: Yes his ult is powerful but in exchange you have the only champion in game without any mobility (speed boosts and dashes) or cc. His only function is a sometimes lane bully that is the easiest ganked champ in game. I can pretty much garentee that if you took every pro player and gave them a choice of Morde or any other champ in this game, they would take the second choice simply because every other champ has more options when played than him. He can't push without making a glowing sign of himself saying "kill me please". It doesn't matter how strong an ability is if the champion in every other respect is near useless. He can't even build tank since if he does, he would be literally be meaningless in fights due to no damage or cc.
I guess you don't remember Overpow carrying a game as Morde two splits back :)
: Community needs to talk about Talon's over-nerf
Riot seems to be slowly doing away with silence, if that's their end goal they should just say so and remove it from all the champs that have it.
Konanni (NA)
: Great discussion on GD regarding Team Builder replacing Blind Pick.
I don't think blind pick should be replaced because I love queuing with friends and truly filling a role, not picking one that people are looking for but actually waiting to see what's left. Maybe I'm just weird though :D
: Eve. a tank or an assassin?
I personally think eve is in a pretty good place, well Gameplay wise, not visually of course :)
darkdill (NA)
: At what point is it valid to leave when you are being harassed/trolled/etc. by teammates?
In normals: If people are hardcore raging at you in normals I wouldn't feel bad at all for leaving cuz you don't need to put up with that... crap. In ranked: If you leave you are hurting yourself and IMO should be punished. I know everyone says this but MUTE EVERYONE. Finish the damn game and take a break if it's really effecting you. In both cases leave busters will put a mark on your record but I have faith that people in the tribunal won't vote to punish you if you abandoned a team that was truly verbally abusing you for no reason.
: Perma chat ban even when i say nothing
If you are getting repeatedly chat banned you're doing something wrong. It sucks to hear that you were toxic but I've been chat banned too and it was a real slap in the face. Stop being a Dick and you can chat all you want, it worked for me :)
: @Riot: How would you feel about a Fame/Infamy or Affinity based mechanic in the LoL Client?
Prisoners island is always a touchy subject but I for one am a fan of your idea!
: Kassadin needs a complete skin overhaul.
Kassadin isn't the only champ in bad shape....
MineToxx (EUW)
: My idea to help old player who want to replay League of Legends
If I'm not mistaken riot is changing the in game tutorial right? I doubt it will target different types of champs but that's an easy way for them to teach people about buffs, objectives, and warding.
: If I knew everything then I would be more content with things.
They are gonna make content available when it's ready for release. Just simmer down and buy what you want when you can. No need to stress over skins :)
: Just my Opinion on Garen
I'm sorry but I had to stop reading after "help balance Garen".... Yeah Garen is somewhat annoying in lane but there is a reason he isn't a top tier pick :)
Seriphym (NA)
: Untapped Mode Potential
I like the idea! Maybe leave blind pick truly "blind" but there is no reason it couldn't be in Team Builder.
Eskimofo (NA)
Someone should show you the option to turn off caps-lock.....
Jukeaz (EUW)
: Morgana's shield is arguably a lot more powerful than Sivir's. I think that's what he's suggesting, a support that can give Sivir's shield to people. It wouldn't be broken at all if it was of short duration, requiring you to pay a lot of attention to make it work and only blocking one ability.
Ohhh I understand now. I think that would be a really interesting ability to have on a support, great idea!
Abhishek (NA)
: Yasuo's Ult and the usability of Zhonyas
Riot needs to decide if this is a bug or not so the community can settle down. Either it's a bug and it needs to be fixed. OR Zhonya's needs to have the ability to cancel all hard CC, not just Yasuo's ult.
darkdill (NA)
: @Xypherous/Meddler/etc. - Have you tried making a support who can spell shield an ally?
Morgan blocks CC and magic damage. You want something that does all that AND block attack damage spells?
: Morg's Q has counterplay - but what about her E?
The best counter play is to bait out the shield then attempt to engage because it's on a fairly high cool down. However, that's much easier said then done. I'm sure Riot is taking a serious look at Morgana, she's one of the only top-tier supports that hasn't taken a hit recently!
Ed2Cute (NA)
: League of Legends doesn't need more champions right now
At the end of the day Riot is a company, putting out a new champ with a flashy skin and a high price point makes people buy RP. I know I'm gonna get the new Gnar skin at launch. Reworking and fixing the current champions is great for the competitive scene and for the player base as a whole, but they gotta make money too :)
: Pixel Poro minigame - featuring Braum - out today!
rito nerf {{champion:89}} plz. She doesn't even love poros like i do! {{champion:201}}


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