: I completely agree. I had a game where I was 1v3ing as Kassadin and my team surrender because they were 3 kills behind. People need to actually learn how to play the game before the start playing ranked.
I will easily put my faith in someone to carry if there's a possibility. Now of course I'd ff an unwinnable game, but there's no excuse for surrendering because you lost one teamfight, or you lost one objective, or any other reason that doesn't directly result in a loss. That's FF'ing out of tilt, and should be punished under the "giving up" category.
: What keeps you playing League?
Nothing else remotely interesting. The game is fucking garbage and we all know it but there's literally >nothing< else to do.
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tOHorace (NA)
: How does norms mmr work?
I am STILL facing diamond and platinum players. I'm getting sick of it.
Sent Nudess (EUNE)
: if in your team there is somone with duo with higher division than u ull most probably get higher division enemies aswell. Sometimes usually at night time when its harder to find matchups you might get higher elos in your team or enemy. For example me at night iam D1 right now and iam getting matched with Masters , Grandmasters , And chalenger. Its really anoying i know
I just don't comprehend how the game figured that I belong at this level of skill, because I most certainly don't. Everyone just keeps saying "use it to improve", but that's a bunch of bullshit. Losing lane 100% of the time and only winning when my team carries me is not fun. I'd rather stay bad at the game but be able to participate then have to deal with this.
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