: Tip: don't give "bad" champions in nemesis draft, give bad comps
my team : 4 AP champs enemy team : some squishlords but with high dps last guy on my team: *gives galio* me: . edit: someone dodged
: (Champion Concept) Mora - The Reaper-in-training
: Initiative is not mana. It's more like an Ammo/energy system. Which would make her worse off relative to other people if it's not unlimited.
so it's more like she gets WORSE in urf? rip
: [Rework concept] Katarina
oh my lawd this in urf would be scary, because Initiative would = Mana right? she would have literally no cooldowns or resources.
: wtf sol has like a 3 second aoe stun
2 seconds and an AuSol usually only has the right items by ~25 minutes to do that, and even if that, it's only down a single lane, learn to not be in lane by then.
: Make loot and crafting more long term freindly
csgo in a nutshell all these cases no money no keys
Khoul (EUW)
: This game is completely inferior to other mobas
i love how every comment has 0 votes. This Khoul guy must be going around disliking every comment so it feels as if his opinion is accepted ey lmao
: You're Riven. You're super mobile. Get inside his stars and fight him there.
can confirm. it's aids to have a riven that close to you when you are trying to star her to death from a range and she just jumps in
XeroKimo (NA)
: Seven Dead{{champion:64}} ?
I didn't *see* that one coming
Rioter Comments
: You realize is pretty much the same since there is a movement cap of 110... so it only makes a difference on champions with movement speed of over 550 that is when the soft cap is applied on 80% slow. Making it 99% won't make much difference since most champions don't hit 550 movement speed under normal circunstances.
*cough* Runic Echos Udyr *cough*
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: {{champion:86}} is actually the only champion that has % true damage put into his kit in fair way. But other two, well, fck them.
But he's pretty scary. Even if you aren't the villian, and you get ulted at half hp, fuking rip
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
I bind it to D,because my first thought would always be, "Flash and then what should i get after?" when i'm choosing summoner's, so that's for why i bind my flash to D.
: Your main just got a buff to their passive, now take downs reset their cooldowns
: Zed Death Mark (R) "pop" damage lowered to 25/35/45% from 30/40/50% From PBE
The new Assassin Item will make up for that >_>
: Why the crit on Xin's W?
It's not even a lowered E CD, it's for early game, the old E CD brought it down to 10. new E CD is 12 always.
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:143}}<- If you mean from items.
dangopee (NA)
: It seems like it can secure a lot of kills. It's also not very expensive. I'm going to build it on {{champion:254}}
:o WAT. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I liked my blue square.
: {{item:3117}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3902}} {{item:3158}} {{item:1004}} If this isn't your build, then L2playnoobs
{{item:3902}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3461}} {{item:3599}} {{item:3345}} {{item:3362}} {{item:3198}} If you can't get this build you will be stuck in bronze with me
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: _As swift as a coursing river and with all the force of a great typhoon..._ Release Xin Zhao, here we come.
Typhoon Claws ( The 3-hit Phantom Proc ). These new Xin heal buffs are going to be crazy on Black Market Brawlers (If it ever returns)
: Create the most broken champ Using....
Name: Cansur Kiting Passive:{{champion:92}} Q:{{champion:81}} W: Jhin's Deadly Flourish E:{{champion:17}} R: {{champion:103}} Ezreal's Q procs Riven's Passive and Teemo E, as well as marking for Jhin's W. One Q, applies 3 different things, also Ahri's ult for more kiting possibilities.
Veraska (NA)
: Wukong
{{champion:62}} Just use the blue square. It's a very good splash art.
: I think I will be in Bronze forever
I mean. I've been in bronze since i think, mid season 3 to now, and it isn't even high bronze, it's like Bronze III. But i don't care. I have friends i can play with in League.
: I'm a Swain, Singed, and Pantheon main. Nice to meet you. Oh! I also dabble in DEMACIA!!! from time to time.
I play... Fiora.... Riven.... Vayne..... kill me plz
Jabril (NA)
Rozair (NA)
: Most hated champion
*looks through post* Where are the riven haters? :o
: Yi does too much true damage eh? His e gives him a SLIGHT (7-8%) AD boost. The activation causes it to do More damage and partially, it's true. The thing holding him back? Lasts a short duration and also has a lengthy cooldown. Yi also uses tons of money to grab his damage items. I honestly think he is just a high rink and high reward champion.
It's not 7-8. It's 10%. The activation deals 10 + 10% AD and 30 + 20% AD at max rank, which is dealt in true damage, and the thing holding it back is only short duration,but you have lots of attack speed, and that's enough to shred someone down. Lengthy cooldown? Don't need it. Already killed the enemy. tons of money to grab his damage items? all he needs is Rageblade & Devourer. That's 2800 (Rageblade) + 2400 (Devourer) = 5200. That's not a lot compared to most other two item builds, like 3500 (Zhonya's) + 2550 (Morellonomicon) = 6050, or 3600 (Infinity Edge) + 2600 (Rapid Fire Cannon/Statikk Shiv) = 6200. Do some research?
