: if riot wants to save league the have to. 1) throw dynamic queue out the window and make true solo Q. 2) add in incentives for new players **for a prolonged period of time until they can obtain ~25 champions or an equivalent in IP** 3) lower IP costs of EVERYTHING, no sense in having a disgraceful gap in stat power from a new player and a lvl 30 4) free rune pages, literally shouldn't be a thing, its fine to have to buy extras but it shouldn't be a limiting factor at least 2 per role. 5) reduce frustrating play 6) teaching mode, whether it be two v two (good player + noob) vs 2 bots, or full team, but something constructed in a way where a good player can offer starting advice and show people important concepts to new/low levels or anyone who wants to improve. 7) improve chances of playing with people with whom you've worked well with( + recommendation) and avoid players you just dont want to play with. ( - recommendation)
I more or less agree with all of this, but I think the MOST IMPORTANT ONE is actually 5) **5) reduce frustrating play** This was so clearly the primary goal of every change Morello made to the game, and in his overall direction. Losing him to whatever long term project Riot is working on was the worst thing to happen to the game in its history. No one since has understood why his direction was so valuable and successful.
: I see the DQ complaints here, but that's not the main reason I quit. Since the juggernaut catastrophe, I've had less and less fun playing with every subsequent patch. When preseason 6 started, I'd actually begun to _hate_ the game instead of just disagreeing with its direction like I normally did when some big unwanted change went through. With everything that's happened this season...well, my last game was in the middle of April after taking 1-2 week breaks between handfuls of games and I'm not missing League. I'm only missing what it used to be and hope that in season 7 Riot will come to their senses instead of accelerating this disaster in the making.
The juggernaut patch was such a mess. It never should have dropped that close to worlds, especially not in the balance state it was in. Should have waited until preseason. And dragon ghost? that's a mechanic best left on the cutting room floor.
: I now,officially have no idea why riots keeping DQ
If it's popular in China/Korea it LITERALLY DOESN'T MATTER what the rest of the world thinks. There's your benefit.
Minarde (NA)
: ~~ManWolfAxeBoss plans on addressing that in an ARAM pass at some point. I have absolutely no clue when he'll have the chance to work on it though.~~ Scratch that. Didn't see the recent PBE changes. Apparently they're [just removing all vision items besides Oracle's](https://twitter.com/SmashGizmo/status/738153639139627009).
Rioter Comments
Tsugaga (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jelly Mac,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7xxuWRyh,comment-id=001500000000,timestamp=2016-05-16T23:04:47.501+0000) > > It's not hard to figure out. There is a subset of League players (however small) who play exclusively ARAM and only have the obnoxious champs unlocked so they can go ham every game. If Riot suddenly forced them to start playing the 90 other champs that aren't easy as fuck to stomp with on a one lane map and that they have never touched and don't know how to play, they will start losing games. They won't go to SR because they never learned how to play that map properly and so will get destroyed there too. They will simply leave the game and take their money with them. "They will start losing games." No evidence to support that claim, it's not nice to say a player will lose simply because they don't have their preferred champ. Assumption. "They won't go to SR" No evidence. Assumption. "because they never learned how to play that map properly" No evidence. Assumption. "and so will get destroyed there too." No evidence. Dishonorable statement. Assumption. "They will simply leave the game and take their money with them." No evidence that they would leave, or that they would be leaving with any money that they would have spent on League otherwise. Assumption. I believe it's possible that there are players who would quit League over this change, and Riot might lose a few dollars, however economic gain isn't a good argument for supporting inequality, and I believe that the monetary losses would be insignificant. Players quit League every day, and players quit League every update. There will always be players who quit due to certain changes, that's their choice, the few dollars aren't worth not making changes, especially so when the change would be to remove inequality.
I used to be an SR player, but it sucks shit this season, so I play exclusively ARAM and rotation modes. I'm not sure I would quit entirely if I had to play, idk, Skarner and Evelynn in ARAM, but I'd probably play it less often.
