Nymzo (NA)
: While playing Valor would be great again, you need a GOOD reason to justify a marksman going all melee, even if she's an assasin. I know a marksman that is forced to fight at melee range is every single melee player's wet dream but come on now.
Her dash already has the weakness of putting her in melee range long enough to be CC'd and killed by anyone who knows how it works (especially if there's more than one enemy there). She might be played bot more if she didn't have this weakness. Something like Valor coming in when she casts E, pushing them toward her slightly and then carrying her to max attack range. Then she'd never be put in this weird situation of not wanting to use her escape because it exposes her more for a brief moment. If we're talking about old Quinn's ult, Valor giving increased vision radius and ability to see into brush by line of sight would make the form more logical. It was often used to split push, but being in melee gave her a massive disadvantage in responding to ganks. Increased vision and speed in exchange for less range and more thought required to escape is fine by me.
: That's because there is no set range like most abilities. The ghosts have to move around terrain, and they have a set total distance they can travel, so unless it's going straight down a lane or river it usually won't be very close to reaching the max distance.
I'd much rather have a maximal range displayed than none at all. And how they changed the ghosts so you can body block both with one champion is annoying too, though I'm guessing intended.
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: I would honestly love the ability to do this. Most of the time, I can deal with the pings. It's pretty rare that I have someone being a complete asshat with them. But when they do? Ugh. It makes it so hard to concentrate when someone is spamming that fricking ping every chance they get. And if I drop the ping volume for everyone, I end up being unable to hear pings from the players I actually need to listen to.
: doesn't /ignore @champion do that? when I'm pissed off in a game I do that to people and I never hear ANYTHING from them. Maybe I'm wrong about that command. I haven't really found out what it does besides mute them
Adds them to your "Block List", which prevents all in-game communication as well as most interaction in the client (you can report or honor, but not send or receive friend or game invites from them). So yeah, it does exactly what the daily post on this topic wants. The only caveat is that there are limited slots just like the friend list, so you won't be able to ignore someone if it's full and the lack of a bulk unblock function makes it a chore to clean out.
: That's something I forgot to mention, thank you. I only have enough strength to hold an iPhone, which I have a mouse app that I use. I'm not able to use a traditional mouse. Thank you for your input :-)
I know some people who use TrackIR and VoiceAttack for lots of game functions, but didn't know it could be applied to League! I imagine there are adaptive pointing devices, but I know how expensive even small and simple adaptive equipment can be so that might not be an option for you. I hope you can keep playing Galio after the rework :)
: Do I still see their pings? Do they still show up in chat? If either of those things happen, it's still a problem.
No, it silences all communication from that player completely. EDIT: If they're in your friend list, it also removes them. Ignored players can't send you any sort of invite in the client either (friend or game invite), so just keep in mind that you'll have to type /ignore [username] again to un-ignore them or remove them from the ignored list in the client if you want to test this with a friend in a custom game.
: The ones that start ping spamming once you mute them are the worst. It's blatantly bypassing the mute function to continue harassing people. That kind of shit should have absolutely 0 tolerance.
If they start spam pinging after you mute them, unmute them and then type /ignore [username]. This will mute their chat and silence the pings too.
: Would be a buff on some level if you were to increase the sunfire cape range on him. It would increase the surface area of the effect. All of us know that riot would rather rework sunfire cape then actually give a champion specific change for an item so no matter what sunfire is gonna be crap on him.
With the tank update coming, I hope Riot sees this and chooses to adjust the item range instead of looking at champion sizes. Cho can actually get much larger than 400 units if he buys Elixir of Iron and has a Lulu on his team, which combined might be enough to prevent him from using the passive at all (now he can walk further into enemies without attacking to force his way into burn range, but his collision size could potentially exceed the burn range in this situation).
DeusVult (NA)
: Or they could make {{item:3751}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3068}} aura simply extend a flat amount (250-300) from the outer part of a champion, making it so that it doesnt penalize larger champions like Cho, ZAC or naut.
