: Was Ghostcrawler responsible for making Garrosh a villain?
No, he was not, a basic google search would tell you that. He was the lead *systems* designer. "Systems design specifically is everything that is not level, story, quest, PvP or encounter design. My team handles everything from mechanics to items to trade skills to achievements to UI design." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Street
: A lot of people including myself tried to bring attention to Essence Reaver when it was revealed, long before release. It's a cool concept, but there needs to be some balancing done to it.
To be honest, I rarely keep up with the pbe. I use to years ago, but not really anymore. So I admittedly didn't know how many or how few people were aware of how it was likely going to end up.
Kei143 (NA)
: CS does not belong to anyone . While a non-CSing support is certainly META (Most Effective Tactic Available) , just because a supporting is CSing doesn't make her a troll. You can certainly adjust to her play style, since you are Ashe, you can focus on ultility through slowing and picking off enemies. Providing good vision etc etc. Change your build with less high priced. There's also the play of rotating better to get to the locations of gold more. (team fight? Minion wave? Enemy JG?) It's ok to let someone carry the game. If they are doing better a job at carrying, let them carry you.
That's nice in theory, but that doesn't apply to this situation for the most part, as the Lux wasn't trying to carry, they were just there to troll.
: ***
Did you just beat a dead horse?
: It's only really good on a few champions.
True, and I think that's why no one really caught it before it hit live.
: Isn't it time to fix this fucking shit ?
To be fair, I don't think even the majority of the playerbase foresaw just how broken it was gonna be, let alone Riot. But now I'm hoping they nerf it quickly for next patch.
: Permanently Banned for using "3rd party programs or modifications"
: You are a bit early, afaik it is not 100% confirmed which champions are going to fight in this VS event. However, **if** it turns out to be true that this is about Garen and Darius, then I have to say that this was a poor choice. The first VS event already featured a Noxian champion with Riven. {{champion:92}} Making one of the VS candidates a Noxian _again_ is extremely boring and seriously, it's not like there aren't enough iconic rivals in this game to chose from. {{champion:131}} VS {{champion:89}} (but to be fair, Diana just got a skin) {{champion:112}} VS {{champion:126}} {{champion:121}} VS {{champion:107}} {{champion:412}} VS {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} VS {{champion:51}} / {{champion:254}} {{champion:90}} VS {{champion:38}} ____________ Still want to point out: I love that Riot brings back the VS event, it was extremely fun last year and I hoped that this will become an annual thing. Just pls don't always pick a Noxian champion for these (if it turns out to be true). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I would enjoy seeing more content for Jinx vs Cait and Vi. I don't think we've really gotten more official content for them since Jinx's release.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: The damage from the most widespread class in the game (Marksmen) has been reduced and delayed quite heavily. What's next? This was the biggest complaint regarding League's balance and now that it's dealt with (still can be fine tuned), what other problems do you see? What's the next class that's going to be attacked for having too much damage?
Fun fact, Marksmen use to need 4 or 5 items to start deleting people, now it's just back to that. They weren't attacked, they were just lowered back to where they used to be(At least crit adcs anyway.) You are acting so defensive by calling it an attack. As for who I would say needs to be toned down next damage-wise? Assassins and tanks, and bruisers, though I don't feel Riot would willingly nerf three, or even two class types at once. Tanks are suppose to be able to tank, right now, if they aren't Mundo, Sion, or cho gath, they get shredded too fast to really be called tanks. If you don't have at least 2 tanks not including one of those three(Sion and cho both can stack health permanently if played right), you might as well not have one at all. Because they'll melt your frontline otherwise. Right now, even tanks have more damage than they probably should. Instead of being about being a good frontline or engage/disengage.
An Draoi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=sweetrules,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QnVRvBnj,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-06-09T05:13:36.143+0000) > > Yeah, for years they've been trying to speed games up, but now we've finally hit the point where they've gone overboard and no one likes the result. The game needs to slow down a bit, funnily enough. Which means damage needs to be trimmed back across the board. IMO, the amount of time it takes for a game doesn't need to slow down. I'll happily take 25-35 minute games over 45-55 minute games. The problem is game pacing. It's 85% of the time a roflstomp from one team or the other (admittedly, this has been improving. it was worst right when we came out of preseason *shudder*).