: What I was trying to say is that game would probably be fine if the player base wasn't toxic and whiny more people would enjoy the game. I feel like people are ruining other's gameplay more than was in past seasons.
: I feel like our play base is acting entitled to what they want happening in the game, and with all the changes happening this season most of them are getting what the want. My opinion is that Riot really shouldn't listen to much to feedback this season because it is mostly people complaining about a system they are trying to fix...
if a game isn't fun ** that's the GAME'S fault**
: Mastery level 6 & 7 are a joke.
riot needs to accept that mastery is a shit system
: Name one dota hero that does that.
for a while that was a pretty common dota problem. lina exists, what's your next nuker hero going to do that's different? sure ogre magi's different, but HOW different is he? there's the single target nuke, there's the aoe damage, there's the stun... or phantom lancer and like, chaos knight. they both create illusions and do autoattacky stuff and have a point and click debuff...
: Patch Chat 6.9 - Playtesting the Mage Update
With the mage item rework could you put trap revealing passive on the new Spooky Ghosts Item since the old spooky ghosta re gone from Howling Abyss? Or give us a New AP Trap Detection item?
: My mom walked by and looked at my computer screen as I logged in...
give her the DL link so she can look at him too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Ground attack aircraft? {{champion:133}} = ? = http://www44.atwiki.jp/7weapons2?cmd=upload&act=open&pageid=1&file=a-10_thunderbolt_2.jpg
technically wouldn't she be... a harrier? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: And why is it repressive and censor heavy? Oh yeah... right. Because it is communist like every other communist country has been like
: Want soloq? stop bitching start acting, this is how you get it back.
as long as it's more popular in china, what you do will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,ever just repeat that as long as you want really matter
Mandaari (NA)
: It should be lowered to 400 so that it's a square number. Nerds unite.
: I don't think you actually do miss old old raka, you basically lost lane against her 100% of the time for free
: Its probably better long term to figure out how to make the healer trope work within game so we can have more interesting healing abilities in the future
I really wish they'd give up on "healbot" soraka it's unfun to play and it's unfun to play against. I really miss old old raka who rained stars on people until they cried, and maybe thought about casting a heal once in a while.
: North America is no saint either. http://static.leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/download/882/
I kind of love their whole "art we found inside a high schooler's sketchbook" original art style.
: it's like riot is deliberately trying to make sure season 6 is horrifically bad
now you understand the hate for Ghostcrawler in other fandoms!
iainB85 (NA)
: How much you want to bet solo queue is not being worked on at all and Riot just said that to get people to keep trying dynamic queue in the mean time? I'm waiting for them to quote that BS suggestive survey by Lyte claiming that the majority of people are happy with dynamic queue so they've decided to cancel "development" on solo queue. I hope I'm wrong, but each time I hear more information I fear this scenario more and more.
I'm sure it's being worked on the same guys who were ready to flip the switch on ranked Dominion. It's ready to go any time!
: unless you also get {{item:3022}}
yes but that would delay the power of sterak's by 3000 gold
Jari (NA)
: Mah Nid spears.
Rioter Comments
Zengar25 (NA)
: Honors don't feel rewarding
like many of lyte's other efforts it got 10% of the way somewhere and then was left to rot in the desert
: they didn´t balance around the LCS though, for the LCS it´s also the most horrible season so far...they just killed a lot of the strategical part of the game that made it fun in the first place.
feels like their goal was shorter, more decisive matches in pro play. but I agree with you, that was the result.
: If I'm being honest, this game is just not even a little fun anymore
Yeah, most of the balance complaints are actually because of this problem: the game is not good at capturing what people find fun about it anymore. All the balancing towards LCS has made it boring and the actual game unfun. ARAM TRUE GAME MODE
SquatEye (EUNE)
: with 129 champs, i would not dare to say that balancing is something that can be done easily - but looking at just the recent nerfs, buffs, items and champs (including reworks) I'm not really sure that they even read the opinions of those who play this game on a daily basis, or that they have a clear vision of what they would like to do and what will be the ultimate result of their actions.
they know the moba market isn't growing anymore, and realistically will start shrinking - if not this year, then next. They're desperate for something to reverse that.