The current range is a radius of 150 from the edge of the smallest champions, and I don't think it needs to be increased that dramatically. 150-200 would be plenty if we're calculating from the edge, especially keeping in mind that most champions who build these items are larger than average. On Cho, you'd get a 700 range burn diameter without increasing the minimum range for smaller champions, which seems plenty big to me (a lane is only 1000 units wide at the narrowest parts).
shaiith (NA)
: Yes, Yi was already hit when he launched into Alpha. Don't know if it cancels before the hit though, didn't see it in action.
Sorry for the extremely late reply, but I played a game a couple days ago where I Alpha'd a Brand ult well before the projectile hit me (he had already used all of his other spells so I knew any animation would be ult). The ult particle disappeared and I didn't take damage at first, so I thought it was successful. When I came out of Alpha, I immediately took damage and the ult bounced to a nearby minion and then back to me. Pretty sad when I thought I'd outplayed perfectly by saving Alpha for that moment only to die instantly when I came out. Just thought I'd add the info since this was the first result on Google for "yi brand ult".
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: Hard CC destroys kalista. If you have one nautilus you'd be fine
Soft CC destroys Kalista too. Get a slow on her, and her passive locks her into super-slow predictable dashes while at least another ADC can juke a little bit after being slowed. Even without being slowed, Kalista has a hard time kiting anyone with T2 boots and DMP. BotRK active or red buff is usually how she manages to kite tanks and bruisers late game, and at that point her passive is more of an anti-skillshot unpredictability function than straight kiting tool.
: > [{quoted}](name=venomous frost,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-18T18:42:20.177+0000) > > Why is it that fervor is only broken on bruiser yasuo? Maybe the reasoning is in his kit > > like his really low cooldown Q that applies fervor > And the knockup that comes with it for free every, like what, 5 seconds? > > Why not make his Q only apply crit, and no other onhit effects Well fervor is not an onhit, abilities themselves proc fervor, something like triforce isn't unhealthy on Yasuo. And he wasn't _that_ bad before all these bruiser and mastery changes. I personally don't see the need for a nerf to his kit but damage on some of these items and masteries to be tuned down.
> [{quoted}](name=MRV DayDream,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2016-08-19T02:21:41.527+0000) > > Well fervor is not an onhit, abilities themselves proc fervor, something like triforce isn't unhealthy on Yasuo. And he wasn't _that_ bad before all these bruiser and mastery changes. I personally don't see the need for a nerf to his kit but damage on some of these items and masteries to be tuned down. Fervor IS an on-hit. Abilities do not proc Fervor, they increase stacks which are used to calculate the bonus on-hit damage for your next basic attack. Read the in-game, client, or wiki description. They all are very clear about it being an on-hit effect. If Fervor applied on abilities, you can bet it would be THE mastery to take for any AD champion. Darius bleeding targets for an additional 112 damage per second for 5 seconds even at a single stack sounds just a LITTLE bit overpowered (it's coded as a spell effect, which can be confirmed by building Rylai's on him if you want to check for yourself).
: The issue with Fervor is that you don't need to commit anything to make it good. Warlords Bloodlust requires you to have strong autos in order for it to be worthwhile since the lifesteal is based on how much damage you deal with your autos. DFT and TLD have base damage but fall off if you don't build damage to scale them up. Stormraiders is only good if you're a champ that can get out enough damage in a short amount of time to activate it. Windspeakers requires you to be a champ with heals or shields to make it useful and for maximum value you need to be able to use these on allies. Grasp requires you to build health items to scale it and Bond of Stone requires you to be a tanky champion already to get worth out of it. Fervor and Strength of Ages on the other hand are just stat sticks SoA just gives health and Fervor just gives AD for autos. There's no requirement for you to invest in stats to make these masteries good, they're too target agnostic as they are now, they need to force you to invest in being tanky or damaging in order for them to scale. They need to make it so these masteries have scaling so that they work better with the champs they are intended like for example, making SoA give less flat health but have something like "gain 10% increased armor and 5% increased mr at max stacks" something that requires investment. In my opinion, all of the keystones should be utility based for different classes instead of just being "get x more damage/tankiness". Warlords Bloodlust, Stormraiders and Bond of Stone are the kind of keystones there should be more of, things that give you some sort of interesting mechanic that's for a certain situation rather than generic stat boosts.