So you'd also like to see a bunch of champs removed from the game. Nasus, Veigar, Kindred, etc... All those champs are usually varying from non-existent to minor influence till 35-40+ minutes into the game. Right now it's too focused on snowballing and high burst damage for the meta. And I'm sick of seeing "so and so champ isn't doing enough damage, they need buffs." from the balance team. The problem isn't champs that aren't nuking squishies in 1 second, it's the other way around. I don't know the last time I had a game go much longer than 40 minutes. I'm not saying I want all games to go that long, but it would be nice to see variety, and the current meta discourages it. I only play normals because I don't like being forced to play certain champs. I'd play flex if I felt I could still have some fun in it, but not picking the top tier champs is nearly report-worthy right now. Because it's either snowball or get steamrolled meta right now. I don't find that fun. I occasionally like playing assassins, But I shouldn't be rewarded a kill for barely trying. Which is what most of the whiners on the forums lately want. That's why Yasuo is getting buffed when he doesn't need it, same with trynd most likely.
: Baron deals no damage.
I mean, it's suppose to deal ramping damage, but that doesn't really work when it dies within 10 seconds most of the time.
: Left league November 2017, should I come back?
I'd wait to see if Riot backtracks on the powercreep that has peaked in Season 8. It was noticeable last year, but this year, everyone is an assassin/bruiser or they are irrelevant. You either 100-0 squishies in 1 second or less, 3 seconds tops, or you get flamed for not picking a champ that can do that.
: > [{quoted}](name=sweetrules,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3XAU06y1,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-06-10T02:31:46.958+0000) > > Oh no, they toned down crit based damage, whatever shall we do. Sorry, but damage needs to be lowered across the board. The game has become a pick the champs with the most consistent burst capabilities this year. The problem isn't that crit-based ADC's are no longer *over-performing*, it's that they are finally where they should be, but the other groups are still doing too much. LOL Ikr he is like "oh noes" im not broken anymore i mean sure... to him starting last year.. he has never known adc to be in any state OTHER than completely broken im sorry u have never experienced the game when it was good, knowing riot.. u never will. but at least we have 1 less broken thing
Yeah, I've been playing since season 3. Season 8 is power-creep incarnate. Which is really out of place in a MOBA. The fact the game is pretty much decided in the first 10-15 minutes by whoever has the most kill pressure is pretty fucked.
: You can't just treat the whole year like it's the preseason - you need to take more time to balance.
The biggest mistake that's been compounded this season is the increase to damage across the board. They are so busy changing everything that they've missed that damage has gotten so high that games end noticeably faster, usually almost guaranteed one way or the other by 15 minutes. Which sidelines most champs that excel in longer games. And they're so off focus that their first response to a champion not insta-bursting squishies in less than a second is to buff them.
: ty riot
Oh no, they toned down crit based damage, whatever shall we do. Sorry, but damage needs to be lowered across the board. The game has become a pick the champs with the most consistent burst capabilities this year. The problem isn't that crit-based ADC's are no longer *over-performing*, it's that they are finally where they should be, but the other groups are still doing too much.
: That 0.25 second of invulnerability that happens only if he hits the wonky skillshot? Broken champion.
Considering how high the average damage output is right now, 0.25 seconds could be all the difference, since most squishy targets die in less than a second.
: Does anyone else feel like Pyke's Ult should be Untargetable?
If they take away some of his mobility, maybe. But right now, he can get in and out pretty safely as is. Making him invulnerable while ulting would be pretty unfair combined with his current mobility.
: Remember when the game was shit in january and everyone was like
Baron is weak because champ damage is too high. Turrets are even weaker for the same reason, yet Riot nerfed them recently. Which I think is the funniest and dumbest thing yet this year. Only move in the right direction was toning down crit itemization. Damage needs to be trimmed across the board. From there, they can actually start working towards balance. But as long as damage is as high as it is right now, it's gonna remain a joke.
