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: Champion Subclass List
{{champion:432}} as an Enchanter? If I understand correctly, Enchanters are champions that would give shields, heals, speed boosts, etc. Bard's entire role isn't that. His W is a small part of his kit, as he's really a high burst damage utility support. I'd put him as Disruptor, hybrid Enchanter, (like Morgana is) as he does do a bit of the enchanting, but that's not his main role. Morgana does very similar things to Bard, and she is probably the closest support to Bard, so making him this would make sense. Honestly, if everyone has their sights set on Bard as an enchanter, then at least make him hybrid with Disruptor, you can't argue that.
: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
"Struggles against Zed" Good job riot, now nobody will play her in our shit mid Zed pick or ban meta
: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
Honestly, I like Dynamic Q in the sense that I can choose what role I want and not have to pray for luck. What I hate about it is how I almost always lose if I'm a solo player against a 4-5 man, or if there is a 4 man and I'm the last one and nobody communicates with me. I say keep dynamic q's layout, but make it so you can play soloq or in a party in ranked, and the q times are the same. I don't care if that will make queue times longer, I'd rather have that then be at a disadvantage.
: Draven
: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Aurelion Sol could mean that it is golden and sun-themed. If you didn't know, Sol means sun in Latin, and Aurei means golden in Latin, so I can assume it's about a golden sun dragon
: Happy Valentine’s!
Our love {{champion:81}}
: get ready for that 100% ban rate on zed boys
{{champion:36}} Looks like I might be out of the water for now...
: > Malzahar definitely needs to retain the Space AIDS. Strongly agree. I really don't think he'd be Malzahar without his E.
Malzahar, honestly, is very boring to play in lane because he just casts his e on the back line and just waits. As mentioned, I want a gap-closer that can make Malzahar more engaging. I also want Malzahar to have more teamfighting ability.
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: Mid-Year Mage Update
I don't understand what's up with Brand. He's a wombo-combo, bursty, no mobility mage. You cast your e/w, then your q, then your remaining ability, then possibly your ult. You can't simply spam his skills because his skills require an order, and a major component is a skillshot. I like to compare Brand to Fox from smash. If he gets in the combo zone, then you can do nothing as he destroys you. But getting in the combo zone requires you to know what you're doing, and/or the enemy playing stupid. Brand is somewhat unhealthy in the meta because his damage is so damn high and he really doesn't require too much skill, so I hope they increase his skill-cap by just a bit, make some minor changes, but overall just keep Brand as an immobile, combo-style, mage.
: ***
Maybe, but nobody seemed to say things about him like they knew him. Everyone was annoyed by him, so if that's true, the person he was playing against is a back-stabbing bastard.
: Yeah he probably queued up with other people so their average was similar to where you're at.
I'm not sure, he was WAAAAY worse than everyone else.
: New champ select replaces Team Builder
Rioter Comments
: Also, this needs to be Taric's new ult. Becomes immune to CC and ~~has like +500 AD for 10 seconds~~ Mord's previous Q for one series of AAs. Should probably be on a really long CD.
I'm pretty late to this, but I have to say **no way.** This makes no sense on a support. Being able to run around dealing a lot of damage is not a support thing. "But what about Alistar's ult?" Alistar's ult makes him a megatank, which is really helpful for surviving teamfights long enough to land a lot of cc. But this is not Taric at all. From the looks of this, I doubt you've ever touched support. As ZeDeliriousGhost said, it's Olaf's thing, and Olaf can charge in and do a lot of damage, and effectively peel without getting shut down by cc. But a top laner peel is more of dealing a lot of damage, and a support peel is cc (think thresh e).
: When you miss the cannon as thresh support with a relic shield stack.........
But the thresh is all the way in bot lane...
: Teaching someone how thresh works
{{champion:412}} Grab the damn lantern!
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:16}} *ignite* {{champion:67}} *Q* *Flash* on 3 hp ignited Jinx. {{champion:16}} has slain {{champion:222}} ! {{champion:67}} OMFG, REPORT NOOB SUPP KS.
That happened to me with a Lee Sin. I got the kill on accident with my Q, and he got pissed. The next time, I didn't attack the enemy at all, and the Lee Sin died, and got pissed at me for not helping out with damage. Nice one Lee
: Champion Update: Shen
Congratulations, Riot. You just turned Surgeon Shen into a meme.
: Champion Update: Shen
Shen's pretty old, but he's still good. I think this wasn't necessary for this time, because {{champion:44}} , {{champion:39}} , {{champion:83}} , and possibly {{champion:33}} are the champions that need a rework the most. (there is more to the list than that but those are the ones I can say for sure at the top of my head.) Shen was still good, but all of these are really unbalanced and some of them aren't meta like Shen.
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: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
Nice thread, but I still think some of my pre level 30 days where better than the low ELOs.
: Nightmarish Legacy Skins descend into the Vault
I wan't too many to afford... What do I do? :(
: God of Ip-LoL - Kindred feat. Reignover
: Be Victorious
Guys, can't you all see that their just giving Urgot a visual update?


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