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NF Shido (NA)
: Nightfall Is looking for more!
IGN: SkankWrangler Age: 23 Yes, make any time as long as word is spread a couple hours b4 Main Role: Mid, Top, Support (Talon,morg,thresh,ahri,annie,fiora) any champ in meta for those roles!
: NOBODY CARES about the cheaters on 3v3????
: LF Serious 3v3 Twisted Treeline Players (Pref Plat+ players)
Yo are u still playing tonight? I don't have a morning class so ill be on all night
Kelyx (NA)
: Dawn eSports TryOuts. Sign Ups here!
Team applying for: Dawn Arcane IGN: skankwrangler Rank last season: Gold Rank this season: Diamond Role applying for: Mid/Support Availability: Any- Advance notification preferred


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