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Pelopas (NA)
: Some positivity
I'll start being positive when shit like this and this aren't a thing anymore.
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: Riot needs to stop lying by saying that they don't balance around pro play
They need to stop lying and saying they're balancing at all
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: In the last few hours/days, Riot actually seems to hear us now
No, they definitely haven't since Quinn still has yet to be hotfixed to give the most op ult in the game any CD and her any counterplay at all.
Shobek (NA)
: Bring back old runes - Give them to everyone for free - Make reccomended pages for new players.
Tobykachu (EUW)
: Well, spell shields are intended to prevent damage, not destroy projectiles. If you spell shielded Ezreal's Q, then it would be blocked, because the spell still hit you, and you'd take 0 damage from it and destroys the projectile as it's a single target spell. Ezreal's w however, would not be destroyed as it's an AoE ability. The same applies to Bard's Q. You won't take damage from the ability, however it will still register that it has hit you, meaning if the second part goes on to collide with another champion/minion/wall then you will indeed be stunned. It would be borderline impossible to code it any differently.
It stops Brand's ult from bouncing though.
: Just curious, what does mobility creep and damage creep mean?
Damage getting higher and higher and champions being able to jump around more and more.
: Ok then go ahead and name some **strategic elements** that this game **used to have** and are **now missing**, should be pretty easy for you, since you are so convinced! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
1. Champion selection and how to play them. You used to be able to do things like AP Tristana, AP Sion, old Karma had meaningful choices in how to use empowered abilities, Cho'Gath used to have to think about whether he wanted to fight a fight and risk stacks, could bully assassins weak pre-6 with mages (not assassins just bullying the mage at all points in the game). 2. Split pushing used to be a viable strategy not just a troll strategy. 3. Runes I can think of four old rune pages I could run on Nasus off the top of my head: 20% CDR start for easy matchups, CDR/armor hybrid for iffy matchups, full armor for matchups like Renekton, full MR for matchups like Vladimir or Teemo. Now I can run one. 4. Building up minion waves in the side lanes to let them push and give your team the advantage on an objective. 5. Picking a champion like Ziggs to wave clear if slightly behind to gain time. 6. Actually picking support champions as support and not just mages. 7. Actually picking tanks/junglers in the jungle and not just fighters/assassins and winning through superior engage/peel. Is that enough? I can keep going.
Leetri (EUW)
: If this was the case, why aren't people climbing like crazy by just picking whatever is currently "broken" and facerolling the keyboard? If any bozo could master it, why is the vast majority of the playerbase still in silver and bronze? Where do you draw the line for what is "broken"? If we go purely by win percentage and with reasonable pick percentage (courtesy of Leagueofgraphs) we have Quinn, Garen, Ahri, MF, Nami, Sona, Wukong, Zyra and Jinx. Those all have more than 5% pick rate and more than 52% win rate globally. I don't see anyone complaining about how broken Nami, Sona (outside of ARAM) or Zyra are, yet they're among the best right now. Or is a "broken" champion anyone that deals a lot of damage, even if they can barely break 50% win rate?
: Teleport Fix Idea: Nerf the Pro-Plays, Increase the Fun
Idea makes too much sense, Riot would never go for it.
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: Does anyone even buy Frozen Heart?
I only build it when the enemy team has a Vayne since the ONLY counterplay to the dumbest thing in the game, %hp true damage, is slowing it down.
: Are you implying he is not? lol.
He's one of the most overloaded, worst designed, hardest to balance champions in the game.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Rakan, without Xayah, is fun to play. He has a shield passive, skillshot damage/heal, a dashing knockup, duel shield dash and a charm ult. Nothing in his kit is 'breaking' anything in the game, it's just variations of already existing things in the game and yet he is a fun champ. His personality helps. You - "If you think his champions are so extremely broken, i doubt you've played them for more than 3 games" OP - "I play a lot of Zoe, but she breaks the fundamental equality of Summoner Spell balance" Just looking at their match history shows a decent amount of Zoe games and all wins too. Not once did he say they are broken, he said they break the rules of the game. These are different things. They are right on both things. Zoe punishes you for using a summoner spell when they are meant to be used in either dire situations or give you an advantage but they are on high cooldown for this reason. Zoe can spam them essentially and never use hers at all. Yasuo basically uses your own minions against you when your minions are meant to be your safety net against champs and their skillshots (all of his go through them, his wind wall even blocks minion autos). These are the issues they mention, not that they are broken.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hügö,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VeNWaQZW,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-07-23T15:06:07.005+0000) > > It has very little to do with the age of a game when games lose alot of players or viewers. Most of the time it is becasue of wrong decisions from the devs. Are you really going to try and argue that the age of a game has little to do with player base? Why do you think Riot constantly tries to add some to twist the game play? It’s because the second players start feeling like they are playing the same game (with no base line changes), it starts getting boring. Riot constantly tries to add mini changes to game in order to keep is refreshing/ “new” Yeah, the games age does matter. As the game ages, it sheds and takes on new players. If mobas go out of side (genre itself), lol will lose players. It’s why you hardly see RTS games. They went out of style.
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: What's disappointed me in League's recent developments is the death of its strategic and tactical gameplay. There was a point in time where mechanics weren't everything in an average match, and where there was a good amount of room for players to develop and execute strategies, or make interesting tactical choices over the course of a fight. I personally chose to main jungle precisely because I was more interested in tactics and strategy over split-second mechanical execution. At this point, though, fights are way too short for tactical gameplay to make a real appearance, and games themselves are so snowbally that any interesting strategy quickly boils down to something much more repetitive and less interesting either way. A lot of this has to do with a very large bias towards mechanically demanding kits over practically everything else, with so many variations upon the same combo and ability that there's way too much overlap already between different champions and their playstyles. By contrast, very little is done to encourage other forms of gameplay, and this lack of focus shows when Riot does try to create more tactical champions, namely juggernauts (e.g. Illaoi, whose design continues to be a flop). Not only does this restrict diversity of gameplay in League, it's also harmful to champions who were designed prior to this transition. Many reworks we've had took kits that were perfectly serviceable, and redid them with far too much of a focus on mechanical play, sometimes to the point of replacing the champion entirely because of it. It's a state of transition that has harmed League in many different ways, first by alienating its former core playerbase, but also by creating an extremely unstable and uneven balancing environment late into its development process, one that would still need years' worth of reworks and overhauls to bring to whichever desired endpoint the developers have in mind (assuming they don't change in direction again halfway through).
Yep, now it's just "muh assassin LC$ outplay by flashing/dashing 20 times and one shotting you in under a second!" which apparently takes skill and is fun to play/watch/play against.


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