: That should have been due to the optimization. Can you run some traceroutes and open a ticket with Comcast? We can work with them and see if there is an issue on their network. Shoot the traceroutes to riotwizardotl@riotgames.com
Will grab some traceroutes once I get home from work. Alternatively if you can send me an address to trace via something less public-facing (Twitter DM/email on file) I can remote back home and get it to you from here. Edit: Ran a traceroute against NA IP address specified in support documentation and sent via email.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
Speaking from the perspective of someone on Comcast in Silicon Valley, I've gone from 42ms low packet loss, down to 33ms nearly-zero packet loss a few months ago, back up to 42ms but with nearly-zero packet loss as of what feels like 3-4 weeks ago. Was that short time where I had 33ms the result of test runs for route optimization, or was that a fluke that I shouldn't expect to see back anytime soon? I hadn't run any traceroutes at the time but now I wish I had so I could compare.


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