Rioter Comments
: How about fucking revert the rework?
fucking this right here
: Twisted Treelines players should be worried.
They already removed the good TT map anyway
: > THAT GAME SHOULD NOT COUNT. Not the correct way to go about things. People will abuse this system by being toxic towards others enough that they leave. They want to avoid this even though they already have a system for this. It sucks ass, I know, but so does ranked.
if someone never connects the entire game the game shouldn't have even started
: What is it with people and hating support lmao. It's not _that _ bad.
in soloqueue ranked generally the best way to raise your rank is to completely own a lane/champion combo and push it for a win every time. unfortunately this is very hard as support after silver 3 or so, when you start running in to other support mains, instead of folks who got forced into it.
Fowus (NA)
: that caitlyn skin is ugly as fuck
: http://www.polygon.com/2015/12/16/10326320/riot-games-now-owned-entirely-by-tencent
: > [{quoted}](name=Hay5eed,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=FMINwB37,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2015-12-17T07:40:47.491+0000) > > How the hell is Riot supposed to address this? How about, instead of talking to Riot about this, you actually talk to the jerks doing this? Like Tencent, or hell, go to the REAL badguys, China themselves. > There is a reason this hasn't become a thing in the rest of the world. Their governments would not do this. It's simple economics. China is a totalitarian government that is being over taken by corporate companies enslaving their young to force them to make barbie dolls in factories with suicide nets on them. There is plenty of reason for civil unrest in China, and that civil unrest can lead to rebellion. China has a demand to spy on their citizens and encourage them to act accordingly, Tencent is fulfilling that demand for money. Tencent owns Riot games for one thing, money, that is it. > > I mean if your dad went out and shot ten people should I come up to you and make you answer for all the things your father has done? > Why should Riot games be held accountable? Riot has a voluntary business relationship with Tencent, a driving force behind these insidious actions. I do not know the extent of Riot's knowledge or involvement, I assume it's little to nothing, but I'm putting the info out there so that Riot can either know themselves what Tencent is up to or tell us that it's not as bad as it seems or that they aren't tolerating that and taking action X. That's how. Pretty simple stuff. > [{quoted}](name=Br4ndon,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=FMINwB37,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2015-12-17T08:22:23.030+0000) > > I watched the entire video and couldnt figure out what this had to do with tenacity. Mistakes were made. Tencent is a prime backer of the project that does the citizenship rating game thing.
> Riot has a **voluntary **business relationship with Tencent lol
: I wish Riot could make a cool Nami Skin next :(
Instructions unclear, now I want Star Guardian Nami Rito Plz
: > [{quoted}](name=skyknyt,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EjOABYua,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-12-05T16:41:33.316+0000) > > To be fair, this is a problem with literally all of their figures. They somehow pick the ugliest sculpts available, which is hilarious when you look at how many amazing fan figures there are with tremendous sculpts. Oh shit is that a non factual opinion i see?
https://na.merch.riotgames.com/en/collectibles/statues/thresh-statue.html This is the face of a company that needs to contract out all their figures to Good Smile.
: The Ahri statue is...a surprising disappointment.
To be fair, this is a problem with literally all of their figures. They somehow pick the ugliest sculpts available, which is hilarious when you look at how many amazing fan figures there are with tremendous sculpts.
cluvie (NA)
: Security Reminder: Beware of scams this Snowdown!