I agree with most of your points, but I don't think Strength would benefit from a change like that because HP already scales with resistances. It's just the least interesting mastery because you farm it to 300 and ignore it afterward. If it gave a bonus at maximum stacks, people would still just try to farm it ASAP and then be satisfied sitting on half an item's worth of stats for free. I like that there's at least one keystone that works against jungle camps (three, if you include Windspeaker and Bond's decidedly unimpressive effects versus monsters), but Strength is boring. I don't really have any ideas on how to fix it, but it's less interactive than Fervor even though you don't have nearly the same gold value on it late game despite it being farm reliant as opposed to "Congratulations, you survived to level 18 and didn't die instantly in a fight! Have 120 AD!"
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IKYi2qd7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-18T18:40:48.580+0000) > > We may need to cut down the total power in the game and do a massive shift in where this power should be (Masteries, items, or base stats). > > And by we, I mean Riot. > > It all honestly feels like WoW before that stat squish of Warlords, way too many big numbers. I don't think fervor is a very interesting mastery either. Damage for doing damage, sick concept riot.
Yasuo also gets 7 stacks almost instantaneously, with auto-E-Q-auto (exact order variable) easily happening within 1 second. The problem lies mostly with Yasuo, who's able to use a sustained damage mastery as a quick trading tool, rely on his passive shield (and tankiness in this case) to soak up retaliation, and dash away before doing it again less than 10s later. Deathfire and Thunderlord reward you with damage for damage too, but they require you to build damage to get maximum utility out of them. Fervor is almost as reliable a stat boost as Strength for Yasuo, except that 300 HP costs a lot less to buy than 112 AD. Stormraider is the other non-scaling mastery, but it at least requires you to build damage to proc it reliably unless you're someone like Nasus. Fervor's flat scaling has abuse cases from all of the on-hit bruisers in the game, but Yasuo's kit makes him more problematic than others. Shyvana and Evelynn, for example, have similar bruiser builds but are less successful because their kits don't put them in melee range as easily as Yasuo unless they ult for it. Not to mention the fact that he has 2 forms of hard CC on low cooldown while Evelynn only has a slow and Shyvana's knockback doesn't even apply to enemies she dashes through half the time.
: Can we just all give a moment of silence for how horrible {{champion:56}} model is. Like wtf is that 2d tail my eye plssss
I feel like he needs a full visual rework, I hate all of his skins including Eternum. He's in my top 3 champions and I always go with the default skin because it looks the least bad to me. I have similar feelings toward Karma, except her problem is that her default skin is so good that it makes any but Lotus look bad in comparison.
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Kosm1K (NA)
: Ah mk, I forgot about the phantom hit tbh, they moved that to rageblade though, so overall, could be a buff to her total build instead of just having that strength in one item. Or is Guinsoo's not that viable on shy anymore?
Guinsoo's doesn't suit the hybrid melees it was supposed to, particularly when they jungle. Laners, especially those with range, have a lot easier time accessing the passive. For Shyv, 4 autos (AA-Q-AA-AA-AA) is longer than she can wait in a fight for a passive like that to be available (around 2s, maybe 1 if you're full damage), and the AP is very nearly useless even with the tweak they gave her recently. She also doesn't proc it very much in the jungle given that by the time she builds the item, camps will die around the same time she gets 6 stacks. This is also part of her difficulty getting her ult back; while she's built to auto, the more damage she builds, the harder time she has having her ult available when she needs it. It also means she either now has 3 damage items, no lifesteal, or got Cinderhulk instead of Bloodrazor (which I've seen a lot more of lately given her passive's synergy with HP). Jax at least has CC and a way to survive for a bit if he jumps in, while Shyv has a hard time sticking to a squishy for more than AA-Q-AA before she's peeled off and murdered.
