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: Apparently I'm not level 30 yet and I can't play a game
Koresma (NA)
: It says I'm not Level 30 so I can't play PVP/Co-Op but I am Level 30?
That's how it is for everyone, hence the red exclamation mark that describes the problem at the top.
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: LF Mid / Jg Ranked 5s
IGN SilencingKaos Age 22 Role Mid Laner Champion Pool Xerath, Syndra, Zed, Katarina, Lux, Ryze, Lissandra, Brand, Annie Strengths Almost Never lose lane Weakness No team experience on Leauge Rank Plat IV
: Plat Mid Laner Looking for team/duo (Late Night)
: Plat Mid Laner Looking for team/duo (Late Night)
: Plat Mid Laner Looking for team/duo (Late Night)
: !Looking for positive people to join a team and push through Ranked 5's!
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Clitonto (NA)
: Team looking for mid laner!
Name:SilencingKaos Age: 22 Skype?: Yes Rank:Plat 3 Champion pool: Xerath, Syndra, Ryze, Lissandra, Vladimir, LuLu
: Looking for scrub Mid and Top
Name: SilencingKaos Rank: Plat III Position Wanted: Mid Best Champ: Xerath Time Zone: PST
Thr34t (NA)
: Starting a new team, Plat+
IGN: SilencingKaos Role: Mid laner/Top SoloQ Rank: Plat III Preferred champ pool: Xerath, Syndra, Ryze, Irelia, Vlad Times you normally play ( Include time zone ): 9pm - 2 am (PST) Ranked team 5s experience: None really but willing to learn. Info about yourself: 22 years old. Just started playing league again after a year break, got placed in gold after provisionals and rising through the ranks!
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: [LFM]Team nvUs, is searching for a sister team!
IGN: SilencingKaos Role: Mid Laner Experience: Mid lane God Age: 22 Rank: Plat 3 Timezone: PST
: crash
Windows 8 user. Takes about 20 times to reconnect to 100 percent to finally join into game again. Goes from 30 ping to 1000 instantly and then says attempting to reconnect and then keeps crashing after. Horrible bug, needs to get fixed asap.
: [Client]
Happening to me too. Connection is fine but league keeps crashing.
: [Crash] The game keeps crashing
Bumping all these threads till the issue gets resolved.
: An update to the client crash bug please?
Bumping all these threads. It is ridiculous.
Esvey (NA)
: Game Crashing
Bump. Happening like crazy.


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