: Fatal Crash Error Season 9 9.14
Played 6 ranked games today, 4 of them were remakes and the other 2 games had players that started off afk and reconnected before 3 minutes. Its honestly disgusting how people are able to be punished because of a client/game bug
: Constant Bug Splat
Pretty sure its still happening, played 5 ranked games and it happened 3 out of the 5 games. Weird because in two of the games both teams had an afk. Sad how these players get punished because riot's client still has bugs and flaws.
: Goodbye cancer ranged top picks
League of Legends is saved no its not
PekiCodex (EUW)
: Facts about TFT that are 100% fact
After 20 minutes all of your units (except 1 or 2) will be afk
Almegas (NA)
: Can't Play More Than One Game?
Manxxom (NA)
: Swain with new change reaches 17k Hp:
Wow! the new Swain rework looks amazing!
: TFT Units not doing anything
(Adds even more Rng into the game)
Sakowitz (NA)
: Reminder the Xerath hasn't had a skin in only infinity years.
Meanwhile... NEw PReSTigE sKiNS inb4 prestige skins are added to every champ lul
: Friend Hover DOESN'T WORK AGAIN!!!!
How does this keep happening lul
: Pick up your very own Mystery Champion!
: Pick up your very own Mystery Champion!
i got trolled u should not buy {{champion:77}}
: Team Up Week: A legendary Mystery Gift upgrade
gift me any jg characters {{champion:9}}
: Team Up Week: A legendary Mystery Gift upgrade


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