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: Nerf Kaisa
when you do bad with kai'sa your shit later in the game but if you do good you just get rewarded a lot and i think its pretty balanced
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BigFBear (EUW)
: 69-100: a lot of different connection issues where you can't reconnect to the game, have no Play Button, or even need to restart your PC just to find out your game is already "remade" and you lost 15 LP because of that.
i think i know what your talking abt, i went into a ranked game, champ select fine, no problems, loading screen, couldn't open it was just a balck screen and alt+tabbed me out immediatley? still happens sometimes
Barkley (NA)
: I posted something similar and got "its all skill if you're good enough at this game items don't matter hurr hurr derpaderp" so good luck with this.
if you get bad champs that don't synergize and actually put a decent comp together and do decent is skill, but playing against yordles when your ranger comp............ ISN'T FUCKN SKILL
: i just played a game where i had a wet dream team. had 6 blade masters with a 2 star draven with bt and rageblade.... just to get cucked by a pd hurricane disarm 1 star ashe. rng in the game isnt fun. its obvious i had the better team but lost from crit misses freezes and disarm lol
awesome how someone can have a zephyr and stop your super stacked champ, which honestly isn't that busted, but it's also super cool how you can play against yordles or glacials and just not be able to attack
coreym11 (NA)
: Bot lane has turned so stressful and so cheese to play, doesn't even feel competitive
I have a friend that has mained adc for many years and has hard considereed going full time mid bc of the bot lane adc game rn. Getting ahead as adc is hard enough as it is, and with mages coming and making nearly impossible to actually adCARRY in any way shape or form.., and even if you do great in lane, there is little reward to it at all if the 3/4/2 enemy jg can still one shot you or the 2/1 neeko mid like ????
Jakeno (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline - Funneling
This is so tru, me and my friend grind 3's once a month (about) and we have funneled before and its just stupid easy to get your opponent in the dirt so fast so easy
might as well
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