Yenn (NA)
: If your champion can't 100 to 0 someone in 3-4 seconds, it's not viable in top, mid, or jungle
Yeah, for years they've been trying to speed games up, but now we've finally hit the point where they've gone overboard and no one likes the result. The game needs to slow down a bit, funnily enough. Which means damage needs to be trimmed back across the board.
: Autofill is proof that no one likes playing support
Did you get supp mixed up with jungle? Recently, I've mainly seen complaints by people getting autofilled to jungle because Riot made a jungle meta no jungle mains like, at all. (Unless they main one of the 4 or 5 champs that are good in it. compared to the nearly 49 or 50 champs that are usually played jungle.)
Meddler (NA)
: I need to follow up with some folks about that today, I'm personally becoming increasingly suspicious it's a problem we need to address soon though. Degree to which it changes mid lane from a pretty interesting and high impact lane to a rather flat experience is particularly poor.
The cause of the problem is Yi. The strategy is just a symptom. Master Yi is pretty much a stat stick you throw at the enemy. Get him ahead and he's just a nuke you throw at the enemy, Taric just provides the invulnerability to remove counterplay. And with the new essence reaver, Yi is pretty much playing URF mode while everyone else has to try and lock him down in the very short moments you get.
: Bug with aurelion sol's stars
There's also a bug where his stars aren't always visible if he enters brush.
darkdill (NA)
: Who would you want?
Jhin might be interesting. Zyra, Riven, Irelia, Kindred, to name some.
darkdill (NA)
: @Riot: Just because reception to custom announcers is mixed does not mean you shouldn't do more
If I ever see a Draven announcer for an event, I'll be jumping into my settings faster than the flash to turn it off. Though I wouldn't be against having certain champs as announcers.
: Ok, thanks for the clear up. Sorry to the person who these comments were directed to. Guess the Heat of the game gets to me a lot.
I think you're the first person I've seen in days worth of people complaining about bans who hasn't been totally unreasonable and/or tried to lie about it. Just that fact means you probably have a much better chance of learning from the ban and not acting like that in future games. Also, just so you know, negative/abusive chat tends to impact people's gameplay, so it's not only their chat experience that it impacts when people are toxic. Just to clarify on that point.
: A thought on solving some of Kindred's gameplay pattern problems
One of her biggest issues is her mobility, funnily enough. Outside of w, q isn't reliable enough to make up for the fact her base movepseed is 325, as a jungler, that's atrocious, especially since the terrible scuttle meta caters to fast moving fast clearing junglers.
: I legit got banned for educating the other team on my Soraka's toxicity lmao.
If that's really how it went, you should send in a ticket. I don't believe it should have been a (I assume) 14-day ban right off the bat. However, you should have known better than to use the same slur they were aiming at you. Just one report would have had the automatic system flag them. So you didn't really need to be super detailed trying to convince the enemy team. Just mentioning the raka was using racial slurs would have been enough instead of saying it yourself.
: Taliyah is balanced
She's not pick or ban, but unless they admit to their mistake in creating the scuttle meta and undo it, she will need some minor nerfs to her jungling.
: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/taric/middle/diamond 54.4% with a >1% pickrate should we nerf mordekaiser for having a 68.7% winrate despite also having a >1% pickrate? https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/mordekaiser/adc/diamond
The problem isn't Taric, it's Yi. Because it happens every time a champion synergizes with Yi. As for Mordekaiser, part of me wonders if it's just another bug that people are exploiting, since Mordekaiser literally has pages worth of bugs at seemingly all times.
: My stubbornness comes solely from his lack of understanding to any side other than what he presented. And again, insulting me. And I actually do have the right to make this post, sooo idk what youre getting at here. I used to be a Moderator for a Dota forum a while back, before Dota 2, and whether you feel it or not, his aggression is unwarranted and has no place in these player behavior posts. EVERYBODY THAT POSTS HERE IS ALREADY UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING. So honestly, why the fuck do we need some advisor coming in and rage-baiting us too. That isn't right, and it needs to be addressed. You sir, need to stop slandering me with insults. Otherwise all the time you've spent typing will be deleted, and be for nothing.
