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: ping increased from 30 to 77!!!!!!!!
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: Should i play what i find fun or what i win with
Just play what's fun for you since you just started. Learn the game at your own pace or you'll just become frustrated and quit
: Yuumi just needs some buffs and ability tweaks
she just got released wait a bit
: Should I fill in ranked?
Fastest way to climb is to win. Fill is the slowest way to climb and you'll usually be pushed in support. Support is the worst role to carry in low elo if you aren't playing brand, zyra, pyke or something like them. If you want to climb fast pick 2 roles and get good at them with a select few champs.
: Why is majority vote meaningless in surrender vote?
This would be a Super Majority vote. I just wish riot wouldn't allow the 2nd vote until 20 minutes cause you can start it up at 19 and then have to wait longer for it again, or allow second vote after the 15 m one to be a majority vote.
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