Weedbro (NA)
: Okay but you're still banned. No unban 4 u.
?? it was a 2 week ban i've been unbanned for years
Lucasman (NA)
: I bet you cant stop feeding also
well i don't int anymore. im just plain bad.
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: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new send the report via that link
thanks :) wasn't sure if they allowed manual reports in the form of tickets or not
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Syanana (NA)
: so, i've heard that over the time the ban punishment goes down if you're not toxic, have you been banned again after this and not permabanned?
i don't check the boards much anymore but nope not so much as a chat restriction i also don't really play league though
Blakers1 (NA)
: Being balanced and healthy are two completely different things. His Q+Ult combos literally had 0 counter play. Not to mention getting caught out on old Rengar just meant hitting R and re-engaging with your team.
> q + ult combos had 0 counterplay that's how a good assassin is supposed to work.. if you're the adc and you get caught out solo against a rengar, you're supposed to be dead. if it was any other assassin, that's how it would work. but rengar is shit now. i fucking hated this champion for years, but he was JUST getting to a balanced state, and then they reworked him to death. i don't even play him, but fuck it's sad to see. i hate when people quit their mains just because riot did a shitty rework. happened to me with leblanc. plus, there is definite counterplay against a q + ult combo. you just needed to group up with someone really closely so that he wouldn't be able to single you out and would damage you both equally instead of bursting you to death. if you have nobody to group up with and you're caught out on your own. it's rengar's job to kill you. don't whine about it.
: uhm quick question what if you dont play at all for three months> Does the ban also drop after those inactive 3 months or should there rly be a sign of improvent in my lifespawn i got about 5 accounts perma banned ( few lvl 3'S etc.,) and ive got all my ingame friends on my main. Dont want to lose it Debating if i just should make a 2nd account and wait 3 months
lol if you got 5 accounts permabanned i don't want you playing league of legends
Elikain (EUNE)
: How does Shyvana's ult even function in Practice? You cannot cancel your dragon form so can you even recast your ult constantly?
nope - similar to riven's. you can cast the wind slash, but you have to wait for the AD / range buff to go away
: The best thing I can think of is refresh CD and grab some free gold and max your ult. Buy a ton of AS items and place a dummy whenever you need to regen her ult fast.
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sobi999 (EUW)
: Any other moba's that are fun to play? All i see in lol is that champs like kat, yasuo, fiora, vayne..... once fed are unstoppable and from there on it is ggwp.
honestly? No lol. i tried smite, it's sort of fun but the technology just isn't there yet. it gets boring quick, and their meta is super weird so it's hard to get into.
: Why is this game so anti-fun now?
people have been saying this for years. if you don't like it quit. or at least play less like i do. i find coming back to league after all the dynamic queue bullshit is over, playing once every couple of months and not spending any money on the game is actually pretty refreshing
: My Idea for a Shyvana Rework
shyvana visual update would be nice but a gameplay update I really don't want. especially with minigames. no offence, they're cool ideas, but no thanks
: Hello, id like to ask for some help. I was recently permaban (about a week or so). The thing ism i was having a really bad time and i ended up flaming left and right.. isntead of doing what id normally do, muting people. Now i looked at my logs and realized hwo mutch of a toxic player i was beeing.. I play this game for years now and rarelly spoke to avoid this kind of behavior (unless it was in mathers like saying good job and stuff like that). Right now i fear i will lose the acount cause i had a really rough time and was not carefull... plz help.
if you got permabanned for toxicity you're never going to get the account back but you can make a new account and change your attitude
: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls
why should i have to get to diamond just to have the system i had last year? just put it back to normal for every elo and we'll pretend you didn't fuck with us for the entire season
: Why don't people get passive that grants them extra gold when they play Twitch? It's maybe coz they need Nami support to properly stream their plays and then they get the money.
Reikken (NA)
: Actually I think they should just make it say not enough fury, just like how mana users say not enough mana
Reikken (NA)
: you can ping her fury bar though
Aoiide (EUNE)
: Should I make a new account
> [{quoted}](name=Aoiide,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eQYEBLup,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-09T15:53:10.918+0000) > >there are alot of trolls, > > most of my teammates are noobs >players are really freaking stubborn and they're reporting another players for nothing. > you think these things are going to get Better on NA..........?
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: Yes please I'm in the overflow group and waiting for opening in the main group x3
: Okay I can understand that, everyone sees differently. Maybe making the particals darker. Hmmm
completely unrelated but didn't you try to get into the shyv mains club one time when we were full? because we have 2 spots open now if you want in.
: We don't have the gemstones on the border, check again.
yes, we do, there's a very clear difference between the border i have and the border that someone in g1 would have
: That's against what they said last year with the gemstones on the borders that indicate division. This creates toxicity.
and yet we still have the gemstones on the border for divisions and not once has anyone ever brought up that i was gold 5 last season
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Why? Because with overwatch its a new system, its a new ranked experience, they are experimenting as it is a new game. Riot had over 5 years to perfect theirs, yet they managed to run it into the ground instead. And yes, because blizzard, despite its faults, is listening to the playerbase on overwatch, unlike Riot which doesnt give a single flying fck even when pros tell them they fcked up! Also, might be the fact that Blizzard isnt lying like Riot lied about soloq? Also, what this community is blowing out of proportion? That this new ranked system is shit? That Riot lied to us for how long? That Riot refuses to listen to what is said? That Riot refuses to implement both soloq and dynamic at the same time and let people choose? That dynamic q ruins ranked integrity? Those are the facts. And Riot needs some REALLY though love, not babying and letting them fck us in the arse with constant lying.
sounds like op is just a riot fanboy lmao
: Blizzard's ranked system actively punishes the players on the teams with people who leave. There is absolutely no way they did not see that this would be a problem.
im aware, i quit league for overwatch, but the difference is that blizzard is actually listening to their players and making changes. even if it doesn't get fixed this season, at least they actually plan on fixing it, unlike riot.
