champs and skins that would be going on sale this month, they specifically said they wouldn’t be giving refunds because they released it so far in advance (they released it late November) so even if they put in a ticket it wouldn’t help anything.
: uhh... first item on {{champion:83}} is always {{item:3078}} that item will be finished when {{champion:238}} finishes {{item:3147}} If a {{champion:238}} gets 2 lethality items ({{item:3147}} {{item:3134}}) from being fed mid, then he'll beat me if all I have is {{item:3078}} guaranteed 100% If I have {{item:3078}} {{item:3047}} then I will win every fight(granted my ultimate is able to be used) 100% {{champion:238}}'s relationship with {{champion:83}} in terms of who beats who is just a giant "who has more items" If {{champion:238}} is even with {{champion:83}} in terms of items and {{champion:83}} has his ultimate ready, then {{champion:238}} will always lose 1v1 and 1v2(with Zed having the 2 side). If you took the best {{champion:83}} and he is in the same game({{champion:83}} still top and {{champion:238}} still mid tho) as the best {{champion:238}} player, there is a 99.99999% chance that the {{champion:238}} player will never want to Ult the {{champion:83}} player. And I know that you know(ok had to make this joke once lol) that {{champion:238}} can't use his Ult on {{champion:83}} without taking a giant shovel smack to the face(and lose 1/3-ish health assuming both are even and they both finished 1 item). That shovel smack won't be the scariest of problems for {{champion:238}} because {{champion:83}}'s W can be used in such a way(albeit it IS super hard to do) that it will put {{champion:238}} into the "knockup" state for 0.5 seconds. During that 0.5 seconds, the {{champion:83}} player is able to get a QE off. Assuming no {{champion:83}} passive minions, that's the 1/3 plus 15% current health damage to {{champion:238}} which is enough to half health him (if they are both at 1 item) Meanwhile the {{champion:238}} is relegated to poking down {{champion:83}}. The problem for the {{champion:238}} arises when you take a look at just how much healing {{champion:83}} Q does...(it's a lot) One of the main strengths of {{champion:83}} is that he can out-heal most poke and get through tougher laning phases( like against {{champion:17}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:80}} ) while also scaling like a truck into the mid-lategame. Assuming that a {{champion:83}} and a {{champion:238}} are on the same skill level, same gold value, etc. then it is 80% in {{champion:83}} favor and 20% in {{champion:238}} simple due to {{champion:83}}'s tools countering a lot of what {{champion:238}} likes to do.
Holy crap that was a lot! That all makes sense tho! I guess I just haven’t ganked a top lane yorick enough to know every detail. This is great to know for future games tho. So thanks for the information!!
: While I do think that Jayce might fit into that kind of playstyle I REALLY don't like champions with an ult that changes skillsets (think Elise and Nidalee, and I think Jayce also falls into this). I have been trying out a few different champions because I want to become more versatile when it comes to champions and so far I got: {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} This might look like a big championpool to learn but I'm already confident in most of them as they were my mains in previous seasons. Actual additions are Anivia, Veigar and Xerath. ------------------- This list includes way too much mid champions and only 2 I would consider playing top (GP and Sion. I could argue with Cass top but she's quite nichè tbh). I'm looking for toplaners that seem fun or very hard to master, like Riven for example (I'd need a coach for her, her Animation cancelling is hard to get going if you barely every did AA cancelling). I was thinking about maybe including those champions to the list: {{champion:150}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:68}} ------------------- I'll naturally only pick 2 for each role when climbing, but knowing how to play them gives me the edge in lane once I have to play AGAINST them.
I’ll start with your comment at the end. I’ve played almost every mid lane champion or at least looked at their abilities so I know what I need to do against them. Most of the time this helps, but I still haven’t quite figured out landing phase as an AD champ against an AP champ. As far as champions go, if you wouldn’t want to try Jayce mid, then Ahri or lux could work both kind of fit into the group you like! As far as top goes, Yasuo is currently an A tier top laner and will soon be getting a buff. He is incredibly hard to master and may satisfy exactly what you want in that regard!
koshkyra (NA)
: Old {{champion:7}} ~~new one can go die in a hole~~
Totally agree there. I played Leblanc a bunch before the rework and once they changed her I haven’t really played her since... she’s not nearly as fun as she once was!
Camnopg (NA)
: I main {{champion:126}} mid OwO
I actually really like Jayce mid as well! I had debonair Jayce (and championship Zed) in my snowdown shop and I was hyped! Got both of them today! Jayce mid has so much potential with how much poke he has. Biggest problem with him is that he’s so dang mana hungry. He’s awesome tho!