Kosm1K (NA)
: wouldn't the new one work better because of the %hp damage? Doesn't it work well with her E? I haven't played her in a while, so I'm a little out of the loop
4% HP damage is on par with Sated's flat 60 magic damage on hit against squishies, while Phantom Hit also gave a 50% increase to the frequency on-hit effects are applied. Since all of Shyv's basic skills have on-hit synergy (q cooldown, w aoe dmg, e dmg), the 50% increase to those outweighs the better bruiser and tank dueling via max health damage she gets from Bloodrazor. Bloodrazor is basically a stripped down jungle-specific BotRK that remains effective when enemies are low, and she already has % max HP damage on her E. Her dueling with tanky opponents might be slightly improved, but Sated did a lot more for her than Bloodrazor can.
: Yeah that is more rework level talk but I think you bring up some good points. She is pretty straight forward, however I feel that some champions should be that way. She isn't meant to be a utility dragon, she is supposed to just get on you and wreck your face if you let her stay on you. I think variety in types of champions and what they bring are a good thing. However, I do agree that this can make her feel that she is just overtuned or garbage because of how binary she can be. I'm just not sure if adding utility to her is the ideal solution.
I think a few champions fit in this category, like Xin and Nocturne. They don't bring a lot to their team except the ability to get to the back line and hope they don't get kited after that. I personally call the class "Divers", but they're probably pretty close to what the Juggernaut rework was aiming for (maybe Noct a bit less given his higher reliability in assassinations due to spell shield and longer duration CC). They're very strong if you can't peel them off your carry, but useless if you have an abundance of CC or good coordination. Right now, I feel like these non-Juggernaut diving champions don't feel great partially because they were ignored in the Juggernaut patch in favor of turning other tanks and fighters into similar back line threats and duelists. I'm definitely biased as a player of these three though.
Jofeyy (NA)
: Maybe a skill shot indicator that shows the range of how far the enemies will be dragged for? Just for clarity's sake. Thanks for replying!
Yeah, I'd love to see the indicator changed to something like Sion E, where you get a circle of the max range and an indicator of how far the target is pushed after that.
: ** TANK** {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{champion:39}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}}
To be fair, Irelia often does go full tank after Trinity. Many tanks do the same (single damage item with everything else full tank), including Zac, Sej, Sion, Trundle, etc. Based on what I've seen in my games, I'd actually guess that full tank is more rare than tank plus one damage item unless it's a bot lane support tank.
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: Though we expect our streamlined animations to be much easier on PCs when we're ready for release, we still intend to support as many potatoes as we can with an animation disable option.
Thanks! It's not as much of an issue on my desktop, but my laptop is one of those fanless ultra light affairs and complains if I stick around in the team creation screen. I'm really looking forward to the update going live :D
Fisk (NA)
: I don't think this it what they mean. I think the idea is that you appear to be offline to your friends.
Yeah, they've stated that a true offline mode won't happen because it would open up more exploits if hackers had access to the game's actual backbone. What's being asked by the OP is what you said.
: It’s not a feature that’s currently planned to be added, but we do recognize that this is a feature that’s requested quite often. What we’re committing to is to conduct research on it to understand more of why players want an offline/invisible mode and what activity they expect to take while in that state. We usually conduct research via in-person player labs, surveys, and collecting data from players around the world. So, we are not going to say “yes” or “no” to the request at the moment, but we’re committed to learning more about it so the best decision that would affect all players globally can be made.
How about thinking through the benefits and costs of such a feature for yourselves rather than trying to justify every decision through surveys and data? I don't know what has caused Riot to rely entirely on data mining and randomized surveys as the word of god. The groupthink and reliance on these sources of information seems to really be turning out some strange results lately. Just like with the DynaQ discussion, "we thought it would be good, and here's why" is a position more people are willing to accept than "we saw that it wasn't well-recieved by our most loyal customers, but the data says this system is better so our hands are tied." Please stop plugging your ears and shouting about your data every time players behave in a way you didn't expect. IMO, your comment should have been asking for input on why different people want offline mode. **_Talk to us. Ask, listen, and think about what you hear. Your users are people, so please treat us like it._** It would also be easier to view Rioters as people if they engaged on a personal level rather than rattling off "beep boop beep boop WE NEED MORE DATA" all the time. I understand this is a cultural problem with the company, but I think it has potential to become a big issue if it's not kept in check.
