: Permaban
YES YOU WILL GET PERMA BANNED FOR 1 SLIP UP! Then if you ask anybody in the community for advice or support they all treat you like you're a pos instead of at least trying to see your side. Just don't type that's all they care about
: What are the logs that are given to you when you attempt to log in? Because I've never seen it say, "Pre-Game Lobby" nor do I see any identifiers for the second game. In your first thread you had less chat logs than what you're posting here.
It says above it was copy and pasted from the e-mail reply and above you see where the games are marked, game 2 is Game 3027215498: These are my exact logs I got when I logged in
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: There are oddities with your logs. Missing game numbers, odd spacing, and the fact the [All] labeling only comes with chat logs supplied from Support, not the reform card.
I copy and pasted the text you automatically get when you appeal for your ban. a blitzcrank bot comes up and shows the games. If you really think I would alter my texts then they must not be that bad which I'm happy about
: If these are your logs and you didn't have a prior punishment its worth a support ticket. EDIT: Since you submitted a support ticket I'm curious how they will respond. But I could see how the crime scene narration would be disturbing.
That's what's weird about these logs. My teammates were like ?? explain, details and we were having a conversation about it. but since it's only my logs you only get to see what I said. I wouldn't have just kept typing about a crime scene lol
: If these are your logs and you didn't have a prior punishment its worth a support ticket. EDIT: Since you submitted a support ticket I'm curious how they will respond. But I could see how the crime scene narration would be disturbing.
I did have prior punishment but i was around 2 years ago and i thought i was being careful since then xD Thanks for being understanding btw
: This sounds like it really sucks, but nearly every time someone cries to the community about an unfair ban a rioter responds if it gets enough traction. Generally when that happens the rioter gently points out that the player crying victimization left out a teensy little detail that makes the whole story completely different. On the off chance that isn't the case, you'd be better off submitting a ticket than crying on the forums, but you do you.
I already did submit a ticket I just made this post since it happened so recently. Since I'm not the only person in the forum that plays I'm pretty sure most people can understand and I guess I just want to know if down to earth people actually think what I said was permabannable. I'm not a little kid and not in the habit of playing video games to ruin other peoples days or make folks feel miserable about themselves and these chat longs are obviously extreme examples which is why they were picked. Out of the most extreme examples of me being toxic I don't see a reason for me to lose everything and that's why I'm so confused
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: NA Top lane main looking for duo or team
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: 1 Rune page is 6300ip ?!?!?!?!?
that moment when only the lowest of the low look at your post and it gets down-voted regardless of your good points. Well played riot, well played
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: Your second reason is exactly what dynamic que is for. You are contradicting your self.
Mandang0 (NA)
: ^This. Riot's pulled a fast one by releasing the new champ select at the same time as dynamic queue, allowing them to claim any improvements in ranked are due to (the controversial) dynamic queue rather than (the universally-loved) new champ select.
: > [{quoted}](name=sirfuhkstain,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3UHLbK86,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-06-13T16:24:21.500+0000) > > how are the 6mil positively affected? i'm silver my friends are all bronze-plat and the feeling of dynamic que being shit is mutual. > It doesn't add anything positive, role selection does, not dynamic que Toxicity is way down, as Riot has stated. If you're in a game with premades, you don't get yelled at nearly as much. And of course, plenty of people at that level just want to premade. Now they can.
too bad i just read a thread about the real reason "toxicity" is down, and it's not because of dynamic que. 2 reasons for that, 1. everybody is getting the role they want so no more zed/yasuo mids in the same game 2. people are playing ranked together and not reporting there friends. If in a game with premades it feels awful because you're the 5th wheel and even if they're a fine group you are reminded of all the horrible premades you have dealt with, or will deal with or you just feel bad for the solo on the other team who got the shitter premade. Who is plenty of people? the amount of people actively choosing to solo/duo compared to the small amount that premade is mind blowing. Go look up any active numbers of players grouped vs players soloing, you will rethink how you feel about dq
Dedrius (NA)
: I didn't downvote? I don't downvote threads I disagree with, just threads that I think don't belong on boards. If new players play at a gold or platinum level, why should they start with players who are at a bronze level? I understand you are frustrated that some players ranked higher than they should even though they have a lower skill level but that happens sometimes. Someone could get carried all 10 games and place higher than they should, and eventually drop in rank. If I made a new account I don't want to ruin 20-30 bronze/silver games while I stomp my way up to high plat/diamond, so automatically putting me in bronze would be bad for everyone.