First off, where did I insult you in this comment? By saying you're stubborn? That's not an insult, it's an observation. The same could be said about me, and I wouldn't argue it in the slightest. Second, he was honestly not being aggressive at all until you repeatedly kept pushing him. and considering how many posts I see each day with people complaining how this or that is unfair, how they shouldn't have been banned, etc... I think it's admirable that they can be so patient even after reading through stuff like that for multiple hours each day. Third, Ma'am if you really feel the need for that.
: Oh, I do feel sometimes aggression is a vital piece of the puzzle, but not when it isn't needed, and that Is the bound he has overstepped on multiple occasions. Also I didn't even know about those other posting options, so thank you for the information. #Respect
Sometimes a moderator willing to get their hands dirty is needed, ie aggressive, and I say that from experience. I'm a moderator on a discord server with over 100 people. And I have banned someone before that made other people uncomfortable and harassed people in private messages, but because he didn't do it directly on our server, the other mods were hesitant to ban him. So I did what needed to be done. The other mods were upset with me, but I was quietly thanked in pms by some server members for removing the person. If I hadn't they would have likely continued harassing whoever they felt like that was on the server through pms. So yes, while some aggression may be unwarranted, I'm both a moderator on a server, and I've worked a support job before. Sometimes, it can be frustrating, and sometimes you have to be harsh. We are people too. And consider, it's quite possible you aren't the only stubborn person he has had to deal with today. While that may not entirely excuse someone for getting aggressive, it does not give you the right to repeatedly keep attacking them.
: He crushed WoW, simplified it and gutted its RPG elements. He did the exact same thing to League's runes and masteries that he did to WoW's talents. Eliminated choice.
That's a misconception and a meme that has been made for so long people actually believe it. The only thing he actively disrupted, with an idea that was mainly from him in a **Team** of developers was an attempt to increase class diversity. And he admitted the way he did may not have been the most efficient way. But it only really disrupted pvp. And pvp is almost always a much smaller part of community's, not to say they are any less important, but from an overall developer stand point, that is the lesser evil to make pve better.
: So.. I am manipulative. See, I could respect your opinion, but at this point all you're doing is personally insulting me. I TRIED to have a conversation with him, and it could have ended when I said his opinion was too biased, but he continued and started to lie and personally insult me like youre doing now, so I honestly don't understand what is making me the bad guy in this situation..
We explained why, you dismissed us, or tried to find holes in our explanations. What you want wouldn't work, but the level of explanation you are expecting can't be explained in a single forum post. You are pretty much asking for something that would take a few college courses of content to explain in depth. Yet because we can't condense that for you into a single paragraph, you've decided that clearly, we are somehow not answering your questions and are therefore wrong.
: I had no motives before Chermog began to personally insult me. I was being dismissive because he didn't answer my questions, AND IN HIS LAST POST he admits to intentionally not responding. So yes, this is an attack on him, and a well deserved one. Read through his comments on other threads. I've dealt with him before on another post by a friend of mine, and he hasn't changed. I can see where you're coming from, I am attacking him, but understand I have my reasons, and I know I am not the only one who thinks this way.
He admits to not responding to your later questions because you were slowly trying to back him into a corner with loaded questions. Which I definitely saw you were. I'm honestly surprised he tried to keep responding for so long before realizing you would just keep pushing and finally realized it had to stop somewhere. You are manipulative and reject anything that contradicts the belief you have. You try to make it sound simple when it really isn't If you want to truly understand what we tried to explain to you, and you swear to god you aren't trolling, I suggest going and taking some cybersecurity courses.
: Because I'm An "Extra Mile" Kinda Guy
Well, if I was unsure to your motives before, I'm definitely not now. You were being dismissive of Chermog and actively ignoring or devaluing their responses, and then acting as if it were the other way around. And I read every single comment in that thread as well as discussing it thoroughly with you in said thread. But I won't be silent as while the rest was passive-aggressive, this is a blatant attack on Chermog.
