Yenn (NA)
: Can turret plating just be removed in the next season? It's a garbage mechanic that shouldn't exist
In my opinion, it's a good mechanic to discourage early-game ganbanging of one lane, while still not completely disincentivizing early game aggression, but it should not give bonus gold. What I think should be done is, say, First Tower is supposed to grant you 250 Local Gold. Rather than each plate giving you a bonus 160 gold or something equally ridiculous, each plate gives you instead a portion of the tower's gold value, subtracting that value from the tower itself. So, say, you manage to break two plates, then the plates fall and you destroy the tower, you'd get 100 gold from the plates, and 150 gold from destroying the Tower.
Exin0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=sp441,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JRN5dELl,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-09-18T21:47:11.920+0000) > > Eh, I'm gonna be real. > > I've been with this game for about 7 of those 10 years. > > And right about every year, we had a large section of the playbase crowing about how the game's about to die, how it's in the worst state it's ever been in, how Riot only cares about the LCMoney, and all that sort of stuff. > > I'm not saying that there isn't a kernel of truth to the above claims, or that it's all hysterical nonsense, but I feel that the Boards have kind of become an echo chamber of negativity where people vastly overblow the problems that the game has. when streamers abandoned ship at large its at least big red flag
It's true that the game is in decline, and will probably eventually die without course correction, but it's not happening next year, and probably not happening within 5 years. I'd say that LoL can go on for about 10 more years like this before it completely shuts down, and I think that eventually things will get bad enough that Riot will be forced to get off their ass and do something to get more players onboard. I mean, Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic after years of claiming that nobody wanted it. Things as big as LoL don't just wind up dead the next day.
puśsý (NA)
: Season 10 makes or breaks it.
Eh, I'm gonna be real. I've been with this game for about 7 of those 10 years. And right about every year, we had a large section of the playbase crowing about how the game's about to die, how it's in the worst state it's ever been in, how Riot only cares about the LCMoney, and all that sort of stuff. I'm not saying that there isn't a kernel of truth to the above claims, or that it's all hysterical nonsense, but I feel that the Boards have kind of become an echo chamber of negativity where people vastly overblow the problems that the game has.
: I don’t see a universe where Pyke is ever reasonable. He will always be too safe.
Make it so that he can't cast his W unless out of combat. There, fixed. Now if he gets in a fix, he either needs to use his E cleverly or git gud. No more getting jumped by 3 people and just swimming to safety. While we're at it, make his Grey Health only heal when out of Combat as well.
Adder (OCE)
: Am I the only one who is fine with the new logo..?
Eh, I don't like it, looks too simplified and sterile for my tastes. It's not like, a huge crime against humanity or anything, but I don't like it is all.
puśsý (NA)
: Is it just me, or does build diversity suck?
Because there's no real alternatives to the established big daddy items. You're a Marksman and want to deal tons of damage? Buy an Infinity Edge. You're a Mage who wants to deal tons of damage? Buy a Rabbadon. Funnily enough, despite everybody complaining about how high damage is, defensive items are a lot better in terms of diversity, because there's a lot more of them with perfectly viable use cases. Y'now what I miss? Black Market Brawlers. Not because of the gimmicky minions, but because of all the new items that all had their own cool, unique effects that all opened up all sorts of cool build possibilities. Defensive Support who wants to take it to the limit? Martyr's Gambit. Wanna roam like a motherfucker? Staff of Flowing Water. Wanna _really_ piss off an enemy Katarina? Use Puppeteer. I'm still frustrated to this day that the only item that got fully implemented from them was Dead Man's Plate. Aside from Lost Chapter and Globe of Trust's icon, I guess, which got used for a much more underwhelming item because it was made to compete with a item with a much more wide use case basis.
: i get a strong feeling that "LC$" people have never watched pro play, or haven't watched it since S3
I'm gonna be real, I've never watched LCS. Ever. Because I don't care about E-Sports. But I still resent it because it still affects the game itself by forcing in changes that are only really good for the pros and are nothing but a pain in the ass for me johnny normal because 4fflu3nz4 from team BumbleFukks has managed to pull off a murderous team-killing combo with Alistar and because of that they need to nerf him by causing spiders to sprout from my keyboard when I do a W-Q combo.
Gliave (OCE)
: Whats the fun in winning 15 LP just to lose 24?
I stopped bothering with Ranked years ago, because climbing ranks takes hundreds upon hundreds of games, and quite frankly, I'm not made out of time.
: unpopular opinion: i would rather have a permanent pve mode in the way of odyssey than TT
Honestly, anything would be better than TFT. Yeah, I played a bit of TFT, but it was more because of the addicting nature of the next roll rather than any actual fun.