: That's the thing, I don't know any more. I love the ultra bitchy playstyle I know from Ziggs, Xerath and earlygame GP, but I also like lategame hypercarries and Sion.
So find someone with both solid early and late game. You could try playing Jayce mid/top. He is incredibly good early game and also pretty decent late game!
: Personally I like {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:163}}. The two supports are ones that negate plays, which really brings me satisfaction when I succeed to stop someone say Lee Sin trying to make big play or chaining a combo. The others are because they're more challenging to play right and if you do it correctly, they make you feel smart and satisfying. I'm sure {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} are fun as well, but they're not exactly my style.
Zed is essentially the AD version of Leblanc. You should give him a try! I wouldn’t be surprised if you liked him!
: it legit does tho. {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3047}} lets me do 1/3(ish) of {{champion:238}} health if he aint fed while letting me live long enough to get 2 Q's off. If I have my minions around, I win every fight with those three items(and more armor is on the way in the form of {{item:3742}} )
You don’t get those items till late game tho! If the Zed mid is descent they will roam top and gank/kill you and then they can carry to the win before you have money to get your full build!
: I mean, for me it's Sion, GP and Bard (so top, top/mid, support). I have no damn clue what position I should main any more...
Do you have a playstyle that you like the best? As I said above, I like the bursty mobile play type which fits perfectly with mid (and jungle that’s my secondary) but my problem is who I want to main out of the large pool of fun champs I have! Just takes time to figure it all out I guess!
: {{champion:83}} Cause I hate mobile bursty champs always ruining my games, so I kill them while they try to deal with my minions... MUAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
{{champion:238}} + {{item:3147}} = {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} for you my friend! Yes playing against him is annoying, but it doesn’t completely shut down assassins!
Penns (EUW)
: {{champion:105}} before his rework :[
I played fizz back then as well. That was really what got me into the champions I play now! Fizz is still fun even now tho!
: {{champion:61}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:222}}
What position do you main? You have mid adc and sup there!!
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You could always give good ole Fizz a try mid! Oriana, Jayce, and Ahri em fun too! I personally main Zed and Yasuo tho
: Infinite Gaming is Recruiting Teams and Players
Would this work for someone who is wanting to get into competitive for the first time? I’m just coming back from a 6 month break and want to get back into league and start playing ranked, but I don’t know who I want to main or what I need to work on. Thanks!
: You keep playing to get better. Practice dude. You have to put in the time and hopefully improve from there. You may or may not but it seems like you really haven't put in the time to know yet.
> [{quoted}](name=TheProfezzor,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=riNMH6IZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-06T04:32:14.294+0000) > > You keep playing to get better. Practice dude. You have to put in the time and hopefully improve from there. You may or may not but it seems like you really haven't put in the time to know yet. This is the part I’m aware of. I’m incredibly mediocre with a bunch of champions and not good with any. I want to pick one or two and get super good at them, but that’s where my problem comes in. I have no clue who those champions should be. As far as practice goes, should I work on mechanics in bot games till I can stomp them with ease and then transition into pvp, or play pvp and learn as I go? Thanks for the help!
: Missions
League is kind of a repitive game. Yea they will throw in different things here and there to spice it up but in the long run league is league. If you are getting bored then just mix things up! Play a new champion in a new position. Spicing things up every so often always seems to help me!
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: Ouch, that's pretty tough. All of them are extremely good champions in skilled hands of their main. The easiest way how to decide I think is their theme and character - just pick if you like noble clever high class lady that got cursed and got new abilities (or if you like reptiles), narcissistic genius jerk, a robot with **VERY** tragic origin story or edgy sorceress with absolutely awesome way of expressing her oppinions. If you only count gameplay, I'd go for Ori, because she's the most flexible of these four - has tools when behind and has synergy with 80% of champions in the game. Then I'd go for Jayce, because he has (as almost every double-form champion) bit of every tool you could need. Cass and Syndra are both on the third spot - Syndra is safer pick, but Cass can scale very well sooner when behind and has better utility, however worse range.
Thanks so much for the help! I'm not much into lore but I did find that part quite funny!! Ori has great team fight potential with her r and is generally a good pick. Thanks for the help!
Bultz (NA)
: Main Yasuo.
He's an assassin and has to be in people's face to do damage. With ahri and sundar being so prevalent you would get zoned like crazy in this meta.