: Mmm! Dong Huap made a video of this recently. It only works in low elo games where people are too bad to fight against a farmed Master Yi.
It's been working in high elo over in Korea, so no, not just low elo. And if we go by the meme logic that Korea high elo is better than every other region, then it's a serious issue. Consider Taric was even reaching winrates of 60% in some cases.
: Auto Disconnect and Ban Hate Speech
Report them after game. You don't punish everyone due to the actions of one asshat. That is what you are suggesting. If the system worked like that, not only would the system have to check the chat for every active game constantly(Jeez, just imagining that is a nightmare, the server load would increase exponentially) you would also force the remaining players to fight a 4v5.
: Now hold on, you're telling me there is nothing wrong with the punishment system... hmm... okay. ill ignore that for now, and ask why you chose to blatently ignore the fact I said in game, Streamers have trolled and been toxic and gotten no punishment, and instead went to if they do it on the website not in game. I never said anything talking about anywhere outside of the game of league. So to you, nice try to again make what I'm saying invalid. so, "Actually, your logic here is flawed".
Whose supposedly twisting words now? I explicitly stated everything made by humans is flawed. But you claim I said there is nothing wrong with the punishment system. Also, you did not explicitly state the streamers said or did the bannable actions in game, just on stream. Bjergsen could swear repeatedly on a stream while playing League, but only twitch or whatever site he uses to stream would be able to punish him for it. If he typed any of it in chat however, if even one person reports him, the system would flag it. Even Pro players are not immune to it, and Riot has proven this by fining pro players heavily before for breaking the rules and being toxic. So, no, you did not say that, though you may have been thinking that while typing your response.
Takerial (NA)
: Is this really a thing now?
Did he bring banner? If not, then he did the current cheese wrong. Banner is broken to the point some games even in high elo, 4 or 5 people will build it.
: I see you want to turn my words against me, but trust isn't blind faith. I never said I had faith in the system, only I trusted it to do its job. It's job is solely to punish players who deserve it. However, more often than not, players intentionally do bannable things and don't even get punished... some streamers do this live where nothing ever happens to them. So you can't tell me to have blind faith in a system where it is literally proven that it doesn't work 100% of the time.
Actually, your logic here is flawed. What a streamer says and does on a stream is under jurisdiction of the site they are streaming through. If they troll or type something toxic in chat while playing the game, only then doe sit fall under Riot's jurisdiction. So, no, that is not a flaw with Riot's system. While everything made by humans is flawed, that is not one that exists within the punishment system. Good try though. I have no intent to turn your words against you, your persistence however does admittedly make me slightly suspicious, but I'm also a pessimistic and paranoid person, so that's to be expected.
: What about what I am asking is unreasonable? And besides that point, what could me as a player possibly do with knowing my report meant something against a random player in a videogame. Do you think people will go out of their way to make sure as many people as possible get banned? If so, the only way they could do that would be reporting more and more... but if those reports go through than the system must have seen something worth giving the bans to. See, I do trust the system, but all I am asking is there a point where I deserve to know.
You're doubting the lengths to which people would go to learn every detail they can about the system. The more they know about the system, the easier it is to work around it. And possibly abuse it to get others in trouble by baiting certain responses that most people wouldn't even suspect would cause something like a chat restriction. And no, I'm unfortunately not exaggerating, I've seen it before. Some people are just terrible human beings online. And if you trust the system so much, then why do you insist on arguing that it should update you every time someone you reported gets punished? If you have so much faith, you know the person will likely get punished, so you shouldn't need a message every time.
: Well of course you think that, you pretty much can't speak against the system. I understand where you are coming from, but I also believe your opinion may be too biased based on the fact you essentially work for Riot. And seeing as to how I've given takeback off of what you've said, and you've only argued your side without acknowledging any of mine to be valid, means that we can't have an actual discussion about this topic. Sadly, this is a time where over players from the boards may be a better resource for finding an answer to the question I originally asked. Edit: Love how people downvote simply because I disagree with an Advisor.