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Also I think there's a secondary question here which is: "Why do you leave champions weak after nerfing the systems that made them strong?" Sej + cinderhulk is a common example brought up here. This is a harder one to answer for me because I'm not directly on the balance team but **I'LL GIVE MY PERSONAL OPINION.** I feel like we generally do try to bring up extreme outliers (recent Kha and Zed buffs as an example) and generally try to make sure champions don't get crushed by systems changes that supported them. However, it gets difficult when, for certain champs, "feels weak to players" does not equal "is weak." Why is it that Sejuani and Warwick only feel strong when they have the highest win rates in the game whereas Vi/J4 can be go down to 47% (and out of competitive) while still maintaining a core group of players who feel really good about playing them? Seems like this speaks to deeper problems with the kits that we're not going to be able to fix by just buffing them back to where they feel strong, because the point "where they feel strong" is likely the point where they're actually overpowered.
"Why is it that Sejuani and Warwick only feel strong when they have the highest win rates in the game" I think part of the issue is that Sejuani had several changes to how her damage was delivered (which rocketed her up there) and when that damage was nerfed it made her unfun to play most of the time. She's still super weak to invasion, has a shitty first clear, and is mostly buoyed by being super tanky vs ADCs. I much preferred her pre-rework, when she had both AP and Tanky builds. Being able to access the power of both of these made her feel fun and well rounded, while now even when she's pretty strong she feels unsatisfying to play. Just my two cents of course.
: As bad as it sounds, in no way should riot be balancing around 4v5s, because if theyre doing there jobs right, it should be un-winnable anyways.
well, if they were doing their jobs right games wouldn't start without all 10 players connecting.
Crett (NA)
: Woah WOAH Woah Woah. Last thing tanks need right now is more damage, no one likes getting assassinated by a tank. {{champion:223}} is gross enough right now If I could have my way, I'd buff Cinderhulk's bonus HP multiplier to 30%... but that's just me
To be fair, the Cinderhulk/Sunfire AOE damage isn't the thing that makes Tahm ridiculous.
Z46 (NA)
: Mundo got *buffed* recently, and Vladimir has never been in a bad spot. He likely never will be, even with Executioner's Calling and Lord Dominik's Regards. Aatrox isn't doing poorly, either. He's sitting at a comfortable 51% win rate. Warwick has a 53% win rate in Platinum+, and it used to be a lot worse. (Remember 4.20 Weedwick?) His kit is outdated and unfun to everyone outside of a select few players. He needs an update before people worry about balancing him. None of your listed champions are "struggling" in the least.
Penns (EUW)
: If u say Thresh is fun to play against ure high and drunk and smoking at the same time. This champ is the definition of overloaded cancer lol. Same goes for Jinx and Lux just that they arent overloaded and can actually be nerfed.
Well, there is no doubting that Thresh's kit is overloaded, but hear me out: he's fun to play against because you can actually make plays against him. He's not op, he just is too versatile and it pushes characters that aren't as versatile out of the bot lane. But it's fun as hell to bait out his hook, or let yourself get hooked and then own him when he goes all in because your jungle was waiting for it. Compare that to Blitz, who just sucks all the fun out of the game for both teams. You have to play super safe against him, or wait for him to get a pick (or god help you, pull the enemy's Amumu onto your face and lose the teamfight for you).
XeroKimo (NA)
: It isn't natural selection if it wasn't nature that made the choice
everything is nature, ergo
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: I'd say he needs rework, but then I look at how Mordekaiser's rework that was supposed to make him healthy turned out to be, so I decided to just stfu and don't ask for anything. I just know we might get something worse.
Eedat (NA)
: Not sure if comparing an Ult to a normal ability is really fair. If you remember back as to **why** Riot did this, it was because top lane Alistar would commonly build some form of sheen (Triforce or Iceborn) and could use his headbutt to sneak in an instant Triforce proc with no counterplay as you got flung back before you could retaliate
There shouldn't be special circumstances on similar abilities, because then it leads to weird invisible power from edge cases and you turn into Dota. If Lee Sin's ult also includes the damage from an autoattack, just put the AA damage into the ult's damage and remove the extra AA from happening.
: not 1 {{item:3710}} jungle played, maybe that's a sign its time to stop all the QQ
some strategies work much better in soloq where average games time goes above 25 minutes, and teams are much less coordinated.
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