: Your Feedback in Action: SR and ARAM
Please at least give us the option to disable non-essential animations when the final product comes out. I'm not in on the alpha testing, but my client takes almost as many resources as running the game in at low settings and 1920x1080. This isn't a big deal on my desktop, but my laptop needs a break to cool down in between games. The smoke and waving banners is nice, but I don't think I've ever seen the animation from "in queue" to "in champion select" even play properly. It lags or bugs out every time, even on my desktop. This is all assuming the new champion select stuff is coming over to the new client, but regardless of any changes, I'd prefer a non-animated option. I turn off music and animations where I can because I'm just not interested in the eye candy and very few games have music I'd rather hear than my own playlists.
sortitus (NA)
: Cassiopeia Bot Doesn't Buy Items on Twisted Treeline
Oh, and I just noticed that they still buy boot enchants... impossible to catch bots with Alacrity if you don't have an altar advantage -_-
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: Yeah some champs are run slower than my grandma and need extra speed, while others have high base speed and will always be able to catch you. Can you at least globalize base movement speed if you are killing all item built movement speed.
It doesn't help that most slow champions are the kind that don't have access to what is now the biggest flat movement speed item in the game: Dead Man's Plate. Sure, ranged champions can build it, but they don't get the passive damage or slow and usually don't have room for a full tank item in their builds.
: Rioters have described it as a matter of when, not if. Probably in a year or so they'll release 3-4 skins to go with the Dunkmaster theme, like what was done with Super Galaxy.
I would love to see champions with objects that could be turned into basketballs get dunkified. Syndra, Orianna, and Tristana spring to mind, and I wouldn't mind seeing Jax get another non-weapon polearm in his arsenal.
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: [Gameplay] Twitch ult dealing no damage to Nexus on Howling Aybss
Yeah, I've seen this issue posted a lot, so I assumed it was fixed. Tried to backdoor on SR with ghostblade and trinity at 66 minutes (drowning in gold, rebuilt specifically to backdoor), and my attacks didn't even deal Spellblade damage.
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: Erm, what?
Pretty sure it's a joke threat, like "I know where you live".
: Riot Pls
"...playing games of League of Legends should be the unequivocal best way for a player to improve." This will never be the case for mastering anything that takes multiple skills. "...weighed against the risk of Sandbox mode ‘grinding’ becoming an expectation, we just can’t accept the tradeoff." Is LoL a competitive game, or a game to play just for fun? Make up your mind. Note that most people who play team sports with a non-professional team do drills to improve, and still find enjoyment in both the drills and the game as a whole. It's a huge chore to start a custom game to practice last hitting. Many people still do it, because it's necessary to get better. And yes, I've created custom games just to test a single wall flash before. Removing the barriers to practice _that people will still do regardless of if they have a tool for it or not_ can only help your players. If we can't get a complete sandbox mode, at least replace the tutorials with minigames for last hitting, skillshots, and estimating lethal damage.
Meddler (NA)
: One update since there seems to be a bit of confusion: Thornmail's not being changed to reflect on hit damage. It's damage calculation is being changed to be less based off the enemies AD, with damage instead also coming from the target's Armor, reducing the different in damage reflected for full AD builds versus on hit builds.
I may be reading this incorrectly, but will this allow Thornmail to affect Azir? There's obviously something in the game that recognizes soldier attacks as autos since he draws minion aggro with them, so does that mean he might get hit with the % bonus armor component but not the reflected damage?
: That might be more Micro management than what riot really wants. If we added the Brawler minions to the regular game mode, it would just be another burden of Knowledge on the players. Also, while the Brawlers are interesting, they are not exciting. And that is partially due to the fact that they are still minion strength. So the only people who like the Brawlers are the strategists who like looking closer at numbers and figuring out what's op. (and this does include myself) In contrast, a more exciting minion would be an Uber minion that only occasionally appears, like the Poro king. Those provide more more defined periods of power, that don't really snowball as hard as having minions that upgrade.
