: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
(Note @Riot Zhanos: this is kinda long (with no tl;dr, sry), so if you don't have time to read the whole thing, please read the final point where I piggy back off of what Zaghyr suggested. I think it could provide an avenue to explore what bruiser Diana could be) A question on the attack speed change: Is that supposed to be base attack speed, meaning she scales better with attack speed now, or one of those hidden adjustments to give her a better lvl 1 attack speed, but it does not affect scaling? If it is the hidden attack speed one, that is an incredible nerf. Let's say you are level 6 so that you have all 4 spells to weave, and a single point in e. If you weave correctly for a fight you'll have almost full uptime of a 50% as steroid, where as with this change you only have 16% (.725/.625). For clearing and tower shoving the steroid will also be far better for the duration you'll be able to push. If you are looking for a suggestion I would say you try testing it as a higher base instead of a hidden value (if it is not already), this will give more of incentive to buy attack speed items. As with it being a hidden value it doesn't change this decision at all, we just lose dmg on the passive, and get an increased R reset. Going over the other changes (I tried the changes out on PBE): **Mana:** I don't like the removal of the mana passive. With that while splitting you always knew you would have the mana to auto turrets and weave in the passive AS (which I guess wouldn't be an issue with it gone now) without going a mana item/rune/getting blue/getting ocean. Without this passive you feel forced into buying something that other bruisers (if that is the direction is going) don't feel the need to get. With keeping the passive the new per level should be reverted, and if you are looking to use this as an area to remove power you could keep the base lower, or lower her regen or regen per level. If the spell weaving is being removed for certain, that indirectly is less power her as the mana does not matter as much anymore for splitting. **Movespeed on passive:** This is a very nice and appreciated addition. A thing I thought was funny is that this made her e feel even more useless as you don't need the slow as much anymore, and the cast time of e actually hinders you ability to move in a fight with this up. **Spell weaving paradigm:** This is something I really enjoyed as it added a little more skill expression. You were rewarded for proper positioning and rotation usage (if you were not going for a full burst) with the ability to get a few autos and potentially another passive in. Also, this created a window of power, meaning the attack speed could be tuned higher without being unbalanced. For instance, if you got cc'ed during the rotation when weaving, you would lose this attack speed, and thus that power. By just giving us more attack speed the values have to be weaker, and thus less meaningful, simply because it is always there. **Lower Damage on passive:** Definitely noticeable, if you are removing dmg to lower time to kill this is an odd place to do it. Often you don't even need the passive to burst, it's there for pushing, waveclear, and extra damage if you do happen to get it in. Since the goal (given the attack speed changes) seems to push some DPS into her kit, removing this dmg actually probably makes her dps worse. If you need to trim dmg I would say the place to trim some would be her w. **Q changes:** Feel fine, nothing really to say about the changes. The vision on the tip is a nice QOL idea. The end of the cast looks kinda funky, but that's just personal opinion. **E cd reduction:** The reduction is VERY much welcomed (it does not make sense for it to be this long given it's current usability), however: E feels worse to use now given the movespeed on passive. Stopping to cast it doesn't feel worth it unless it's a specific situation, like cancelling a cait net. I think something that could a long way with this is removing the cast time, but adding small delay equal to the current cast time. This way diana can keep moving while it's casting, so you don't need to pray that enemies on the edge remain in it - she can keep up with them and pull em back. Would also feel better with the passive movespeed. Another option is to increase it's radius, this could require fx though if that bit doesn't scale well. Also this is one of the reasons she was nerfed on release, so while it might be an option to test, going with a no cast time approach may feel more balanced (and fluid). You could also try both! I think her e is really under realized, and could use some love, it's a really cool ability. **R Cast time:** Is noticeable if you are used to how it is right now. Understand why it is being lengthened though. If this does end up being the direction to go with R, I really suggest adding in the AA reset, or something to this so that after cast diana doesn't feel like she just bugged out and unable to do anything (how it feels on PBE after casting R, it is not fluid in the least). Understandably this adds power though, however it could be the trade off for the increase in cast time (the auto fits into this idea as it will take time to perform both if you do both R's) **Zaghyr's suggested changes:** (Link to that post) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/ZOH65NIy-small-diana-gameplay-changes-coming-to-pbe?comment=0048 I really like the DPS suggestion Zaghyr had in that post, with moonlight enemies taking extra damage from autos. If you could get this out for testing just so we could see what it feels like I think that would be really cool. Also, to piggy back off the idea to make her W more bruiser friendly, along with the addition of some other scaling value than AP, you could try out this idea: When Diana has her W shield up, and autos an enemy (any enemy, or champs only) affected by moonlight, it restores X% of the shield and can overcharge it, but does not increase the duration (so as not to monkey with scenarios like you have 1% shield left and keep autoing, thus never getting w on cd to cast again). When the shield is on CD autoing an enemy (any enemy, or champs only) reduces the CD of the shield by X%. This would be a great buff to brusier diana by giving her much needed survivability while in the thick of things. While she is taking sustained damage, but has not yet lost her shield, she can auto attack to essentially boost her sustain. Since this does not affect the CD while it is up her W pattern is kept the same if you can keep the shield up. When she gets bursted after diving, but survives, she can auto to reduce W cd and get back the survivabilty needed to deal with sustained dmg dealers. This is only a minor buff for assassin builds as they don't even come close to autoing with the frequency the bruiser build would. This idea, combined with the DPS suggestion Zaghyr had, could really make for an great exploration into Bruiser Diana. Hopefully this helps, and most of the above can be tested with just numbers changes!
