: Didn't they just update shaco this patch and last patch? They removed the sweeper activating his boxes. They even made his ult better. You think shaco isn't viable in soloqueue when people like chase and shaclone are stomping in challenger? Good ****ing joke. This wasn't even a quitting story this was just a sad attempt at pity from a hardstuck plat shaco main.
> [{quoted}](name=TheViscero,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pKAlHHBE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-21T09:42:01.884+0000) > > Didn't they just update shaco this patch and last patch? They removed the sweeper activating his boxes. They even made his ult better. You think shaco isn't viable in soloqueue when people like chase and shaclone are stomping in challenger? Good ****ing joke. This wasn't even a quitting story this was just a sad attempt at pity from a hardstuck plat shaco main. ^
: Ye, it's totally unbeliveable. Just today 93712 people died from reading a "kys" online. It is outrageous, how could anybody be soooo evil to type something like this?!
UniSect (NA)
: Little tip for all people that use Scanner/control Wards...
welp there was one time where i played with a friend and while clearing a ward he hit it while i was hitting it to, and he left it for me to last hit and told me it was for my vision score stat. so he probably meant that killing the ward was better for the support due to vision score, although i dont know if both get vision score despite who kills it.
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 2/28 - 3/6
whats the state of league voice on mac os mojave?
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 2/14 - 2/20
any update on league voice for mac os mojave?
: The Good, The Bad, and The League: 2/7 - 2/13
league voice on mac os mojave :(
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k wìx (NA)
: Hey there! High Platinum support here - take what I am going to say with a grain of salt. 1.) The very first thing that I notice is your death rate. Frankly, you are dying way to much. The first critical piece of advice I have for you is to die less. I know that might sound unhelpful, but seriously - I want you to shoot for 5 or fewer deaths per game. Take a minute and look at my match history, see what my average deaths per game are. Compare that to your own. 2.) Holy crap do you play a ton of champions in a lot of roles. While it's really good to be diverse, if you're looking to straight up improve and climb? Try focusing on only 1 role, and 1 or 2 champions. Pick your favorite/best and play ONLY them - also take some time to make sure they are in a healthy spot in the current meta. It's best to focus on a single role. Right now bot is the hotness, but Every role can carry very well if you know what you're doing. 3.) Dont take losses hard - even the best of the VERY best only rack up to a 70% winrate over the long haul - realize you will lose, and instead, focus on improving specific things during your games. For now? Be very careful about dying. 4.) Vision is more important than anyone thinks - this is doubly true if your playing below a platinum level. Buy more wards. Develop your play to be more cautious. Not giving up free gold gives you the best chances at a fair fight come late game. The reason why im so critical about your deaths is I notice another big trend: 5.) You don't have problems when your ahead - If you do well, you tend to do REALLY well. You run into problems when you fall behind. This suggests to me that your not paying attention to WHO is fed in the game. So start watching all 9 players in every game you play. You need to know who is strong, and who is weak on BOTH teams. 6.) Avoid playing champions that fall off come late game. You want to be able to CARRY late game, or have the potential to do so come late game. In Silver and Gold, many players do not understand fundamentals like pushing and lane pressure. So games tend to drag, even if they say 'league is shorter than ever' ... Because so many players don't understand how to END a game come early mid or mid game, late game champions are just better. As you climb up the ranks, this changes a fair bit. Right about Plat 1 / Dia 5 do you start seeing players really getting a solid understanding of how to end games early. 7.) Last piece of advice: Don't back too often, and be sure that the enemy doesnt get free damage on your tower when you do. I see people even @ plat levels of play do this often, and give up over half a turrets health. Without watching you play, there isn't much else I can offer - Trading and Lane pressure are something that just comes with playing tons of games. So goodluck :D hope the advice helps.
thanks for the help. numbers 2 and 5 hit me the most as well as 1 . ill take this into consideration as i will say some of my deaths have been to dumb shit like overstaying and farming alone but ill stop that, as well as getting caught out. And yea you re right its easy to stay ahead when ahead for me but being behind sucks
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: "Alright, we're done for the day. Let's head inside, Yakar." "Very well, father." *Random guy, for no apparent reason, shows up, pins Yakar to the wall and stabs him several times in the face for the sake of it. *Father stands there feeling useless. *Now, Yakar can't see why these things happen to him.
lol im dying but ill keep this in mind
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Mach 27 (NA)
: Why do people complain that ignite does damage to Brand?
spinxer (NA)
: LF silver/bronze team to join. Main adc and support
: Looking for Silver/Gold players for an LCS style league - TOP/JUNGLE/SUPPORT
IGN: SKT T1 Spinxer Role: Can play all roles effectively best role adc(Except jg) Rank: Silver 5 Team experience: Somewhat, queued alot with friends and discord Working mic and discord: Yes Availability: M/W/THUR after 3 PM and Sat before 5pm and Sun after 5pm
: Sup looking for ADC for Duo
Add me if you want. Currently Silver 5 and a lil washed up but i guess thats ok {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:21}}
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Jo0o (NA)
: Your CS seems a bit low in carry roles.
> [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lJ9QEqX2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-05T16:23:22.629+0000) > > Your CS seems a bit low in carry roles. hm might be right. tried to leave the ad role for a while now and transition to mid
: You do???
I mean yea like the ward slot (number 4) but im talking about an extra one maybe because that slot gets filled up with oracles for some supports and another ward slot can make it possible to get a control ward with full build. Idk i might be too greedy
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: Zoe Reveal Page on Garena
ayy thx for that{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: New accounts should permanently unlock a few basic champions through missions.
: Need Help Tonight
i think u post this on player recruitment but if u want u can add me
Z3nvious (OCE)
: RANT - The Toxic Community of League
: Can we do some QOL bug fixes on Illaoi?
ive never faced these problems when playing her on the live servers, although i played her about a week ago so i might be wrong
: New champions should not be played in ranked since you can't play free champions
pbe accounts are free to get therefore new champs can be played there therefore new/reworked champs are going to be played in ranked alot and players wont care
: Make every new champions/reworks disabled in ranked and unbanable in Normal Draft for a week.
Wouldve agreed a month ago but not anymore really. "I own a PBE account so I learned how to play it" i agree wouldnt have been a good excuse back then since only a select number of players had it. But now if a new champion comes out and someone says something like owning a PBE account and they select the new champ in ranked, I wouldn't care much because PBE accounts are free to get only for the accounts that are eligible
: Client stuck at authenticating
tell me what happens
: Client stuck at authenticating
sigh its happening to me too . feels sad man
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