I only advocated better minion scaling, not the entire Brawler system being applied to vanilla SR. The only aspect of Brawlers I like is that they punish champions heavily for trading in the enemy minion wave throughout the game rather than just for the first few minutes. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in the OP. I agree 100% that the upgrade system shouldn't come to normal SR. I intended to highlight the snowballing and management aspects of the featured game mode in a negative way. Mostly, the post is suggesting some changes to the items that would hopefully make them more balanced with a minor suggestion about minion/monster scaling. I can acknowledge how fun it is to get 150 AD from Flesheater, but I don't think it's something that should be possible.
: Place a ward and you'll see him a mile away. If you can avoid the 3rd auto your fine. By the time he has sated laning phase is over.
That's the second auto if he's Sated, and don't forget that you're probably slowed from his dash. Warding, though, is 100% effective since his dash is enemy targeted.
: Call me crazy, but I don't get why anyone would ban Eve. She's nothing special with Devourer, even with the huge AS boost from Ravage, and those last tweaks were pretty minor. Feel free to enlighten me, though.
I think it's people seeing 500 HP disappear from a Sated E with under a second of warning. Sure, she doesn't have much CC or survivability, but it's near Shaco-level paranoia when you haven't seen Eve in a while. If you're a squishy under 1/2 HP and not pushed under turret, she's on her way to your lane if she's any good. Sated gives her AD build enough burst to compete with other top junglers if she isn't kept under control, but it's about even with Runeglaive AP as far as I've seen. I like AD currently because the sustain helps her be less vulnerable to invades from Rek and Lee. As someone who played Eve before Sated and Runeglaive, I think the most effective way to counter her is to move your ward line up into her jungle. She loses invisibility while in combat, so a ward between blue buff and gromp (if she's red side) will spot her at either camp, or on top of krugs (if she's blue side) will let you know both when she's clearing that area and what direction she's heading after clearing. She's a great scout since her vision range is longer than her detection range, and she gets a notification if she's spotted, unlike other invisibility champions. Without invisibility though, she would definitely be a full tier or two lower.
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: Patch 5.14 notes
Looks sweeeeet. I just have a couple questions about some things I noticed last patch: Is taking AoE damage while inside Tahm intended behavior? I was killed by a Singed poison trail after being eaten by a friendly Tahm. Is the Rylai's bug fixed?
TnToom (OCE)
: {{champion:133}} is not difficult to kite with, she is one of the easiest champions to kite with. Have you ever heard of her vault?
@TnToom I obviously understand Quinn's kit, or I wouldn't have been able to point out what I see as problems so specifically. I enjoy playing Quinn, and think that small QoL changes are all she needs. Any changes beyond that would just be an added bonus. Lots of long-time Twitch players were annoyed at the spike in his popularity and subsequent nerfs after his visual update. The craze died down, and he's a rare sight again. I understand that it's fun to be part of the small, dedicated player base, but I don't understand why you'd turn down minor QoL buffs like those I outlined. Vault has very little to do with kiting. In almost all engages, you get to use it exactly once to reposition. It's also easy to interrupt, unlike most ADC repositioning skills. Kiting is mostly orb walking, and Quinn's animation is the most difficult of any ADC's to cancel properly. Her low attack range is also a component of her kiting woes, as it limits how far she can kite before the enemy melee gets within range. Saying she's good at kiting because of Vault is like saying that Corki doesn't have low movement speed because he has a long range mobility spell. They're somewhat related, but not at all the same thing. Corki has 325 MS, and Quinn has clunky animations, especially below 1.0 AS.