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: What happens when the 1 champion you are good at is banned? If it were my team, I would take the mediocre guy over the one trick pony.
Generally people will have a main and 2-3 alts. So even if your main is picked or banned then you have a backup
: Ranked requires owning at least 16 champions
Would you rather be really good at one champion or mediocre at 16?
: > [{quoted}](name=shonggly,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=0OGWNaaE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-05-15T21:59:44.378+0000) > > I need more info to go on! What type of playstyle do you like? What lane? Etc. Scroll down i have already answered someone.
From what you said, you like to carry and do damage instead of tank. Thankfully I'm the same way! I main mid/jungle because they have the most influence. But again depends on your playstyle. I rescently changed playstyle slightly. I was an assign main and still love playing zed and Fizz, but I didn't like how they fell off late game with lack of team fight potential. Now I play oriana, syndra, Cassiopeia, and jayce. Probably going to main oriana and jayce. Both champions have good damage, are easy to cs with(super important!!) have good team fight ability, and great damage! As far as jungle goes, I play kha zix. Super mobile and does good damage. If you're just starting jungle I suggest master yi or Warwick. Both have great sustain and are easy to learn!
: I need a champion to play, to get good and to rank with but...
I need more info to go on! What type of playstyle do you like? What lane? Etc.
: Why is xerath underplayed?
I feel like it takes a person with a very specific playstlye mid to play {{champion:101}} although he does have good burst with items, that makes up for his complete lack of mobility. He is very similar to {{champion:161}} in that they are immobile, can't move during their ult, but both have good damage. In my opinion, the most played champions {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:64}} are allincredibly mobile with the addition of good damage. Why play a champion with good damage and fairly easily dodged skill shots, when you can play someone with good damage that is also mobile!
Paquay (NA)
: I've actually never played Jayce. He doesn't appeal to me that much but from what I understand he is a much more poke-centric champion. Yes he can run in and have a little bit of burst, but the majority of what he does is his long ranged shockblasts. If you're looking for burst heavy I wouldn't go with Jayce personally. You could check out {{champion:7}} although she tends to drop in usefulness during team fights and late game (similar to your issue with assassins) or {{champion:163}} who appears to be very strong right now for her team fight potential. If it's lower elo though you probably won't get the max out of her kit because the coordination with Weavers Wall would be harder to setup correctly.
Still doing my promos rn. In my first two games I got destroyed because I wasn't used to ahris early game and I struggled. I wstarted looking for an ap champ with a good laning phase that could help me snowball into the mid lane. These laners all seem good in that regard. My guess after playin against other people in ranked is I'll get placed high bronze (which sucks) but I enjoy playing harder champions like zed.
Paquay (NA)
: Well if you like insane burst I would recommend {{champion:69}} She also takes a lot of skill with positioning, correct rotations, and constant kiting. Of the other two you mentioned {{champion:134}} has a very quick single target burst that can delete people from the Rift, however, {{champion:61}} is a much better team fighter in my opinion due to her E and also her R. Personally, I love Ori, but I think if you like that quick burst Cass will be your mid-lane lady.
So what is your opinion on jayce in comparison?
: find a champion that you like to play . no matter if it's nami ! if you are super good on nami you can outplay the best zed . it's all about what you like bro
That's the thing tho! I like all of them! I like being more burst your but I hated the late game fall off for assasins and the lack of team fight ability. I feel like these champions all have more of a play style fitted to me, I just don't know which one is best
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mauyoa7 (EUW)
: Play trynd, is easy, fast, good and fun,
For mid lane? :P that doesn't work!
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: Need A LOT of Jungle Tips Please
Warwick is one of the best junglers to start with due to his incredible sustain in the jungle. When I am blue team I'll start red-wolves-then blue. With the sustain you should be ok to lv 3 hang top or mid lane right after that. Ok red side start blue then hit wolves and red then go for the lv 3 tank if it's possible if not then hit either gromp or scuttle crab depending on your health. One massive up is staying up in your farm and not blowing too much time on ganking. If you spend three minutes waiting for the perfect opportunity top then you will already be behind he enemy jungler and it can be hard to catch up. As far as map awareness goes, it's your job to keep track of dragon and baron. Keep a ward on dragon and rift early or just watch for missing laners in the area. It takes lots of practice but you can do it with practice!
Osnodon (NA)
: List of broken champs. Don't require skill to play and if you play them your just a noob
Zed and yasuo are some of the highest skill cap champs in the game?
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