: Opinions on PBE nerfs for Akali, Irelia and LeBlanc?
Akali is a good nerf, LB is decent but not what they should nerf (jfc riot, Royal literally explained to yall on twitter how to make her balanced), and irelia will still be cancerbroken.
KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
Lol just copy paste pre tank meta s5 or s6 and its the best moba on the market.
ODiiiiiN (NA)
: I don't have much beef with Irelia, at least no more than the average player does. We alllll know shes OP. But then again I could whip out a list of 10 other champions that are in her level of bs. Yi, Yas, Zed etc.. But I just wanted to reply about "win rates" If Irelia has a 47% win rate its because so many people are trying her after seeing her OPness and theyre doing bad at first. Or... because the game, sometimes, CAN be won by 5 decent players combined. Now just because you can win with decent players vs her doesn't mean the problem is over. What this guy said about playing behind your tower for the first 6 levels of the match is very accurate. Its just kind of ridiculous that you KNOW ure going to die early if you step outside the 'running to my tower range'. Doesn't matter who you're playing. You could be playing Sion for all Irelia mains care. But I think the real problem there is the Conqueror rune. It just amplifies her early damage SO MUCH. But hey... like I said she's just one in the long list. I think she's just the flavor of the month like Akali is right now. Doubt Riot will ever nerf her too hard, especially after so many people played her in worlds with no complaints. I think the only solution for us is perma ban her like Yas, as someone mentioned below. at least thats what I do when I top now... either her or Fiora... and 80% of the time ill get either one if I dont ban the other.
Wut? Zed is so weak rn hes basically a trollpick, yas is decent but that's only because conqueror was poorly and made some ex fervor champs shit and other too strong, and yi is pretty shit except for his w which makes some matchups braindead
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: "We have more plans for Akali and Irelia"
Galio and tf have almost nothing in common and Id rather no new champs or changes for the next 100 years than riot keep releasing broken half though out shit like the bounty systems, scuttle changes, and new dh
: Adopt a silver?
I mean idk what role you play but ill watch a vod and explain what you do wrong, but unless its jg I cant really give advice past high plat besides which champs to abuse for underserved elo. Jg tho I can explain from a dia perspective what you should do.
: Why do tanks not work anymore? Overkill damage.
I mean not too long ago basically every game was decided by who had more tanks and not matter how well you played maoki and poppy just point and clicked you to death. I can find clips of a fed draven taking 20+ aas to kill a 3/5 poppy while she almost 1 shot him
: Why are smurfs so toxic?
Because riot makes it take forever to hit 30 and anyone above gold will get a brain tumor from having to play with new players
: Why does everyone take Dark Harvest?
Because its ungodly broken ever since riot reworked it for no reason.
: ADCs are 'too weak' and Riot is planning buffs.
Lol you make it sound like marksmen aren't literally unplayable at this point botlane and badly need buffs. Ever since riot gutted crit marksmen have gone back and forth between straight up int picks and kinda viable. I called it before they ever made changes, mages and bruisers bot mean marksmen become worthless because they're literally the weakest champs in the game except for kaisa.

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