: League ranked > Overwatch ranked
there's a difference between a new game trying to balance out their ranking system that has been out for less than a week, and a game that's like 6 years old deliberately fucking up their already balanced ranking system to appeal to casuals the only reason you can play with friends in league ranked is because riot profits off of people having league friends. that's it. riot knows they fucked up and they don't care because they're making money.
SHerv (NA)
: Biggest mistakes that Bronze/Silver/Gold players do in "Elo Hell"
> high diamond https://i.gyazo.com/c07f528230d3bc839f639564bb5614c6.png
: I have Dynamic Queue because people from my games will invite me to a another game when we win because I'm generally breaking my back as {{champion:37}} healing the crap out of them. But I'm solo queueing this season and rarely play with my friends. And when I do que with friends its for 2-3 games then its back to soloing. And so far i've been accused of being boosted. Apparently people like you want to flame people like me who generally like to play with a team and people they do good with.
obviously i wasn't talking about you lmao you're silver 5. i don't care if you're boosted to silver 5 as long as you stay low elo & away from me.
ApeLogic (NA)
: That's information that you probably don't want on the loading screen. It would be an excuse for someone to instant flame on a first mistake.
i'd flame the fuck out of anyone that had the dynamic queue emblem tbh
: > [{quoted}](name=shyv,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0Qt579AW,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2016-06-29T20:54:26.466+0000) > > only if u get caught :^) every post on the forums gets read your on a list now congrats :^)
> [{quoted}](name=HighTemplarStorm,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0Qt579AW,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-29T20:59:39.207+0000) > > every post on the forums gets read your on a list now congrats :^) idc, i've never bought sold or traded an account. riot can ban me if they'd like but i haven't done anything against the tos.
: > [{quoted}](name=shyv,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0Qt579AW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-29T19:00:58.440+0000) > > sell your account and buy overwatch against tos
> [{quoted}](name=I HAVE REFORMED,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0Qt579AW,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-29T19:23:15.822+0000) > > against tos only if u get caught :^)
: how do i quit this game?
sell your account and buy overwatch
: Earn ranked emblems starting today
you actually think that giving us a sticker is going to make us feel better about constantly getting stomped by premades when playing solo? i mean sure it's good to make fun of people for being boosted as fuck but i already had op.gg for that.
: Anyone else DCing mid game (NA server, in Canada)
yeah but for really short periods of time. who's your isp
: Etiquette of smurfing
in my experience, telling someone i'm smurfing when i just stomped them just makes them even more mad. even if i try to phrase it in the form of "you're not bad im just smurfing" they're just incredibly pissed that i'm smurfing for any reason
Ruggggg (NA)
: They lose more with a low elo player and you lose less with higher elo. Fair games are fair games. Wasn't talking about being carried. Was talking about playing with friends so no reporting for negativity is done. If there was negativity , they would not be playing with you.
what the fuck did you just are saying
: When the boards come after your main and call it the new cancer
a whlie ago on GD there was a guy who posted "gut shyvana cancer freelo" etc etc literally every single day either he got banned or he's happy with the nerfs and devo removal.. haven't seen him since
: Smurf accounts need to be addressed
bring back solo queue and i'll stop dynamic boosting then lol
: The worst part is that the players, even pro players, tell them what they are doing wrong. Yet they ignore all that.
that's because riot is never wrong and all the statistics they made up support that according to the information they refuse to release to the public I actually never quit league and I'm having a great time playing dynamic queue can't argue with the facts
: What is Riot's answer to the declining league community?
> [{quoted}](name=Orthopedist,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gu0mfoxz,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-16T15:24:46.093+0000) > >I still play league it's just not fun anymore you should really quit. i know it was hard for me to quit too, i've put a lot of time & money into this game (i've been playing since season 2 as well) but once i quit i felt a lot better i still log on to league to talk with friends and i've played.. 2 normal games in the past month i think? but both times we got bored and opened mid. playing felt like a chore. i feel a lot better now that i don't care about this game. i kinda hope it dies out tbh. riot fucked up their own game & they deserve this.
: Where did you get this questionable link from exactly. I'm afraid to facecheck
it just links to a rioter's twitter account
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Not to mention they use higher ranked solos to balance groups, meaning your team _(if they are premade, which is always. I have yet to play a game without at least 1 duo)_ is quite literally holding you down.
do they actually? jesus christ. that would explain why my silver smurf got matched with a team of bronze 3 - 4 idiots a few days ago. smurf mmr is bad but not THAT bad.
: Why is it that people hate dynamic q so much? I mean... I'm not against peoples opinions, but I'm just curious as to why.
solo players have significantly lower chances of winning, and riot's statistics support that. premades get matched against smaller parties (like a 5s team matched against players solo or trio) all the time, and it's MUCH easier to climb as a group not to mention some people are abusing dynamic queue and queuing with smurfs so they're just being carried. i really tried to love ranked this season. i wanted to get to diamond. but after queuing solo and getting stomped by a 5 man team, i'm just done.
Dicerson (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Szunray,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=jnYt3JPh,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-06-12T18:13:21.125+0000) > > Ten random Bronze players (who've demonstrated sportsmanlike conduct) Good luck.
in my experience bronze is a lot more sportsmanlike than silver / gold at least bronze players know they're bad, silver and gold think they're good it's really just bronze but shinier
: what does that even mean? having something in common with a person is so generic and irrelevant. Do you have hair? does he have hair? if you answered yes to both of these then you have something in common with him. How does that feel?
that's not what i meant and you know it. don't play stupid.
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