in the less than 1% of circumstances that a player is going to level a new account for the first time and be plat tier, I think they should still start at low silver-bronze. My frustration is with my teammates, not my friends. My friends were an example of witnessing people who don't care to get better, get rewarded. If I can start this season bronze 3 and get to S2 anybody can with effort. Compared to bronze however, a majority of the players i play with in silver are new to ranked & don't understand map awareness, objective control or last hitting. I'm not sure how people exactly get ranked but if I base it off my friends list at the start of this season, or the ranked games I'm getting, it's not very accurate.
: The top 1% get screwed over. Fine, The other 6 million players are mostly positively affected. And as he points out, the top 1% gain the most from the game. They make streaming or YouTube careers out of it, they are professional players. They can put up with a bad experience if it earns them money. Every other minimum wage job is miserable. The Bronze/Silver/Gold players shouldn't be punished by losing a system that supports their playstyle just because the Plats/Diamonds/Masters feel like their individual skill is less relevant. Not completely meaningless, less relevant.
how are the 6mil positively affected? i'm silver my friends are all bronze-plat and the feeling of dynamic que being shit is mutual. It doesn't add anything positive, role selection does, not dynamic que
: the only way to fix this woul be to go back to season 1/season 2 ranked system, where bronze elo started where silver 1 is about now and have everything below count as unranked. riot decided they wanted to make everyone feel good by giving even the crappiest of players some sort of rating, and basically invented a medal for being the worst of the worst of the game, by making the lowest divisions bronze. otherwise, the 10 placement games decide where youre going. and the truth is, that the average skill level of a completely new player who just got through his placements is probably somewhere in silver.
Dedrius (NA)
: That doesn't make much sense. When I first started playing I was placed in silver 5 and climbed to silver 2ish where I stayed for a majority of the first season I played. Saying everyone should be bronze to start is saying that all players have the same skill once they reach level 30, which is not true. Someone who leveled their account playing only Co-op vs AI is going to have a different level of skill compared to someone who only played Summoners Rift and should not be arbitrarily placed just due to it being a new account. Also then even more low elo players would complain about smurfs, as most real smurfs place in gold anyway and do not bother the players in bronze/silver.
thanks for the down-vote, no actually that's what you are saying. I'm saying that people should all start in a similar place and the people who deserve to rank up will and the ones who don't, won't. All my friends that ranked low this season who are actually good, didn't stay low ranked for long. The ones who made accounts to inflate their ranks, ranked down & down until they quit. Your first placements should place you either low to high bronze or low silver at best for a new account and they compensate for how you did next year. Not give new players higher ranks for being new
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: Yea its ridiculous. New accounts starting mmr is waaaayyyyy too high. My cousin got placed into gold 4 last season............................................................. Ofcourse he dropped down to gold 5 0 lp and quit playing. But still got those season rewards. Somehow he lost account info and had to make a new one and this season his placements did not go as well and got placed in low silver. Now he is stuck in silver 4. Now he understands why I was so pissed last season when he got placed into gold 4. The climb is real and you need to learn the game. People should not be given handouts. Especially since a vast majority of players are in gold, silver, bronze. Each division is like 5% or more of the population. Those ranks should mean something, and by having new accounts with such a high mmr it really hurts the meaning behind low elo ranks.
agreed. It pains me to think about how many ranked games my friends have anchored because they smurf accounts to higher mmr but never practice or try to get better. Most of them have already followed your friend this season & quit playing in general.
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: I was pretty against it a while back when people suggest it, but looking at the direction Riot is taking League I think it's pretty needed. But Riot is gonna come in here and give you the bullshit "it will create more toxicity" reasoning as to why they wont do it. Like fuck you can't eliminate 100% of flaming from the game. It'll happen no matter what. Then when you try to take measure to reduce that so babies don't get their feelings hurt you just destroy the competitiveness of the game.