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: Current thinking: * Syndra's ult being on a lower than average CD early leaves insufficient windows to play against her, especially if she gets ahead in lane. Those windows of safety are particularly important on a champ with high and fairly reliable burst. * The W upgrade arguably allows Syndra to get 7 sphere ults too consistently and without the telegraph and mana cost that keeping that number of spheres around would other wise entail. It also removes a skill test that some established Syndra players value. * If removing the existing W passive we'll need another. The old one wasn't impactful or satisfying, so we don't want to go back to that. Shifting some damage to more target agnostic damage (True damage bonus) has some appeal because it doesn't increase overall damage in the most powerful cases (bursting down a squishy) as it does in the less optimal cases (hitting tanky opponents). * Overall power likely needs to come down.
Hey Meddler, not sure if you guys have noticed yet (cause patch will still be out later for PBE), but the W passive is actually being applied at rank 1, instead of when you max the ability. Also from what I saw in the quick game I played with it the R cool-down was also still the same as the old one, only the tooltip had changed. Changes look promising though! Cheers.
: I checked with our tech dudes and it seems this sometimes happens on certain PC's (mainly MSI) that are running the Alpha Client and an audio programme called **Nahimic**. If you disable this program or uninstall it, it should resolve this issue. Let me know if this helped.
Hey Blade, i just sent in a ticket for this but I guess catching this here is my lucky day (: I also have an MSI and just got my alpha client (which crashes with the same error!!), so i'll check for ya right now how it goes!! EDIT: I just uninstalled and launched and after a few moments... Success! Many thanks to you and the tech dudes (: (was wondering if you should maybe sticky this fix? Who knows how many people have a combination of MSI + Nhamic and alpha client and come here to quickly scan to see if there issue has a post? EDIT 2: Okay this is really off topic, but Targon what you just provided is a godsend. Here's the story: I absolutely love this game series called "Heroes of might and magic" it was the game way back that started my PC gaming career. Anyways the new one in the series (Heroes of might and magic VII) has this incredible editor that allows you to use part of the unreal engine to create maps, add new heroes and enemies, items, etc. So of course I wanted to create content using this as it's an incredible feature, so when I first got the game (a year ago) I open the editor and no dice ): the thing wont load... I tried everything to get it working (uninstalls/ reinstalls, reinstalling windows, re downloading all the c libraries required, antivirus, drivers, the list goes on). I probably spent about 20+ hours trying to fix this thing in total over the past year and no dice every time. However one consistent piece of information I kept getting was that it was a certain key thread was hanging at the same point every time (got this by using wait chain in task manager), and from there I found out that it was some kind of memory error. So I though I had some faulty RAM and did some tests, but again no luck. So last week I get an email saying I got alpha client (yay!) open it and bam memory error, my immediate thought "damn this is gunna happen all over again )': ". So I tried some trouble shooting and some other stuff to of course no avail, thus I sent in a help ticket and decided to check the boards when suddenly I find this amazing post. so i uninstall Nhemic and it fixes the alpha client. I play some league when I realize "maybe, just maybe this heroes will work now??!?!?1?!?!!/11111111". I quickly open steam and download the editor, hit that first time setup button and launch it... Intensely I stare at the monitor for a few minutes when it hits the same loading part it gets stuck on and it kinda hangs, but then, oh but then, a little window pops up and the editor continues to load!!!!!!! I think "Is this it, has RITO just done it? have they both fixed alpha client and one my favorite game series of all times in a single swoop by uninstalling this useless bloatware I never used anyway???" The answer is Yes. Yes Riot had done it. So please take my thanks and give my thanks to the tech gods over there! :D I would be you all skins if I could but I don't know if that's possible. Tl;dr: Rito saved the day by both fixing alpha client, and on the side fixing the editor of a game series that I absolutely love. A problem I had been trying to solve for a year with the games support people unable to help me resolve it.
: Regarding Syndra
Hi there, I can provide you with information on what she is like on the PBE currently. Here is what her new W does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5LPXQSDZ5A Here is (as of april 21) the damage from Q, AP ratio was .7 on MYMU release, but changed to .75 today (note that the original 15% dmg was removed), vs live: http://imgur.com/kKGz0Oz Also the new W does **NOT** do dmg for each sphere that hits, applies damage only once. The new W **DOES** reset all 3 sphere timers, the AOE of the damage is also slightly increased per sphere thrown.