: Ohai! Yeah I agree the name needs some work, but this is basically how we work internally. This name or "resistance" Illaoi is just how we refer to that concept, with absolute plans to give it an official, awesome name before we ship. Feel free to throw out ideas for naming these too peeperinos! IF this one wins I kinda like the name "Iron Resistance Illaoi" or something like that. I dunno, I draw pictures ;)
Just do a tie-in and name her Illaoi Forces.
: > [{quoted}](name=Face The Win,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t5lEdeVm,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-08-19T21:42:40.806+0000) > > Sounds like an issue with support shielding if were reduce support shielding, marksmen will become more vulnerable again. but were back to toxic glass cannon gameplay of "blow them up or get blown up". this design flaw around marksmen just sucks for everyone. marksmen hate getting blown up with little counterplay. but if they arent, theyre batshit broken. you can see that right now where they have the best of both worlds. carry potential and safety. just tune them the fuck down. fall in line with the rest of the carries in this game and be done with it. the worst we can do is repeat the exact same thing we did in the past and buff burst.
Also reducing support shielding would make playing support more shit because I like feeling like I actually save my ADC from time to time instead of just being a garnish past the 15 minute mark.
: Why would you think that's what i'd be advocating? I'd rather see a range of items that assist in mana management, rather than a single purchase which over compensates for it completely. Without removing mana regen from mage items, you could easily adjust mana costs of spells, and distribute the regen appropriately so that mages need to balance between investing gold into damage and investing gold into mana sustain. Meaning you could stack mana sustain and never run low on mana, but lack damage per cast. Or you could do as you said, stack AP with no mana sustain, and be forced to back every time you run low. Yet since the introduction of {{item:3174}}, to later be replaced with {{item:3165}}, riot has opted to ignore that kind of dynamic and instead just provide a single item which can, by itself, provide the mana demands of a mage and providing pathetic alternatives {{item:3010}} {{item:3070}}. Making it mandatory.
I didn't think you were advocating for that, just distilling venom regarding Riot's boneheaded decisions regarding mages.
: Because in the MYMU riot spent more time worried about the dragon changes than the mage reworks or then AP itemization changes. After all, the only reason {{item:3165}} is a core item, is because riot created {{item:3174}} as a necessity to mages years back.
Ah yes, the "Let's make it so that mages have absolutely no way to restore mana, so they're FORCED to go back every time they run low." approach, that was such a great idea.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=sp441,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iB5xuK0c,comment-id=001e00000000,timestamp=2017-08-16T01:06:09.446+0000) > > Look, I'm aware, Morello has great stats, my point is that it has no business being a core item, it's meant to be a niche, something you buy when certain conditions are met, you're not meant to have grievous wounds on every single mage in every single game. > > Actually, I think Riot should remove "grievous injuries" from Morello and make a new AP ítem with "grievous injuries". Mostly because Morello is core in all mages because of its stats, but it's total shit if you are really looking for "grievous injuries".
Yeah, pretty much. By the time the effect triggers, you don't really need it anymore.
: Because {{item:3802}} is such a good early game item that allows you to stay in lane and spam abilities a bit more carelessly. Literally any mage that uses mana can make use of this item. So after that, morello is a decently cheap item that gives you 400 mana, 100 ap, and on top of that it gives you 20% cdr? Those are honestly amazing stats (not to mention the unique passives it has) for how cheap it is. Therefore it makes it an extremely necessary first item for almost every mage.
Look, I'm aware, Morello has great stats, my point is that it has no business being a core item, it's meant to be a niche, something you buy when certain conditions are met, you're not meant to have grievous wounds on every single mage in every single game. Y'now what would have helped? Adding in the items from Black Market Brawlers. Those items would've done a LOT more to add diversity and flexibility to mage builds than the two items in the Mage Update.
: I think Riot forgot that AP is suposed to be a cheaper stat than AD
Mostly because AP Itemization is completely fucking atrocious. Tell me, why the fuck is Morellonomicon a core item in many mages when it should be a niche item that you buy when the enemy team is healing too much?
: which update was worse; assassin or tank?
Easy. Mage rework. It fucked about half of the mages they updated, pretty much all requiring patches down the line, and it didn't solve the issue that I had with mages, which is poor itemization. You still build pretty much the same shit for every mage. Really the only roster update that was actually decent was the Marksman update. It wasn't perfect, but at least it made things better in the end.
: Welcome to Loot Box systems. Riot is no exception but they're also not the only one. It simply preys upon those who gamble.
