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: Agreed, I didn't think it was very clear either. Also, when clicking "Play" in the future, will it take us straight to the game mode selection screen or keep defaulting to Summoner's Rift?
I believe it defaults to your last played mode. That is how it is working for me, anyways.
: Remember guys, this is very early Alpha. The Alpha Client is only on update two, so some features are not fully there yet. :)
This is exactly it. I think it is important for people to know what an Alpha Client is, as I am seeing a large number of posts like this. An Alpha Client like this one is likely started from scratch or a very minimal base, and everything else is being rebuilt/re-coded/re-added. Doing this takes time, and when there is an online option for match history details, it is much quicker to code in that button and move to coding game modes than to spend time adding tabs for viewing options and redesigning a clear and new display for these things.
: Its the poops! We'll have an updated button design for you guys soon.
It would be nice if the arrow stayed as well, that way it could be re-clicked instead of needing to click the small x at the bottom or confirm.
: List of LCU features
Chances are that if something looks like it should work but it doesn't, report the bug. Things like limited features are due to this being in the alpha stage of development, so very little functionality has been implemented. Things like 'full details' aren't big coding priorities at the moment, at least when compared to setting up other game modes, and since there is already an online version of the details it will likely be added quite late. As for the word censor options, chances are it too just has not been added.
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: Hi! I'm new so a can I have a little clarification
1) It is grey at the top. This is their indication that it will be implemented at a later date (see game modes for another example) 2) Yes, this is just a client overhaul, not a separate set of games like PBE (to my understanding) 3) I think that and bug finding is the intent of these discussion boards :) 4) I cannot answer this for certain, but I would assume no. This is an opt in thing, and testing the client is accepting that risk. However, ranked is disabled so you aren't at risk of losing precious LP in this alpha stage of the client.
: Clarity With Game-mode Select
Or potentially just change the direction of the arrow. Pointed to the side means compacted/selected as standard, and when clicked on it points down with the mode selection showing.


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