Thrusted (NA)
: Surprised and disappointed that Riot is continuing to use Axis(a horrendous website that has no redeeming qualities) to sell tickets for anything even after the whole fiasco with world finals tickets. Honestly what is the deal with a service charge that almost costs as much as the ticket.
Riot doesnt pick the ticket seller. The venue does.
: The Finals Experience at LA Live
Will there be food & drink available for purchase at LA Live, or do we need to eat before we get there?
CJrealm (OCE)
: For evryone, who's got Launcher issues ( happens after press launch)
I haven't been able to play for about a week now. I click launch, then it's just a black screen.
ToskG (NA)
: Giving up
What operating system are you running? It seems to have occurred after some recent Windows 10 updates for me.
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