At least League is a free to play game, and doesn't make you pay premium to get into the casino to begin with. Looking at you Overwatch. And Shadow of War. And a lot of other titles released in recent history. ...**WHY IS THIS A THING?**
: I now know how old Poppy, Galio and Sion mains feel.
I dunno, I like new Urgot, and I'm a long-time Urgot fan.
: Because they needed something to determine your team and didn't want to program a popup that said "pick your team!" because then the team would have to be assigned and associated to your account.
> [{quoted}](name=Wickad,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8Ln5k3g6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-14T07:00:40.913+0000) > > Because they needed something to determine your team and didn't want to program a popup that said "pick your team!" because then the team would have to be assigned and associated to your account. But there are no teams, though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tattersall,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MEorUn4L,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-08T17:42:03.139+0000) > > Wait wait wait, > > Is Ornn's favorite eating fork Fizz's trident? > ######If yes, then who has Ornn's spade? It landed in darkness right? Maybe it just took a reeeeeally long time to land and fell in the Shadow Isles for Yorick
Or maybe now we know Shovel Knight's backstory.
: These Vayne buffs on the PBE lol
Oh good, because I didn't hate this cancer on legs enough.
: And then {{champion:203}} ruins it for you.
I dunno, I had a pretty funny experience once where Kindred ulted while low HP, but I ulted just outside of her Ult radius. You could smell the sadness as she was dragged away from salvation.
Kouaku (NA)
: I like my women, how I like my mace;
>Thicc Bro, she's so think she can be slid underneath a door. Thicc doesn't mean "has a nice butt".
baayveer (NA)
: i tryied urgot with manamune
As far as builds go, I have been finding a bit more success with Iceborn Gauntlet than Frozen Mallet. It gives him all the CDR he needs (and he needs that shit to proc his passive as often as humanly possible), it builds faster, and it gives him a meaty amount of armor.
: Urgot Login Music
A worthy theme to grind all the worthless maggots who dare defy me on the rift.
: Why would abilities mean snipers? Especially Graves lol
: Riot, I can't express my Joy over these Urgot Interactions!
Eedat (NA)
: I would agree if the community didn't lose their shit when marksmen are played in other roles. I don't understand why people get angry that marksmen are "mandatory" bot but go completely nuts when they're used outside the lane. Also I feel "Marksmen" is a class that could maybe be broken up into a few subclasses at this point. For example Quinn and Trist have drastically different playstyles, but are still the same class
Personally, I already do: Marksmen that are oriented around Auto-Attacks and Auto-Attack buffs (Vayne, Trist, Etc) are Rangers, while Marksmen that have a great deal of burst thanks to their abilities (Ezreal, Graves, Jhin) are Snipers.
: Urgot should get a Gangster skin at some point
Yes. He really needs a Don Urgot Skin. With a pinstripe suit. And a giant tommygun/howitzer for an arm.
: Shen Rework Reworked (Feedback welcome)
Well, I do really like that Q, it keeps the functionality that it currently has, minus the stupid "Spirit Sword" gimmick. Seriously, I really don't like that passive, it makes no sense whatsoever.
: why do that when you can play wits end guinsoos master race
Huh, will definitely consider that build once the rework is out.
: The current passive will be missed.
Dunno why, all it did was make Singed benefit a bit more from buying Items that he normally wouldn't even want anyway.
: black cleaver is gonna be pretty core on him still i think so riot is recognizing that when they dropped the armor pen. especially with on hit effects being applied?
Black Cleaver was already pretty Core on him, though, so not much changes from that perspective. With On-Hit effects being applied, the Muramana _might_ still be a viable item on him, though it certainly won't be core, and perhaps not worthwhile at all, if his abilities aren't very spamable or if he's not all that mana-hungry. I figure that BoTRK will be a beast on him, however, and I suspect that Iceborn could be a very worthy pick for him.
xelaker (NA)
: Kayn is kinda boring and urgot is...well urgot lol people have been waiting for his rework so he is playable again
TBH as a Urgot main I kinda already found him pretty playable, if you knew how to. Though at least after he gets reworked, people will stop giving me funny looks in Champ Select.
: Hey, look! A constructive comment! What do you think about the new version of the lock-on mechanism?
Well, at first I wasn't very happy, but after some consideration, I realized that it DOES keep the core of what makes Urgot fun: Mark your target, then jackhammer him with a neverending avalanche of lead. Sure, it's different in that you need to walk around them to get full damage in, and the range is really short, but A: His kit allows for more tankiness to be built, so the loss of range isn't so bad, and B: I do really love how his cannon sounds, specially during Purge. Still, wish he still had some innate ArPen. But we can't always have what we want. Oh, forgot to mention, I really dig the sound design, and eagerly await for his lines as well as his lore.
