: ive had gold accounts in the passed, played on and off for years, lost many accounts with unique account per email basis...stupid...lol my English is bad sorry if its hard to understand
Okay, so you’re not new. I didn’t think so based off of your fiddle support, even thought you’re still doing aftershock which is not optimal after the changes. You understand that the bronze ranking is a provisional rank, yes? You will gain 70-ish LP after each win during all your promos. Finish them out and see where you stand.
: New to ranked, 2 afk'ers and no remake, forced into bronze?
Lol. You’re brand new. You don’t deserve higher than bronze/iron, no matter what you “know”. Everyone who jumps straight into ranked at lvl 30 places bronze or iron unless they have prior experience. For instance, I’m plat 1 on my main account. When I level a new account and jump into ranked, I consistently get a provisional rank (meaning after 2 games of my promos) of Silver 1 or Gold 4. On my first account, I placed into Bronze 2 b/c I jumped straight into ranked when I hit 30 (this was before Iron was a thing). Dropped down to Bronze 3 before eventually climbing out. All that to say, it takes time. I wouldn’t have advised going into ranked immediately, but you did and you’ve been placed bronze now. Deal with it, b/c you’ll get the same result on any other account you make.
Zardo (NA)
: People assume when you main enchanters.
Idk. I used to play only Soraka, and I never once got that.
: Actually muting every single players in my team from now on.
Just curious - how do they know you’re a girl? I wouldn’t get that from your name . . .
: Yuumi Has No Place on the Rift
So, you’re wrong. Yuumi is a support that both the adc and support need to know every well in order for her to excel. She’s very good when both players know what she does and how she’s played. The things you’re saying are really just a circlecirk that has been perpetuated in low elo b/c a lot of low elo just automatically think a support is terrible when it doesn’t deliver them kills on a silver platter à la Blitzcrank.
: A challenger in NA is a silver in EUW. Change my mind.
> [{quoted}](name=Caprin,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=XNNkQNQL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-19T18:06:22.491+0000) > > A challenger in NA is a silver in EUW. Change my mind. What does that make Bronze 4 in NA?
: Send help, the french rioters have gone mad
First, they came for the French . . . You have my upvote and support, friend! I lived in France for a while when archeology, and I would be devastated if my lovely friends from Arles would be unable to communicate about league (even though their internet speeds . . . merde)
: This is why ((League)) is an RNG game right now.
Yeah, easily able to tell that your team would lose *before you even saw the other team*. Why didn’t you dodge?
: why talon's parkour needs to be changed
>makes whiny post about talon >tries to act like post isn’t just because op got wrecked by a talon >posts from a smurf so we can’t go see just how badly op was wrecked by a talon Lmao
Hunters potion was a noob trap, end of story. If you had to use it as a crutch to avoid learning how to kite jungle camps, then I think it’s a good thing it was removed tbh.
: I am Iron 4 on the NA server, AMA
Um. Please tell me you’re trolling. If not, I had no idea Iron was this bad.
: Master Yi doesnt get rooted by singed E, W combo during his ult
So, Riot doesn’t care about Singed in the slightest or the weird interactions that exist but shouldn’t with his kit. Any champion that is immune to slows is also immune to being rooted from his W->E. It doesn’t not state this on his abilities nor does it make any sense. Another really annoying thing - Singed W is supposed to interrupt movement abilities if they are channeled, including teleport. But for some reason it doesn’t interrupt recall . . .


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