Exactly my point, honestly it probably creates my toxicity since you can't get your points across in tense situations. It's annoying they don't even make an attempt at it.
: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. NOPE! hearing all these people would make me quit lol. there's scum in almost every game already. also they would flame you and get away with it. what would riot do? listen to the audio??
so mute them? it's not about you & you probably don't play ranked anyways. Norms doesn't need voice chat as that is where most of the toxic people would troll, ranked needs it desperately
: This would be a good and bad thing Good because it would allow for better communication between solo players Bad because it gives toxics a new way of harassing people
but toxic people are going to harass regardless? The lack of proper communication in tense situation also makes people behave more toxic in general. Also you can't always properly get across what you mean in text form. The excuse of toxic players in invalid because toxic players exist already and the same rules would apply, mute them and report. Amazing how often that actually works.
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: I believe the way they changed zyra has upped up the skill level you need to play her. zyra is balanced tho.. even though she does tons or dmg, she has 0 mobility and escapes. For champs who have ez lock downs & gap closers like rengar, kha and hec etc, it's super easy to take her out 1st. The moment shes used all her seeds and you know seeds are on Cd= dead. the moment you know she just used her snare & plants = dead. Positioning is really important for zyra and it's easy to die the second your out of pos. Ppl think shes more scary than she really is. At early game in lane she is. never trade with her, BUT Mid to late she can be taken out ez with the right timing and notice of her positioning. A lot of ppl like to flash away when she ults... but if there's only 1 plant there or none, it's really not worth the flash unless you know the enemy team is there and going to jump you. I'd say, zyra can be easily countered if you pay att to where her seeds are&the CD on her seeds (she can only carry 2 afterall, and theyre on quite high CD). The other seeds would be random and she needs to be in the area for a certain amount of time to grow them there.
You're right, it's probably the champs i was playing against her.
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: Daily reminder that a lot of players still want SoloQueue
> [{quoted}](name=Awesomeasf ck,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fdAAxKEh,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-08T21:23:14.261+0000) > * in addition to the previous point I have witnessed in many occasions how premade group do not follow a good initiation by the solo player, while following the wrong one, as long as it is done by their premade. It is not always the case, but I have seen this happening. Believe me - the feeling when you land 5-man sej ult, just to see how your teammates recall at full HP is pretty discouraging Thanks for saying exactly how i feel. It's far passed "wah wah they are toxic" and much about no communication, filling a void they couldn't being left in the dark, not feeling apart of the game. Why ruin the game for the person who is by themselves? I think 4man pre-mades specifically are the worst part about dynamic que. It shouldn't be possible to que with 4, it's fucked up anybody at riot thought it would be a decent idea to punish people who don't frequently play with friends or other people. My personal 4man experiences (which led me to this post) has been on average so awful im lead to believe it would be better for me to add random silvers and try to get them to que with me. at least then somebody will ping the map.