Aarekk (NA)
: Curious About Quinn
I also liked the PBE changes, but I do think that she should keep her identity as a weird ranged/melee assassin with an execute who's most at home in a solo lane, but can also be played as an ADC in some cases (like Urgot). The biggest problem I have with her is not her kit, but how long her AA windup time is. She's one of the most difficult ADCs to kite with, on par with pre-rework Tristana for animation unresponsiveness. Fixing Harrier so it behaves the same way as Lux's Illumination would be a big improvement as well (it currently checks for bonus damage on attack, not on hit). Being so vulnerable to CC while in her "escape" skill animation is also a big frustration for Quinn players. I think giving her something like 1/2 of her W passive for each previously unseen enemy champion revealed (on cast, not if they walk in after) would be a nice small buff. It would reward her for predicting ganks and enhance her assassination abilities when an enemy flees through fog of war.
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canpan14 (NA)
: I like what you are attempting to do but you are giving Karma way too much power. 2 charge system wont happen unless they tone all the mantra stuff way down. Passive to ult would be nice but I don't think it is a big problem how it is now. Also R>E wave clear just on minions/monsters would just be silly, and her Q passing through minions would not be balanced.
> [{quoted}](name=canpan14,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Aj9BAMRY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-15T14:41:03.625+0000) > > I like what you are attempting to do but you are giving Karma way too much power. 2 charge system wont happen unless they tone all the mantra stuff way down. Passive to ult would be nice but I don't think it is a big problem how it is now. > > Also R>E wave clear just on minions/monsters would just be silly, and her Q passing through minions would not be balanced. Most of these wouldn't change her power level, and I'm not proposing these all go in together. They're more examples of different things I think could make Karma more interesting to play as and against. Some would be fine in combination with each other, but some combinations could break her pretty hard. For the first example, she would have to choose between her CC and landing a full damage tether. The second would admittedly be a straight up buff to her late game, which she still needs unless Riot has decided that her poor late game is part of her core identity. R->Q being a passthrough would hurt Karma more often than not, as it would reduce her threat level once you got with ~750 units of her (she loses her damage mantra). R->E doing damage to everyone was only removed because it would have made the buff to her passive too strong. Damage to minions and monsters would give some of the power they took away from solo lane Karma back. The lack of a real passive just makes her less interesting compared to champions with real passives. Maybe I shouldn't complain when there are plenty of passives that are almost completely useless. Ashe's old passive was a good (bad) example of this, since she had to give up more damage than it provided just to use it. The 2 charge system would probably be too strong at level 1 since she's not a short range mage these days. Maybe adding the second charge at level 11 as an alternative to the 6 point skills could be a way to give her a late game without making her yet another snowball champion.
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: What do these Karma changes accomplish?
Actually, I did notice after playing a couple games on 5.10 that W's tether range is longer than it was last patch. The wiki has always said that it was 675 on cast and 1000 to break the tether, but I'm pretty sure it was 675 for both until this patch. It feels a lot less dangerous to try to root someone now that you don't have to stay within range of almost every spell in the game to get the root off. The root duration increase is okay, I guess. It makes RW more useful when you're not dueling since most of the damage on a target won't be coming from you. Then again, RQ and RE are still almost always better choices in teamfights, so that improvement is only really noticeable for 2v2 situations in the bottom lane. The thing that's disappointing about this second rework is that she still doesn't feel good (as in right or satisfying). I've never seen a single situation where I've thought to myself "I wish I were playing Karma instead of [insert poke or utility mage name here]", but the reverse has happened often. Whenever I consider picking Karma, I immediately remind myself that Lux and Xerath bully a lane better and have more reliable CC, not to mention their huge range advantage. I do have one request if these changes stick: please remove the ability to cast E on minions now that it's no longer ever a good idea to RE a minion to get better shield/damage placement (primary shield much too important now to waste an ult on a minion). You have to have insane amounts of AP to make a shield absorb even one more tower shot, and I'm pretty sure I've only gotten one of the hundreds of takedowns I have on Karma by shielding a minion to make it catch a fleeing champion. As hilarious as that one time was, It's not worth the frustration of trying to hit allies with the shield when they're standing in minions. Or if you keep it, at least make the ult AoE shield apply to all allies within range rather than just champions.
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