: Always glad to hear about people getting into software. What's your favorite thing about programming/software engineering? I do mean Calgary, Alberta :) As I said in my post above, I would highly recommend participating in the internship program. I gained a tonne of valuable experience over the course of my 16 month internship (and getting paid for a year between 3rd/4th year was great too). If you're interested in gaming, I'd also recommend taking CPSC 453 (Introduction to Computer Graphics).
My favorite thing about programming/software engineering would have to be the ability to create something tangible (while not physical, it's close enough) to express any idea I have, no matter how wacky or strange lol. Programming also allows for a lot more fun/flexibility/creativity then all of the work I do in classes, but unfortunately with finals I don't have much time to work on my own projects. Yeah the internship is definitely something I'm interested in doing, if you could tell me though, do you get to pick the place, or just generally take whatever comes? Definitely interested in gaming as well, just went and took a look at the overview for CPSC 453; looks like a great class. I'll be adding that to my electives in 4th year :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Noobspectivee,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=G43hAV7A,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-13T01:29:04.628+0000) > > I have a school assignment to interview a gaming software engineer and so I choose Riot Games. I was told by support to post here and hopefully get an answer back. > Questions (Software Engineer) > 1. Your Name > 2. Your Specific Degree > 3. Your Place of Employment > 4. Your Contact info (If possible) (email address, phone, or etc) > 5. Please describe your engineering field > 6. what is your current job title > 7. Please describe your particular job and duties > 8. what is your average work schedule > 9. starting with high school, describe your educational background chronologically > 10. If you had to do it over, related to your career or education, would u do anything differently > 11.What advice would u give to me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours? > > Thank you in advance for answering these interview questions and if there are any questions that you are restricted from answering due to reasons, please feel free to skip and move on to the next question. For Prospectivee, 1. James Leitch 2. Software Engineering (diploma says "Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering") 3. Champion team at Riot Games (same as Aaron) 4. I'll try to answer questions posted here or friend me in game. 5. My career so far has been all gameplay stuff, which means working with designers (or other content creators) and building/improving systems to support the features they want. This can range from small things like hooking up an existing aim assist system, through larger things like building a buff system to drive elemental weapons and abilities/power ups (both examples taken from my previous job). 6. Software Engineer 7. Same as Aaron with regards to champions: build/debug/extend tech to support upcoming champions, while also trying to gradually improve the existing tech. Champs I've helped worked on are Azir, Kalista, Aurelion Sol, and some minor support for Gnar, Rek'sai, Bard. 8. Usually around 11-7, periodically staying later if I'm really focused on something or there's a deadline. 9. Where I grew up there weren't any AP classes, so I just took the normal stuff in high school. After graduating, I went into general engineering at University of Calgary. I chose engineering over science because it sounded cooler. Between 1st and 2nd year of university, I took a year off -- during which time I figured out I wanted to go into software and into games. After that I came back and chose Software Engineering as my major. Between 3rd and 4th year I interned at an educational software/hardware company, which is where I learned most of my practical skills (internships are important!). After interning, I finished my degree, graduated, and started at EA, where I worked for 2 years before getting my current job at Riot. It's worth noting that I started coding in grade 8, but I only ever thought of it as a hobby until I took that time off and decided it was what I wanted to do professionally. 10. I would take the compiler class at university that I didn't want to get up for (it was at 8 AM). I would also suggest working on games in Unity/UE4 to build up a portfolio. I had tried to build a game/engine from scratch, which was a great experience, but not as relevant as building/working on gameplay systems, which is what you'd be doing in Unity/UE4. 11. Be appreciative of how and why things work, not just that they do work. Curiosity and desire to learn are hugely important traits. Also try to work on some long term personal projects. I found a lot of school work didn't do a good job of preparing me for real work, because generally assignments involved solving individual problems in a vacuum, where the code is written once, and then thrown away. As a result, considerations like performance, maintainability, and extensibility get overlooked. Having something you work on over the course of several years will hopefully help build up these skills, in addition to whatever you learn in school. Cheers, James
I just gotta know, when you say university of Calgary do you mean the one in Calgary Alberta Canada? Just curious to know as I'm just finishing up first year engineering there, with my desired major as Software Engineering :D
Jalkan (NA)
: Try testing for bugs in a custom game.
Unfortunately if there's too many people on the server you cant host a custom game without 3 or more actual players, so if it's just you, you cant do it ):
: I mean, yeah. I'm not surprised. But the AP item changes ARE NOT coming out in the this next patch. This is just the VERY preliminary testing, and they are gonna take it down Monday, they said. After the patch, they'll put it back up with changes, and at some point I bet they remove URF from testing. I mean, they are bug testing it now, so if it's good, they'll remove it to test the stuff for 6.9.
Where did you read they were putting new changes up Monday?
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