Solaxo (EUNE)
: You're assuming that people who hate Riven are the same people who want that skin. You're not the brightest.
resumed (NA)
: i bet you cant even list five characters in the popular anime Disney's Frozen
Make it easier on her. Five characters from the best anime of 2014, Cory in the House.
: What I want for Vladimir's rework
: Riot hates wukong. He's green.
Obviously that icon is blue. And guess what? Blukong build. They don't hate wukong, they are supporting Blukong.
: Relic Shield on thresh
If only people can read. Relic Shield. Procs. On. MELEE ATTACKS. Get up close to a minion if you are going use relic shield.
: IP boosts yes, but not exp boost like it shows. Plus that was over a month ago and everyone would have used them by now.
Oh i'm blind. It was an XP boost. oops.
: 11-0 isnt carrying hard enough in bronze
enemy Zed had went 31/7. They still lost.
: XP Boost Glitch
When you get gifted the snowball icon, you also gain an IP boost.
: When the Chinese Overlords decide to shut down Laughing Fish and the Memes & Games Board
Laughing Fish went to GD,and now GD is coming to Memes and Games. Ew. Stay away GD.
Rioter Comments
: Wat? Games are dependent on it? No. You're horribly wrong. Thunderlord's is only strong early game, late game the damage comes from items and ranked up spells. Late game Thunderlord, well for me. Only hits about 150. For some it CAN be 300+ However it's MAGIC DAMAGE. Therefore, hint hint, Magic Resist counters it.
Too bad. Thunderlord's Scales off AD much harder than AP,so lots of AD champions will have Thunderlord's,and even if you negate that 300 Damage,you'll still be hit really hard with the AD champion's Skills,because you have close to no armour
: How To Support - A Guide From An ADC Main
With these rules,You'll be flamed at for not peeling for your ADC c:
Ecodeath (NA)
: "Nidalee is incredibly near and dear to my heart"- Riot Repetior [aka why she aint getting nerfed]
Her spears are so frigging slow. They barely hit anyone on ARAM. She's already nerfed pretty hard.
: The Moment You Realize Illaoi Will Exist Next URF
Then Darius walks into a 1v5 in an URF game... And escapes with almost all his HP.
: imagine {{champion:223}} top {{champion:203}} jg {{champion:245}} mid {{champion:429}} adc and {{champion:412}} sup {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
{{champion:86}} Top (Villian Passive) [1% MAX HP True Damage per tick] {{champion:114}} Mid (Passive) [MAX HP True Damage AD Scaling] {{champion:203}} Jung (Passive) [Current HP Physical Damage Autos] {{champion:67}} Adc (W Passive) [12% MAX HP True Damage on 3 stacks] {{champion:223}} Supp (W) [30% MAX HP Magic Damage on 3 stacks Devour] All of that %HP damage..... RIP Tanks and Squishes alike It will totally ~~not~~ work.
: If you were able to remove 1 champion from the game who would it be?
{{champion:67}} * Makes playing Riven a nightmare (I play Riven a lot. Don't Judge) * Losing as Vayne? Dun worry. 3 Items in,you'll be able to shred fed people. * Invis on a 2 second or less cooldown.
Knoyle (NA)
: The AI is set that it will only attack one target and keep attacking it until it is dead or out of range. Also goes for the first enemy to enter turret if no minions are there. Say {{champion:33}} {{champion:119}} and {{champion:90}} are against {{champion:53}} and {{champion:33}} gets hooked into the tower radius. While this seems effective it is actually not if {{champion:33}} is built enough because now {{champion:119}} and {{champion:90}} can go HAM on {{champion:53}} and all {{champion:33}} has to do is sit there, maybe press w and probably has more than 30% after leaving the tower range if all took place at full health. While this seems nicely strategic, I kind of don't like the fact that something like this is relatively easy to do.
So get Soraka/Taric on your team and keep healing the minion taking damage. A+ Plan. o_o
: You're a lizard, Renekton. I'M A WATT?!
Renekton calls himself a lightbulb (Watt) even though you just said he was a lizard Renekton is very smart.
Rioter Comments
: AD and AP are now consolidated into a single Damage stat. Who is completely brokenly OP now?
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KhGR1fjF,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-12-26T17:58:25.388+0000) > > You known the "Highest Win % Core Build" is when she goes midlane right... > > As far her support build goes. Honnestly what did riot expect when they gave her kit scaling cc. Her E passive feels so underwelming right now without AP. Same goes far her W passive actualy... Then why does she have a Frost Queen's Claim?
There are Leblancs and other midlaners with FQC too.
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