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: So riot put out that the main goal for this was that if one team is getting a huge advantage they cannot freeze the lane, in the center of the lane and completely starve of the opponent. For example, lets say a Ryze top has completely stomped a trundle to the point where if trundle touches the wave outside of his tower radius he will be rooted and killed / forced to back. Ryze's team has the average level advantage. Currently ryze can freeze mid lane and starve Trundle making Trundle useless and feel miserable. IMO attempting to fix this scenario is a good thing. Current mechanics will make it impossible for Ryze to freeze and Trundle will be able to get some CS under tower, also exposing Ryze to ganks. However I DON'T think this is the best way of addressing this issue. Managing minion waves / setting up slow pushes mid to late game is an extremely important skill / mechanic. For example if your at a situation where the teams are locked in a bit of a 5v5 stalemate mid / dragon wherever one team can benefit by having planed ahead and set up a wave so it pushed on its own during the stalemate. This means the opposing team needs to either send someone to stop the push and risk a 5v4 engage or abandon the tower and contest the current objective. Either way it rewards the team that though strategically ahead of time. In the upcoming system. (unless its live now, if i'm not mistaken it was not coming out patch release but being announced at some point during the patch.) The team with the level / objective (and therefore gold) advantage will automatically have their waves push during this scenario, even if the opposing team attempted to establish slow pushes. This is blatantly unfair, because if the winning team with all those other advantages were unable to force the fight and overpower the opposition THEY DON'T DESERVE free objectives. In the end this removes yet another comeback element in the mid-late game. Furthermore this is a huge insult to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves facing a 4v5. Because your shot one player your teams average level will be lower regardless of how well the other 4 players are doing. These minion management techniques are even more important for winning the 4v5 because your best bet is often to utilize them to force a 4v4 team fight or stall and have the waves take an objective. With this now being removed its going to be THAT much harder to win no matter how well your team is doing. I tried coming up with an alternative solution but i'm not sure if its the way to go either, My thoughts were to have a minion aggro system. When one team reaches the required level advantage threshold rather then having their minions get buffed they "anger" the opposing teams minions drawing more aggro when in the lane. SO essentially when they go near the wave it aggros on them rather then their minions. (potentially with a reduced damage to champs for balancing? Anger clouds focus and all) The opponent will have a slightly easier time in a fight due to the extra minion damage. + since the opponents waves are targeting you rather then your minions your wave will automatically push preventing you from freezing and starving your enemy. The best part of this is because it relies on you being in the lane. It has 0 effect on slow push strategies so the team that planned ahead will bet the advantage during a stalemate not the team with the higher average level. Any thoughts?
Thanks for taking the time to write this well thought out response. I honestly never thought it was an issue as it rarely seems to happen unless the teams are well matched up or the team comp isn't built for that. IMO it feels like a response to the drawn out E-sports games which should have minimal effect on the average player since they're never going to be close to that level competitively. I like the minion aggro idea but again I don't really think we even have an issue worth looking into when the game has so many other areas they could be putting time into improving
: if the lanes keep pushing towards you, it will deny a lot of CS for the opposing teams. creeps will end up killing the creeps as opposed to the other champions getting to them.
That's true but we already have a mechanic for that, super minions, rift heralds & barons. boosting the creep power forces the losing team to always focus on waves all game with less chance to comeback than ever. Show me any game where a team comes back from a decent gold & level deficit and I will stfu but it doesn't seem possible.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rhasntsul,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vkJixbWE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-26T18:10:22.425+0000) > > It's just more invisible power. People who join after this update will legit have 0 idea how the minions interact. Unless Riot makes it show the buffs on the minions. Nonetheless wave control is redundant at this point. You will always have waves pushing into you. Let's not mentions that it'll also make super minions stronger.
Very good point
: It's just more invisible power.
How do you mean?
: i think it will help against people freezing the wave.
I have no issue with lane freezes, I prefer games where a team can comeback from if they play safe, focus objectives or getting picks on players. It's still possible I'm sure, but why make it so much more difficult?
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: So basically If you get a banner, murder 2 turrets and have a higher team average level. Minions will do the snowballing so you don't have to! One unstoppable cannon minion and gg
That's what I'm worried about, it seems like they're making changes specifically for E-Sports & not thinking too much about the players. I know I'm only silver but every ranked game I've played since the patch nobody is doing anything different. out of the 20 games I've played only 2 my team went for the harold with me and both times our jg smited the buff and went straight into the jungle or died. Too many changes too fast & for the worst. I'm upset at myself for picking the wrong moba to learn..
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: Balance Team Q+A: Ask Us Anything! [COMPLETE]
Please remove friendly minion collision plz. I'm getting sick of my minions body trolling my champion
: How to Report a Bug
[GAMEPLAY] I have discovered a bug with Nasus when he charges up his Q and tries to attack with it. What happens is Nasus does the animation like he is going to Q an enemy but at the last second stops, resets the animation form and proceeds to do it in slowmotion. I have not been able to recreate the bug on purpose but it's happened every Nasus game I've played so far in the past week. I'm sure if you play 1 game with Nasus farming like normal you will be able to see exactly what I'm talking about. It's caused me to miss out on lots of damage, kills & sometimes has caused death. here is a video of the bug in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd2Chm9uMD4
: Battle and Brawl: Black Market Brawlers Showmatch


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