: Gameplay Design-side, it was mainly BelugaWhale and me, actually. That said, Urgot's kit is actually highly thematically and artistically driven, so it's important to cal out that there is much more design that goes into the update than just gameplay.
As a Urgot main, I am pretty satisfied.
: Anyone here played any of the killing floor games? (edgy names galore) This artpiece seems somewhat reminiscent altho i can't explain exactly how.
: Please, the day Mordekaiser gets reworked there's going to be a hype explosion that will warp the entire planet into a nuclear wasteland. Nothing will ever come close to Mordekaiser if they keep doing these types or reworks. Nothing. Now excuse me while I go pleasure myself over the thought of Morde's VGU.
As a Urgot main who is sporting the _biggest_ boner right about now, I hope you get to experience this feeling soon one day, my friend.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Urgot the Dreadnaught
My personal thoughts as a Urgot main: Not a fan of the overall reduced range, but I understand that it had to go. I like the overall thematics however, and this kit does emulate how a tank should be (like, the threads and cannon type, not the damage sponge kind). Save for that Ult which IS FUCKING AWESOME AND I AM RAMROD STIFF ABOUT IT, FUCKING YES THAT IS A ULT WORTHY OF THE HEADSMAN PRIDE.
: Wouldn't Taric be chaotic good? He deserted his post and got his platoon killed. Even if it wasn't his intention, he still broke the law and got his fellow soldiers killed.
Not quite. Chaotic Good means that the character has disdain or complete disregard for the code of law or status quo, seeing it as nothing but an obstacle to doing the right thing (e.g Robin Hood) Taric is more Neutral Good. He has a code of conduct and rules of engagement that he follows, but he is prone to skirting out of the confines of the law if it means doing the right thing.
: Oh i understand you made a humorous comment based on the name suggestion i made resembling the word phallus which refers to the male reproductive organ and part of said organ is straight and hard when erect which resembles a spear because it is a weapon famous for being straight and hard.
Indeed good sir. It heartens me that your sense of comedic interpretation is not yet completely dulled and you are able to catch on to my jest.
: The bow might be named pallus due to that being the name of the pit varus had to protect and later let consume him.
It, uh, it was a dick joke.
Ralanr (NA)
: I assumed it was because it told the enemy you're counter jungling now.
Also because it's a risky item on champions that can't quite afford to take unnecessary risks to save you about 500 gold. Seriously, just why fucking bother. Be patient and wait just a little bit more. Risking giving the enemy at least 450 Gold, as well as losing a ton of exp and gold yourself is not worth 500 gold.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Speedweeb,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0xP41yFp,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-06-28T12:32:39.486+0000) > > The trope of the cursed object corrupting the hero with the promise of power is as old as fantasy (The Ring in Lord of the Rings?!), heck even antique mythology at some point. I think the market is a bit oversaturated, that's my view on it. Nah, I don't have any problem with that trope. I have a problem with this "too cool and awesome and badass" attitude. Really badass characters don't have that attitude, they don't need to announce how cool they are or wear the armour with most spikes in the shoulders they can find, because in fact they don't give a fuck about their reputation. This Kayn is an edgy fashion victim that tries too hard to look evil more tan anything; Jhin handles the "I'm so fucking cool and psyco" much better.
Honestly, I think he's _meant_ to come across as an edgelord, kinda gives him a "he's way over his head" vibe. Plus, his personality ain't really all that edgy. He's not very happy about killing Shen or Zed, and seems to have a disdain for Noxian brutality.
: But the human's name is varus. I think that if the bow had a name it would be pallus.
But it's a bow, not a spear.
: I feel like varus is more likely conquest
Well, thing is, Pestilence replaces Conquest in most contemporary interpretation of the four horsemen, so it still fits.
: Rhaast confirms Varus is a darkin
Anybody else get the feeling that the Darkin are essentially the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Rhaast has pretty much confirmed that he's death, Aatrox is War, and Varus is pretty much confirmed to be the host of yet another Darkin, which is an easy shoe-in for Pestilence.
: What if I told you that the Commander of Salt CertainlyT himself was leading the Warwick update?
Oh boy, looking forward to him having a global 6 second silence...
: i like this change i think it's mostly blastcones which will be the biggest offender and this would be an easy fix, the radius is small enough that 2 attacks will make it very difficult if not impossible to abuse them in the manner i decribed
Blast Cones are the only ones that provide an advantage to ranged champions in combat. I mean, range doesn't help with a Sight Plant, you need to be at the right angle to see what you need, and you still need to walk over and eat the fruits for the Healing Plant, which is something that you don't want to do if you're kiting.
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