: The point isn't to actually fight you. The point is for me to see exactly what you are doing and correct it.
Well considering that there's a lot of a "skill gap" (?) between us then of course we can't fight, i've been trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong but it's hard to do so since i'm inexperienced in the game
: I sent you a friend request. Just accept it and we would do a custom game 1v1 where I walk you through how to lane.
Alright, i'll accept it and we can do a 1v1 sometime, just dont be surprised if i play really badly lol
: I just looked at your history and it looks like you could use some coaching to get into the game. I'm willing to do that if you want.
yeah im not the best at the game and i did expect to die a lot when i got into the pvp, which i did lmao, i guess im only really good at the intro bots but either way i enjoy the game, and hopefully i'll get better with practice. im not really sure how coaching works, but i could use some help from time to time
: Should I start pvp?
I just played a 5v5 game in a long time after seeing your thoughts on it, we lost but thankfully nobody on my team was rude and i learned once again that players are way more different than bots, i think i can get into pvp agan. thank you for the advice everyone!
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