You're being a bit unreasonable in return. I agree with how the system works, especially since I've both taken a cybersecurity class before, and because I've seen just how people can use any little bit of information to twist things or game the system. What riot does provide is honestly more than most companies would be willing to give you. Like Arena net and GW2, they've been pretty untrustworthy in their methods because they don't tend to trust the playerbase with any information. They treat players like children who will injure themselves or the game if even given a little information. It's rather frustrating. And then you have a somewhat opposite case like DE with Warframe, where they are extremely open with information regarding things they are working on.
: YI and New IE
It's funny and disgusting at the same time. I've seen Yi's win games that should have been lost when all lanes lose because they do insane amounts of true damage this patch. I had one kill me in 0.73 seconds according to the death recap with 1723 or so damage. I couldn't even react properly, I just went pop. But people will defend that because "He's bad in high elo, hurr durr." Yeah, where you can reliably expect your teammates to be prepared to handle feed or famine champs, he's weak. This patch has jumped him back up to low elo pubstomper.
: > [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8ImOMEh6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-07T03:01:23.929+0000) > > Yes > > The RoA Wit's End Sunfire Naut is a 'support' IIRC riot classifies Naut as a support in game.
> [{quoted}](name=Shazzbot69,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8ImOMEh6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-07T03:09:57.387+0000) > > IIRC riot classifies Naut as a support in game. Just knowing that hurts me, because I use to love Naut jungle, but it got nerfed to the ground when Naut support became a thing.
: riot issued instant 14 day bann, NO 5 GAME CHAT BANN, NO 25 GAME CHAT BANN, was level 3 honor.
So, considering you were toxic from pretty much the start of that match, I wonder if you are actually that oblivious, or just another one of the people playing dumb like so many others each day. And if they were as toxic as you say, they were probably banned right along side you. Them being toxic doesn't excuse you being toxic. You being toxic(Which everyone can see you were from the very start) doesn't excuse them being toxic either. Honestly, even if you aren't lying about the chat bans, you were extremely toxic in that game. I'm not surprised you got a 14-day ban. You also mentioned personal information, which is advised against as well.
: >Do you like their mark's giving the enemy team perfect information? A bit biased question there. Generally, in a poll or survey, you don't want to lead people one way or another. There's ways to word that in a less biased manner.
That's accurate, not really biased. As soon as the mark shows up, everyone in the game can see it. They know exactly what paths to ward or what camp to clear based on whether they want to wait and collapse on kindred, or clear it so she never gets the chance to take it. The only thing making it not perfect and only great is that Kindred might never go for it, but that's easily solved by clearing it.
SirLapse (NA)
: Forest Within has had games he had a disgustingly high lead in despite only carrying 2 marks by 20 min. or so. A random player will call this bad without regarding how the actual lead was obtained, which is through pathing correctly and going for realistic advantages instead of getting baited by the passive. You also have to remember that of course Kindred will not scale as hard as Nasus or Veigar. They're not supposed to. You literally do not have a damage-based ulti and the comparisons actually do go into their deathball state once R has been activated. Try not to compare Kindred to those champions.
I was only comparing the fact that they are permanently scaling. I'm not saying they scale equally. Honestly, if Kindred did scale similarly, she would have to be made much weaker when it comes to base stats. And I'm perfectly okay with letting Nasus and Veigar stay unique in their niches. I was only trying to say that making it a little less painful for her to get her early marks wouldn't be as bad *because* she doesn't scale as hard as they do off of them. And I didn't say Kindred was unable to do well without them, But it does slow down her potential for late game advantages quite a bit. Which is where she shines the most. But if they buff her in other areas well enough without making her OP, I'm okay with marks staying tricky to acquire. They are suppose to be a reward for playing properly after all, not a required thing to farm, unlike Veigar and Nasus where they need to farm efficiently to actually do well.
: fk u riot
So eloquently put.
Rouxful (NA)
: On a side note what if your name is Hitler..? I am not trying to be funny legit. Like you can not argue my name is " racial slur inserted here " but Hitler was a name prior to the infamous slaughterer.
To be accurate, Hitler was his last name. Adolf Hitler. I feel bad for anyone whose last name is Hitler though.
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