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spazgod (NA)
: Double glacier on Braum
I do know that all normal items dont pop off, but it seems every time i put the spoon and an item on someone of the same make, say if i try to make varius a demon, the item pops off as he is already a demon, so i can make someone else a demon. That is the issue, and it only seems to happen with glacier
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Acquit (NA)
: LF Friends
sent you a request
: Raleigh Wake tech North Carolina nc
I live in Wake Forest, mainly play late at night and the weekends though
: Looking for casual people to form a group to play with and have fun
looking for the same thing. Ill add you when I get on later tonight.
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: Just looking to have fun with other people
Sounds exactly like what im looking for, ill being hitting you up in game later tonight or tomorrow.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I really love this idea. Some of us really do play this game for fun, and not feel the need or love when we don't play to gold or higher standards. Not to sure if you will find much in my chat logs, as I don't really chat while I play. Though I know if you dig hard enough you could find some, not so nice things I have said, but never to the point of harassment or trouble worthy. Anyway, riot keep up the great work. You have a great game here.
: Champion and skin sale: 10.24. - 10.27.
Im not buying any skins until the harrowing comes out. Then I will spend all my monies
spazgod (NA)
: Halloween
And that is really lame. I love Halloween and the maps and skins that come out for LoL are great. I plan on buying most of them as long as I have the champ and if the skins are awesome enough I might buy the champ just to get the skin.
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